I have have two completely natural water births and i think they are the most wonderful and peaceful way to give birth!! I enjoyed every minute of it!!! (let make that 99% of it...

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you know I dont do no damn cooking lady! lol..Have you heard of Chilis? Wendys? Sonic? Subway?? They have GREAT recipes there!

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Please be encouraged

I am new to this group and am very sympathetic to the stepmoms who have trouble with biomom. I actually went to high school with my child's BM and thought that would make...

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Mixed race kids

I think no matter what race they are mixed, we moms are always proud that they are our child and no matter how others may see them, we just don't have to bother. Those who are...


Married to Widowers

Being a step-parent is hard enough, but throw in the unique situation of being a step-parent when you feel like you are always competing with a ghost, adds a whole new level of...

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Step mums can be best!!!!!

My husband and I have a 10 year history and had a break up for a period whereby my husband ended up with his beautiful son. (He knows his own mistakes and shouldn't have put...

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about me and my lil girl

had a baby girl 2/1/09 n she is called carla holly rose jackson. i am goin to college in september doin childcare because i want to be a playleader specialist in hospitals. i...



Hi, thank you for inviting me to your group. My name is Shahira, I have 2 girls Mariam is 6 and Zeina is almost 2. We live in Egypt. Glad to join the group to be able to gain...

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my 17mth. old

I have a 17 mth old who weighs 17.2 as of january 22. We just went to see an endocrinologist and he said he might have some type of dwarfism but all of calebs results came back...


About Me

I grew up on country music when radio was the main outlet before power was installed in the early 70s in our rural community. The radio was our family's window to the outisde...

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Money Worries

So here we are, my family and I. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a self employeed contractor. We are really struggling right now with money and I have no idea how I...

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Hi About my 18 months old

Well she is 18 months. She says daddy more then mom, she say that,. But tha's it. I am trying to teach her words like ball, block, or something. Do you think this is to early...

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