The Name Game

Looking for advice - I am a step mom and a bio mom. I would really like for my step daughter to call me by a nick name, not my first name. She doesn't call me mom and that is...


Troubled 15 year old female

She lacks respect and doesn't want to do school or homework. She lies about everything and is very manipulative and sneaky. We don't know what to do anymore. Please give...


child abuse?

I have a question. My stepdaughter keeps asking when her birth mother and her boyfriend are going to die so she can live with her father and I forever. She tells me her moms...

Started by Jennifer on 12/10/2014 in School-Age Kids

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I am new here. I have 7 children and homeschooled for 19 years. In the last few years, I have sent my 5 remaining children to school because I experienced something more...


money problems

So my husband is the bread winner and i feel so useless and worthless. I have to beg/ask for money all the time but he always says he doesn't have any and i feel like he does...


play time

How long do other moms usually have play time with there four month olds? What do you use for toys....Whats most enjoyable to them at this age?

Started by Londonsmommie3 on 01/25/2015 in Stay At Home Moms

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Part Time Daycare Opportunity!

Hello! I am looking for a mom to want to split a part time daycare schedule with me. I live in bel air and am interested in putting my 7 month old in daycare part time,but most...


Totally Irritated

So bio mom informs me that my SS has a dental appointment during Spring Break. Normally wouldnt be a problem except we have always received free dental on the kids cause my...

Started by Jamie on 03/05/2009 in Step Moms

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My nine year old daughter got her period today and I think I confused her even more when we talked about it. I was not expecting to have to have this talk for a few more years....


Woke up refreshed!

I have been on many rollercoasters as that is usually how life runs. Over the last 18 months I have taken one hell of a ride emotionally and physically. I have had questions...


Evening Schedules for School Aged Kids

I'd like to ask the WORKING moms with children ages 6 - 8 how you handle your evening schedules (snack time, play time, homework time, t.v. time, bath time, story time, bed...

Started by Jennifer on 08/19/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Stepson dealing with "Abadonement" feelings

Need some advice on what to do with my 7 year old step son. He is ADHD and has been through quite a lot in the little time he has been on this earth. Both his parents were/are...

Started by Megan on 10/05/2009 in Step Moms

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Step-kids i need advice bad

i have been with my hsband for 5 1/2 years, we've been married for2 1/2 year's. I always knew he had a son but, i've never met him.me an him have 3 kids together 3yrs. 19 months...