help i am a 17 year old mother

I'm a 17 year old single mother my ex and I have been going through some hard times with in the past year. He was barely there for me through my pregnancy but he wanted to be...

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Serious Question

Okay so Im new to the site and just needed a bit of advice. I have an 16 month old daughter, me and her father werent together and he wasnt in the picture for the first 7 months...


Step-teenager woes

I feel silly even being upset about this situation, but I am... First, here's a brief back-story. I'm 28 and a "step-mom" to a 13 year old boy, Jeff. I've been in his life for...


My 10 yr old has ADD and I want help w/o Meds

I am the mother of three gorgeous boys. They range in age, My oldest is 10, my middle guy is 4, and the baby is 11 months. I work full time and I feel as though I never have...

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Negative Talk

In most family law cases, it is insistent that neither parent is to talk negative about a parent or their family in the presence of a child so it does not hinder the...

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21; I'm going back to work, any advice?

I've decided to leave my husband that meaning I will have to find a job pretty soon. We have a two year old toddler whom is soon to turn 3 in December so she's very active and...

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Emotions - How did you feel?

In the NICU, what would have be helpful where your emotions are/were concerned. What could the hospital have done better to support with the emotional trauma of the NICU? How...

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Obsessed with my daughter's ex boyfriend

I can't seem to concentrate on anything since my daughter's boyfriend dumped her 5 days ago. Sadly I have been way more involved in this relationship from the start than I care...

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Not all fathers are deadbeats.

I had a look at some of the messages on here from single mums complaining about fathers that are not in their kids life's, or don't know their kids. first of all, not all...