New Community--Alternative Birth & Mothering

Hey there, Crunch Mamas! I'm starting a new community called Alternative Birth & Mothering. It's open for moms who had, or are interested in, and alternative birth...

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hi, i'm new

hi everyone! i'm the mom of 11-week-old jackson, and a big obama supporter. jackson was the first thing i thought of when i saw the election results. i feel a lot more...

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hello everyone

am a single parent of to how do you balance working with two and still have time for yourself


About me

I am a single mother of two boys age 4 and 5. My youngest son has austim. I love being a mom and everything that comes with it.


Returning to work scheduled

Hi, everyone! My son, Dominic is 7 weeks old. In 3 extremely short weeks, I go back to work full time (M-F). His daily schedule is different from my work schedule. For...

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Hi all I just joined this group and wanted to say hi. Ironically, my husband's job brought us to Ankara, Turkey in March this year and at that point I didn't have God in my...

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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, my name is Kari. My two year old son, Kai, was recently dianosed with Autism. We knew we he had it though a long time before he was dianosed. He has very high...


ma of 7

hi, my name's darlene, i have 7 wonderful children. age's 21, 20, 18, 15, 14, 4, and 2. i have a great hubby too. my eldest daughter has just had twins and given me two gorgeous...


Snack ideas for a 10 month old

Hi moms :) My son is 10 months old and I am running out of snack ideas for him. He is really enjoying the "finger foods" but I am nervous about him choking on his snacks when...


Prednisone issues!

Hi! My daughter, Lili, has a kidney transplant and ulcerative colitis. She is on prednisone for both, but the level has been quite high lately. We are trying to taper it...


Time-out trauma

Ugh - I'm a no spanking kind of mom. But what do you do when you spend more time re-putting your child in time out?


It's not as hard as you can make it

I think that if you love you child and you love your hunny. Going back to school isn't as rough as you think it can be. Yes it takes time and it takes patience, but when it's...

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