Breastfeeding while pregnant!

I have a 12 month old son that is currently breastfeeding and I had planned on breastfeeding him until he turns two. However, my husband and I just found out that I am expecting...


child hates own tears ???

When my son cries , he will become uncontrollable as his tears are making his face wet , he doesnt like wet , makes him cry even more , i continue to wipe but he keeps crying...


Fostering drug addicted infants?

Hi We are going to foster a medically fragile infant. I'm not sure what to expect. What are long term effects the child may suffer from if exposed to drugs?

Started by Michelle on 04/29/2012 in Foster Moms

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Need healthy Mac and Cheese Recipes!

Hello, My kids love Mac and Cheese ! What child don't right?! I am looking for some creative additions to add to the Mac and Cheese to make it a little more HEALTHIER. Does...


Already have leaky nipples (sorry, TMI?

Anyone else experience crusty old colostrum on their nipples? I'm 11 weeks. Last time I got it from about 17 weeks. But sure enough, I now have to wash off my nipples each day...


Just give him a break? A Must Read!

Good evening ladies! Just when I think I heard it all, another idiot comes out of the woodworks. lol. PLEASE GIVE HIM A VASECTOMY! Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a...

Started by Luvmia on 05/18/2012 in Single Moms

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