canadian help!!!!!

hi i appreciate all the wonderful advice i get on the circle of moms... i have received lots of helpful info and met people in similar situations to myself, however i need tips...

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ello i'm new

my name is jackie,i have two children one with special needs. my youngest son is ten and has spins bifida and hydrachelphaus,he has recently undergone bowel surgery,and now has...


New here :)

I am a stay at home mom of a 5 year old son, a 22 month old daughter and an 8 months old son. Life is getting busy with my little guy starting school and hockey and then the...

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Any Suggestions...

Hello Moms! Having just joined this community and not having read all posted discussions, I'll just post my own topic. My son Milos is the best thing in my entire life and I...

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times per week

Im a single mom and getting ready to be a full time student. I used to run 7 times a week for about 30 minutes. I burned myself out and quit running for awhile. I would like...

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Advice to help teens get up to alarm

I have 2 teenage boys who just can't seem to get up with their alarms. They room together and have 2 alarms set. The alarms will beep for 15+ minutes...waking everyone else up...


why hello there

I am a mom to one, Jullian Joseph. Love being a mommy although I never imagined myself having a child. We're hitting the separation anxiety/bed time battle times so I'd love...


i have 3

wow, first to start a conversation! I have 3 daughters, all of which were born at home. My mom and a good friend facilitated the births with my wonderful hubby at my side. I had...


mum of 4

hey i am a mum of 4, i work and just recently got married. Im 25 years old. I got 2 kids at school and 2 at home. my youngest baby jamee-jaye starts daycare next week im a bit...



Hi I am new to this. My son is seven and in first grade. He has a friend that is in his classroom and said his friend said he shot someone and was in "juvie." This boy has been...

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First needles

Hi there I am a new mom and my baby is going to be having his first needles on the 22nd of December, since I have booked the app I have noticed that is christmas week and I am a...



Hi there, I'm a homeschooling mommy of 3 boys in Tennessee.

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New member

Hello, i am a new member here, i am not sure how this works but I cant wait to meet moms of a may 2008 baby like me. I have a Little girl named Lauren. Hope to hear from...

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June 2008

Hi Moms, Tessa is just getting over being sick. Had a terrible cough. She had to be put on Albuterol. She is doing much better. How is everyone else doing with solids? We...

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Hi form Sunny but COLD Florida....!

I just joined about a week ago...and I am loving Circle of Moms. I joined other websites but I am not very happy there.... My name is Silvia; I am a mother of 3 (2 boys -13 yr...


Boys RULE!!!

So there are others! Yeah! I sooo enjoy being a mom of all boys. Ironically people assume that I am bummed 'I never got my girl' WHATEVER!!! It's always a good time here!...



Hello everyone - My name is Ally and I'm a widow and single mom of a 2 yr old boy. My husband died when my son was 10 months old, so I've had to learn how to be a single parent,...

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Working and nursing...

Anyone have trouble with their baby not wanting to nurse after going back to work full time? Any solutions?