i want to have a girls day with my daughter saturday she is 2 and a girly girl....needless to say with being a mom i usually dont have the time to fix myself up like that...any...


teenage boy and porn?

ok, I need advice on how to handle this situation. My 13 yo stepson has been caught several times over the last yr looking at porn. He lost all privelges at his moms house...

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Sleeping through the night

Does anyone need any sleep advice/help. I'm no expert but I have learned a lot when my LO was up every hour for months, demanding to be nursed back to sleep. After being...

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Just to share a laugh

Oh my little girl (3 years old) has cracked me up this weekend. First yesterday hubby let me sleep in and she came in and woke me up and informed me that I couldn't sleep ALL...




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Little girls and nappy rash?

does anyone have this problem that never seems to go away? please any advice would be great as everything the doctors have recomended have either made it worse or bleed?! i have...


ive no interest in my child

7 month old very high maintenance baby and i cant be the least bit bothered to play and entertain her all day. i was on drugs but i went to treatment n im off evrything but i...

Started by Samantha on 08/25/2012 in Single Moms

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crazy or not

that was a question that i just wrote sorry new to site. Also my wife will come home from work some days and notice im quiet. I tell her im stressed but she doesnt get it. I...

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