Well frist off i'm new, i'm 27 mother of Erilyn born june 11 2008, we live in New Hampshire. so she loves bathtime! and now with summer here finally, i love the beach we got a...

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Substance Abuse Hereditary?

My baby's dad is addicted to... well, anything, everything. He's an alcoholic, cocaine addict, caffiene, sugar, gambling, ectsatsy. If it's available, he'll take it in excess....



Hey everyone. Never done this, but I NEED HELP. My 20 month old has been acting out for a little over a month now. She throws fits if she doesn't get her way, she hits, she...


My crazy child

Hi everybody. I am the mom of two little girls one is four, and the other is the August 2008 baby. My August baby, Isabel, drives me nuts. She does way too much stuff. She...


Premie Baby born in 1080

Hello everyone, I'm a mom of a 28 year old pre trem baby. My son was born 32 weeks. he was born with a grade four bleed in his brain,that left him with hydrocephalis. He also...


Homeschooling a Special Needs Child

Hi, I'm a mom of three boys and my oldest is ADHD and has a speech delay. My husband is Air Force and we live in Italy right now. He will be going to K this year. I've always...

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Placenta Preva!

Hey guys I'm a single mom of a 3 yr old little boy and I'm currently pregnant with my second little boy now as we speak. My pregnancy went good up until about 18 weeks and I...


Playing Favorites!!!

So, rarely do I vent on here, but my hubby has me livid. I have 2 boys 7 and 10, and my hubby has a son who will be turning 8 in 2 weeks. My husband wasnt working when my oldest...

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circumcision correction

any advice on what to expect for a 2nd circumcision for my 15 mo old.? they will be doing out patient correctional surgery w/ in the next couple weeks. just nervous for my...


1st birthday

My son was born Dec 5th. We live in southwest Arkansas so we never know wut the weather is goin to be like here..December of 08 we rly didnt have a winter..so im not sure on wut...


Help!!! Mommies with heart kiddos with g-buttons

Ok, my daughter got her button in March. We haven't had any real problems with it, it kinda been smooth sailing. She took right to it. Here is my problem or my question(while...

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Shaken Baby Syndrome

Hi just wanted to share my son's story and find someone who has gone through the same thing as we have. My son Trey was shaken when he was four months old by his biological...


Growth Spurt?

I'm a first time mom and am trying to figure out what my daughter is needing. She is 7 weeks old. I feel bad because I don't know her cries, although everything says you will...