I finally found em'!!!

I finally found cleaning products that are completly SAFE for my kids, AND they work GREAT!!!! I just happened to stumble upon this and wanted to share with anyone that's as...

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My 4 month old will not take a pacifer. I have bought about 5 different kinds and she doesn't like any of them. I know I should be grateful but sometimes I think she needs it,...


Growing Up

My daughter had her first boyfriend and they broke up. It made me so mad to see my child that upset. She is doing much better now but I keep thinking that this is only the start...

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Hi everyone

Hi everyone Im Nikki and I have 2 children. A 3 yr old boy and a 5 mo old daughter. My husband travels with his job. He builds all of the new Lowe's Stores that go up all of the...


Three year old runs away at the mall!!!

My three year old SD ran away from us at the mall yesterday. I finally found her at Victoria secret... she had snuck into some poor ladies dressing room... apparently this is an...

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Im having my baby in 3 months and my stress level has officially hit the roof! I cant take the stress and its just never ending. It seems like im not getting anywhere with...

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2 months old and already rolling over!

My two month old son can already roll over on his own! He is very strong. What I worry about though is the fact that I lay him on his back at night like the ped. suggests, and...



My daughter born sept 2007 and my daughter act spoiled wht i do w her, she always often eat and play alots almost 24 hours Give me idea do handle



hey moms i had sariyah feb 7th on my great grandma bday shes the only person in my family to be born on her bday but she is a brat she doesn't want to fall asleep in her own bed...


Working out

I need to start getting my work out in but am struggling since I don't have much time for the gym! What do other moms do?


help me

my inlaws are so obssessive about my daughter. they dont let me take her decision. they said that when you will go abroad your daughter will not go with you. they does brain...


is this labor?

I'm 39 weeks today. So i've had menestral like cramping off and on for the last few weeks. Wednesday, i got some acupuncture done which started making the cramping a little more...

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Cleaning Poop?

My son is 6 yrs old and is potty trained. Only problem I'm having is he doesnt clean his butt to good when he uses the bathroom. I pack babywipes in hisbookbag so he can use...



my 7 month old son is getting tubes in mon. morning any other moms had this done yet if so how was it.

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