I am 34 weeks pregnant (27 years)

I am 34 weeks pregnant and all im wondering about is .. If I will be a good mom ? Will I know what to do when baby arrives. I'm a lil panicky about pushing / labor all together...

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Need ideas!!!

I'm a SAHM. I need ideas for things me and my 15 month old can do without breaking the bank. He's tired of going to the park and stuff, but he gets bored sitting at home....

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Care Package

Hello Ladies! This really has nothing to do with being a step-mom, but I'm hoping I can get some advice anyways. It does involve mother issues... Kind of ;-D I live in...

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Just thought I'd let you moms out there know that as of the 24th, Children & Infant's TYLENOL has been recalled, so if you have it, throw it out!! Use Advil if need be, instead....


Help! I need sleep!

Ever since my daughter (2) was moved into her toddler bed from the crib she has been getting up durring the night, sometimes more than once, and coming into our room. Sometimes...

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Playing nice at the playground...

How do you 'oversee' playing at the play ground, notice that another little person is not being so nice to your kid (again) and address it without being "that oversensitive mom" ??

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My Daddy

I thought it was important to add this community, at some point or another you, we all experience Grief by loosing a loved one! It is so important that we share our feelings,...


Potty Training!??

Thank you for the invite! This is great! I am having a hard time keeping my son Alex (and myself) focused on potty training. Any advice from my fellow Jan 2007 moms? Beth...


School troubles

Hi My son who is 8 had troubles at school, anxiety issues and meltdowns. So I kept him home for the last week of school before the holidays. Well holidays are nearly over so...


due Dec. 21 but may be induced Nov 27

Hello, Well I had an OB appt today and My Dr. talked to me about having This Little Princess early.....See I have GD and have been having a hard time keeping the blood sugars...


weaning off breastmilk....

My son is 6 mths 2 weeks and im still breastfeeding him. Im trying to wean him off breastmilk but He dont take no bottles or fomula. what should i do???

Started by Julia on 10/08/2009 in March 2009 Babies

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