divorce/child custody

My name is Melissa I'm 23 yrs old. Well this is my situation I got served with divorce/child custody because my husband found out I was doing a drug but yet himself was a dealer...


Worried about what DHS will do.

So I just found out today that I am pregnant. I am on methadone and would have preferred to be off of it before getting pg but I guess Gods trying to push me to get on with my...


badly need ur help friends....!!!

I hav a 3 year old daughter & a one year old baby boy....my daughter hits her brother very badly & very frequently....I got frustrated & exhausted sometimes in a...


Adderall vs. Vyvanse

Hi everyone, Has anyone noticed adverse effects in their child when taking Adderall? Daughter took Vyvanse during the school year and did well on it. However, her doc recommends...


nieces mean to my son

Hi. I am completely new to this but am really upset and need perspective. My son is almost 5 and as an only child loves company. We moved house to be closer to my family hoping...

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2 and 5 year old out of control!

hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to help me with my 2 year old son and my 5 year old daughter my husband works a lot and I stay home with the kids I am...

Started by Devon on 07/06/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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NINE - Proverbs 8

This week we are studying Chapter 9 of Proverbs. Let's take a look at the scripture... 1Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? 2She standeth in the top...


Our Birth Story!!

Isabella Lena Jo Wilson’s Birth Story For nearly 2 weeks leading up to Isabella’s birth, I had been contracting on a regular basis. It was painful and annoying. They would...


Helping daddy "understand"

My husband joined the Army when our daughter, Olivia, was 18 months old. We were having her assessed for developmental delays when he left. Soon after she was diagnosed with...


Still nursing at night!!!

My son, will be 2 years old next month. We have been partially co-sleeping, but this has allowed him to practically nurse all night. I start him out in his toddler bed, but...

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I really need some help and advice

I really need some help... I've been in a relationship with a widower for almost 3 years. He is not only my boyfriend but also my employer. His wife of 17 years passed away in...



What's this group all about? I'm just starting to use this and am interested in meeting some new moms. Where are you from Gemma?

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