GGG Triplets! :)

Hi Ladies, I am new to the circle of moms and saw this group i have never seen another set of Idenctial triplets, and would love to! I think multiples in general are so cool :)...



Do you ever get the feeling that other people judge the way you parent while out in public? Sometimes I get really insecure about this when it shouldn't matter at all what...



Hi Ladies! I just joined now. I am a single mommy of three children.Armando 6 yo, Diego 5 yo and Selena 3 yo. I am also a college student studying Occupational Therapy. Look...

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hi everyone

Hi everyone,I am Helen 26 and have a eleven week old son ebraham,Its my first child and i woluld like to chat to other mums about there experiences and get tips of other mothers.


Toy Storage

Instead of buying an expensive toy box for all their "stuff", I go and buy storage totes and let the kids pick out spray paint for plastic and other paint and they get to paint...

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hi there

hi there im new to this community just thought id say hi lol xx


buying diapers

I've found that if you look on sites such as Ebay for you diapers you actually can purchase them cheaper than what you would have bought them for at the store. Alot of the time,...

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Hey all

OK so I can't come meet at the church! But I'd love to be a part of this over the net if thats OK! It was so great to see everyone over Easter, miss you all already. Joanna.


Problems with Shapes and Colors

My son has problems with his shapes and colors. He gets so frusturated trying to put shapes in the right holes and he HATES matching colors. Any suggestions how to teach him...


visitation and transportation

my kids' dad just moved 3 hours out of town. he quit his job to move back "home." i don't think i should be responsible for transporting the kids back and forth every other...

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Let's start with...

A little about each other. First, my name is Amanda, I'm a single mother of a beautiful little girl (which, most of you know), her name is Alexeya. I work full time as a legal...



Hi My Name is stacey, i gave birth to 2 beautiful baby girls last Sept, at 28 wks weighing in at 2lb each...... Bit of a shock but they are doing great now, currently they...


Food Allergy??

How do you know if your baby is allergic to something?? I tried feeding my son rice cereal and oat cereal. He hated both... So I made sweet pea puree and pea puree. My mom...


prescription vitamins

I need some advice on how to give prescription vitamins to my daughter. At 6 months the dr said she would need them because there isnt enough flouride in the water (NY & NJ)....



Hello I am a new member I had my first child in 1980. then 1982 then 1990 then the last 2001. I have been prenant in the 70.s 80.s 90.s and the 2000.s. wierd hey


Bonded By Strength

Hello Ladies, You are all beautiful and courageous women. We have had to deal with one of the hardest things in life, the loss of a child or children. We are bonded...


potty training

I have a 15 month little boy and I have no idea when and how to even start potty training. I have no idea when he is going to the bathroom or when he needs to go. Any ideas??