fellow Christian Mommy

Hello, I am a 23 year old mother of a 2 month old daughter with my husband. We have been married for 3 years and are both believers. One thing I would love to have are some...

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doing med transcription

Hey, everybody. My name is Trish and I am a stay at home mom. I have 2 little girls and I am just finishing school for Medical Transcription. Just wondering if anyone does...

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(no subject)

I'm in a not-so-relationship with a man that has been in my and my son's life for 3 yrs now. At one point it had gone from boyfriend, to fiance, to boyfriend, to just together,...

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Hi everyone

My name is Sarah, I am 28, was married for almost 9 yrs and I've been divorced less than 6 months. I have 2 daughters and the older (9) is having a hard time. The girls...

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My 8 month old has been waking in the night for about a month now. He was such a great sleeper until then. Now, about 2 hours after he's down for the night he wakes up. I change...


break through and progress

I'm a young mother, i had my son when i was 20 and my daughter when i was 21, my son is soon to be 2 and a half, and he had no interest in potty training, he hated his potty,...

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Unwanted Adivce

When I was pregnant I loved hearing about how all my friends and family raised their children and dealt with challanges, but now it has become too much! I have a million...


teenage girls and body image

My name is Syndee and I have a daughter who is 15, going to be 16 in May this year. For the past year we have struggled watching our daughter deal with Anorexia and Bulemia. I...


i had my son 2 months ago

i had my son in november, and i have lost alot of weight in fact i am smaller now than when i got pregnant, but i got stretch marks the last month of my pregnancy and i still...

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Its Amazing...

So many people say that having a baby young is dumb... it is the greatest thing i have ever done in my life.

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Just saying hello!!

Just to introduce myself to you---I am a 46 year-old mother of two sons, ages 25 and 20. I have no grandchildren yet. Glad to see I am not the only ANCIENT mother. It's going...

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my name is,Stacy an i'm the mother to 3 kids,i have 2 girls ages,7yrs,3yrs an a boy that jus turned 2 in january.my son is wanting to potty train or he's wanting to try atleast...