Potty Training!??

Thank you for the invite! This is great! I am having a hard time keeping my son Alex (and myself) focused on potty training. Any advice from my fellow Jan 2007 moms? Beth...


School troubles

Hi My son who is 8 had troubles at school, anxiety issues and meltdowns. So I kept him home for the last week of school before the holidays. Well holidays are nearly over so...


due Dec. 21 but may be induced Nov 27

Hello, Well I had an OB appt today and My Dr. talked to me about having This Little Princess early.....See I have GD and have been having a hard time keeping the blood sugars...


weaning off breastmilk....

My son is 6 mths 2 weeks and im still breastfeeding him. Im trying to wean him off breastmilk but He dont take no bottles or fomula. what should i do???

Started by Julia on 10/08/2009 in March 2009 Babies

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Baby #2, what to do?

So Im sure someone has asked this before but I need advise. My baby boy is due december 24th and I have a daughter who just turned 3 in September- My questions are: How do I...


Flu shot/Flu mist

Are any of you getting your child vaccinated for the flu? Have any of your children had the flu? If so, do you know how it affected their platelets?



I gained almost 70 pounds with my child, and he is almost a year, Im sick of being this weight and unhealthy. I have started to walk everyday and im doing pilates, but i cant...


TV Commercials

Hello moms out there! I have a question that I have been wondering about for 25 years. I am the mother of 4 , grandmother of 10 and great grandmother of 3-1/2 great grand...


Is it hard raising 2 kids

i have a 18mth old daughter who keeps me busy and im 7mths pregnant i was just wondering if thats going to be hard on my own my husband and i are currently not toghether i would...


Things to do with an 8 month old

The weather is finally nice enough to outside (Florida!) so I am able to go for a daily walk now at least, but I find myself, and maybe him if that is possible, getting bored...


Growth Spurt?

Jaelyn turns six months today and I Think she might be going througha growth spurt. Lately she has been eating a six oz. bottle of her soy formula and half container of the step...

Started by Tegen on 10/22/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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VBAC(vaginal birth after c section

I am a little confused am on my second child a little girl here in about 3 weeks we schedualed the c section... My question is why is it that i cant have a vbac i am in oregon...

Started by Randi on 10/26/2009 in Expecting

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