Why do we let the marketing and advertising community have us buying bras for children? A 6 year old in a bra is costly and stupid.


My son wants me to quit my job.

My son is about to be 13. He is always asking me to quit my job. He says I am not home enough because I work shift work. I can't quit my job because if I did bills wouldn't...

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Foods I can eat that won't cause NB gas

I am trying to figure out what foods to eat that won't cause my newborn gas. It has been 3 Weeks St. that she has gas every single day. I have tried eliminating things for my...

Started by Jenica on 11/12/2014 in Breastfeeding Moms

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31 weeks pregnant... Don't feel right!

Hi ladies just writing for Abit of advice really been feeling like an electrical pain right up my down belows quite alot lately, got discharge but generally is normal for me....


Am I easily forgettable?

Hello ladies! I have a gripe about friends. I have two friends in particular who live close enough to visit me, but they never do. I have a 30 month old son and spend most of my...


Is that your mommy?

People have been saying to my baby since the day she was born' who is that??is that your mommy?' . We don't look alike and it's super annoying. Does that happen to any of you?


My 13 month old wont nap in crib!

Hi all, I am desperate for a solution to this problem. Since she was a few months old, my 13 month old has always fought daytime naps. The only times she naps is if we drive...

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Possible night terrors

I have a 5 year old daughter who has been waking up during the night screaming and running, in a panic, she keeps looking around as if she's running from something. I do my best...


Counseling for Child in Divorce

Hi all, another question! Back story is that my boyfriend and his wife are getting divorced and they have a 6 yr old son together. I believe that the custody schedule and...



I am a mom of a little girl was sexualy assaulted at school in 2012 and they only fired the principle , guess what now she has been at two schools since thecalled there self...


7 week old doesn't sleep

My 7 week old hasnt been sleeping at all. not on me , not in crib, swing , not in car sear nor anywhere , he's very tired but doesnt sleep. He sleeps for 30 min or so and wakes...


Needing Teaching Tips

Wade is 1.5 yrs, he has twin boy cousins and a girl (Ainsley) cousin all 3.5 months older, when we're around them it feels like he's really far behind, I know for sure of only...


What would you do?

Babysitter helps a 1 year old up on the bed (not sure why), moments later the child falls down on the floor despite the sitter being right there. Would you let it slip or start...



I am not a new mom. I'm 14 years in. I desire more kids and I want to be home for good. Did you all go back to work to your 9-5 or did you all become entrepreneurs.? Why did...

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My Daughter hates me

I tried to save a marriage doomed from the start. I kept my ex-husbands abuse a secret from my kids. When they became teens it was impossible and I divorced for them. Yes , for...


4 year old has no friends

My little boy seems to have no friends at his preschool. He has attended these since he was 2. The teachers are very kind to him, but he sits alone and the other boys ignore...