20 ways to use Vinegar

1. Remove the smell of pet Urine Remove pet or child accidents by first getting rid of the excess mess. Mix together white Vinegar with equal amounts of water (or more...

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11 year old gives birth

If there was ever a sentence that made me want to throw up my hands and scream "what is the world coming to!?" this is it. An 11-year-old girl has reportedly given birth in a...


Creative ways to recycle

Hey yall. I know as stay at home mom we are always trying to come up with ways to teach our little ones things, and ways to save money. Okay so I have a very small home. 900...

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butte county cps can fuck off

my 14 month old boy was kidnapped by cps in butte county ca for bullshit lies and im in fear of him being adopted out im doing everything they said classes clean drugtests...


Do i still have diabetes?

I realize it probaly is not un-common for 30 something year olds to become pregnant. For ten yrs i was told i would not be able to become pregnant, so to much of my suprise last...

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Sibling Rivalry..

Now that our babies are getting old enough to scoot around and keep up with their siblings (as best they can)... Does anyone have any funny stories??

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Public school vs. Home Schooling

I have wanted to home school my son since the beginning but wasn't able to because of my ex husband. We moved to a new school this past year and he seems at times to do well...


Can u Help with step daughter please?

I have been with my fiancé since his kids were very young. His daughter wasn't quite 2 yet an his son was 4. I am a huge part of their lives. I know them as well as I know my...


How can I help my Daughter?

My daughter is 15 years old. She finishing 9th grade. She has always had weight issues since she has been little. I have tried everything to help her eat better and lose weight....

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discipline...when is it to far?

My stepdaughter confided in me that her grandma hits her 2yr old brother with the belt. She said she hits him really hard and he cries for a long time. Should i ccall cps or the...

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My 21 month old wakes screaming at night help!!!

My 21 month old wakes up screaming several times a night, it's also becoming a joke to even make him go to sleep. When I first put him to sleep, he will refuse to sleep, try...

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Why can't my husband be more supportive

I think the hardest thing about being a sahm is NEVER getting a break. My parents won't babysit their grandkids and my in laws live out of state. My husband thinks I'm selfish...

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