giving both kids attention

My kiddos just missed the cut off for Irish twins (they are exactly 13 months apart). I'm having a hard time dividing my time with them. The oldest is 17 months and potty...

Started by Candace on 12/04/2009 in IRISH TWINS

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Clingy 4 month old

okay so hers the deal! i have a 4 almost 5 month old daughter that always wants me! I went to visit my family recently and when they went to hold her she started screaming! and...

Started by Stephanie on 12/05/2009 in Babies And Infants

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hi, i am rikki.

i have a 6 month old daughter named emma who was diagnosed with tsc at 2 weeks old and it never was 'real' until about a onth ago when she started having seizures. im still in...


Children's pageant

Do any moms participate in child pagaents. If so what are your experiences and opinions? Good or bad experiences? How long did you do them? If you are opposed to them on...


stubborn head

i have 4 yr old twin girls, one of them has a very stubborn head and i am afraid that things would go out of control as she grows older , please help a worried mom......

Started by Hanan on 12/08/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Lactation consultation

My milk is drying up no matter what I try to do. I'm a full time working mom and I pump 3 times 15-20 minutes each time while I'm at work. I also nurse the baby 3 times and once...


Car Sickness?

Hello Moms! Well I have an issue that I would love to have some advice on. I took my daughter (22 mo) to the ER back at the beginning of November because she was throwing up...


Heaven's Very Special Child

One day I was researching the internet on anything and everything regarding autism, sad and upset I came upon a poem that brought light and happiness into my eyes...at that...


i dont know what to do

my daughter is almost 8months old shes a really baby but whenever i walk away she cries. shes fine if im sitting down where she can see me. i think shes getting to attach. i...

Started by Racheal on 12/11/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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holidays and birthdays

I know it has been coming up 10 years since my daughter Katherine Elizabeth was stillborn( I was 8 1/2 months). I have learned to deal but when christmas and her birthday comes...


how do you get...

how do you get a 3 1/2 year old to listen and to mind you and listen? I have tryed timeout, spanking, taking things away from her, everything i can think of and nothing seems to...

Started by Kevlyn on 12/13/2009 in June 2006 Babies

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I think my two year old boy gets bored i would like to get out and do things with them both but i am nervous about the temper tantroms that my two years old throws as well as my...

Started by Sophia on 12/13/2009 in Student Moms

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doctors were wrong

hello and thanks for reading what i am sharing with you .. firstly let me start by saying dont ever loose faith or give up no matter what ... this is why .. ten years ago we...


clingy babies

i have just joined a gym to try and get my figure back, they have a creche and i was leaving my 1 year old son there for no longer than 30 minutes at a time but it got to the...


due 1-1-10 and miserable!!!!

so we're due on january 1st. i've been having contractions for two weeks now, i'm dilated to 3 centimeters and 60% efaced. i am so done with being pregnant now. for me my nausea...