Hey peeps! My name is Dani and Im 26. My son will be 2yrs old on the 15th. I am so excited to plan his little birthday party. He is all into cars so the theme of the party is...



my son throws temper tramprums he is on a steriod called Prednisone is anyone else on this type of medicine


BM monitoring phone and video access

I have an 8 year old SD whom my husband and I have limited access to. We live in Ontario and she lives with her mother primarily on the east coast. We have her for 1/2 of all...

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Mother's Day Out

I stay at home with my 15-month old and I don't have many friends in town with children... my son needs to be socializing, but I don't know how or where to find a mother's day...

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Hello everyone.

Hi everyone, I am 48, I am married with 2 grown up children ages 26 & 24.

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as of today i am here. my son is one today and im going to BF til he self weans. im glad to see so many other mums BFing past one!


Just introducing myself.

Hello everyone. My name is Jenniefer (Yes that is an extra E in there lol) I'm a "single but engaged" 26 year old mom of a beautiful almost 4 year old boy. I am trying to potty...

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Just joined the group and excited to hear from other moms!

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Hi Moms. Does anyone know what is the best way to get over the cold? My nine month old has got one and I want to make sure I do anything for her.

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I'm Rocki, I'm 62, so a bit older than most of you - have 4 adult children and 2 grandsons. Am a proud mom, having survived the trials and tribulations of raising 4!! Love...

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food through out the day

Just wondering what your babies eat during the day... we are currently giving our daughter cereal and a fruit in the morning and a veggie and fruit at supper time... we are...


Excited but scared

Hi I am a 45 year old mom of a 22 year old son and a 17 year old daughter with many medical difficulties... I am getting ready to be a grandmother.(from my 22 year old son!)...

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Startin to learn to walk at 9 months

My Daughter April is 9 months and 6 days and she is just started leaning how to walk on ur own. Any other of you moms have the same thing happening to your little ones. =) If so...

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Comfy with your Child being left w/some1 elseee

Okay moms/dads are you guys comfortable with your child being left alone with someone that the other parent is dating that you have not met and that is not the other parents...

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feeling too old today

Well I am 45 and have a 3yr old son.. who is funny.. and bright.. and sometimes I think that I know why woman have children when they are younger!

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