To cry or not to cry...

SO, I need some sleep...Noelle is just not sleeping through the night, It is so hard for me to put her down and let her cry, so she ends up staying up until 9 or ten and then...

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"I remember when you were little you...."

I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT !!!! It makes me so irritated with people! Every single time certain people come around that knew my sons daddy when he was a baby, they...

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Eating and Sleeping HELP!

Ok, so I have been hearing a lot of info on how often, and much babies should be eating and sleeping. I want to get a general idea and consensus. This is my 6 1/2 months...



Hi everyone, Just wanted to solicit some advice on slepp for my 7 month old. She has NEVER been a good sleeper, and of course I have never attempted cry-it-out. I have...


Inappropriate texting

We have just discovered that my 11yr old daughter has been texting a friend and he has been sending her practically nude photos along with how they are going to get together and...



Out of nowhere he started biting me and hiting me and thinks it's some sort of game. He is 21 months old, 2 in september. What do I do???? I'm the only one he does this to.. I...

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I don't know how I feel!

Ok, I really just need a rant. I've just found out that my 2 year old has ASD, although we don't know where about on the spectrum he is yet. It's not that I wasn't expecting it,...


What to do!

Lani gets her hearing aids this friday so we are praying that they work. The audiologist repeated her baer test and showed an even more severe loss than they first thought. She...


Hello, I'm new....

I just found this group through FB. I've been struggling & am hoping to find and lend support. I'm a SAHM.... homeschooling my two remaining children, two girls ages 17 &...


My husband had just recently left me

I have a little girl who will soon be 2. Her father, my husband just walked out on us over a month ago. We are divorceing. He is refusing to see her for he thinks he can get out...

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Passy and Potty

What are some good ways to ditch the passy? Also - to potty train a boy? Will is almost 2 and I feel he is ready to start,


fewer hours of night sleep

Is anyone else going through this?? It started the past 2 weeks or so that every 3rd night or so, my daughter wakes up at 3 or 4 in the morning and is wide awake. Sometimes...


I cant cope much longer

Hi i am Emma my daughter has Dyspraxia she is 6 year old is totally driving me completly bonkers and on the verg of a nervous break down because of her bad behavour i dont know...