Fetal Pain

Cafemom The definiton of "fetal pain" is one of the most controversial of all abortion controversies. And one of the sticking points in the pro-life/pro-choice battle just...

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To work outside the home or not??

What are your opinions of if a mom should work outside the home or not? I know most will probably say what I keep hearing it is different for every person; and I get that. So...

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Healthy eating for my 6 year old

My 6 year old used to love fruit and vegetables when she was a baby, now I can only get her to eat apples, pears, watermelon for fruit, and corn for vegetables. She is on a...


Hysterectomy at 20...

I'm 20 years old I have two children, an 18 month old little girl, and a three year old little boy with autsim. I'm a singe mom on the dating scene. I had a rare type of...


New and wanted to introduce myself

Hi. I'm Brandy and just last week my 5 year old son was officially diagnosed with the combined adhd and then just to make me feel like a worse parent, the doctor had to tack on...


I'm scared for my Twins!

I am currently pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Their father has recently, well, honestly before I left him, married a woman who is telling me that she is going to...

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extremely worried about my 14 year old.

My 14 year old sleeps for a very few hours when she comes home from school and I'm not sure what to think of it. She is very active and plays sports but, she's has had problems...

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I want to work at home

I have twin boys that are 1 and a half years old. I am also 8 months pregnant with a boy coming. I was wondering if there is any work at home jobs that are legit and I would...

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How do I talk to in-laws about smoking around my child?

I just went back to work and my MIL is babysitting my daughter 4 days a week. (Until I find a daycare that I am comfortable with and can afford. So far the ones I have visited...

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what should i do? (frustrated w/ boyfriend)

My boyfriend and I have been together over 5 years,living together 1 yr, and have a 3 month old...ever since the baby has been born,pretty much,it seems like whatever he does...

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Why I'm Leaning Toward Homeschooling...

I've been doing a lot of research on homeschooling because I'm thinking about homeschooling my kids. I have a 3 yr old daughter and an almost 2 year old son. I just thought I'd...

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Stubborn potty trainee

My son is 3 1/2 and absolutely refuses to be potty trained. No matter what we do and believe me we have tried everything, he wants nothing to do with it. I am frustrated beyond...


Having a hard time getting my life back

I was at home with my son for 5 years because he was so sick. He is doing very well now. He is going to the first grade and I am working part-time. Even though Kevin is in...

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Screeching child!

One of my closest friends has a little boy who is a few weeks younger than my son (mine born in May 2009, hers born in June). We've always been able to talk about everything,...

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