I am having a big problem with my fiance's family and I am not even married yet. I love him but at the same time he gives me reasons to want to leave him. He does not stand up...


international travel with 15 month old

hi everyone, my 15 month old daughter, my mother and I are traveling to mauritius to a conference in september. does anyone have any tips for the plane flight as well as travel...



Hello. My 12 1/2 week old son has grade 5 reflux and a fair amount of damage to his kidneys which happened ante natally. He is due for an operation next week and they will...


Autism AND Leukemia!?!?

I was wondering if anyone out there has ever heard of any research being done to see if there is a possible connection between Autism and Leukemia. I did hear that children who...


I want my daughter to stop, but don't know how!

Okay.. so..My daughter is 18 months old, and she's doing some things and I want to stop, but dont know how! First, My daughter loves to pinch, and I think it is my fault, I...

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Hello to the group!

Hello Mamas! I'm new. My name is Jennifer and I had my first baby, a boy named Ethan, on January 23rd of this year, at the ripe old age of 39! There have been moments, over...


Hello Mompreneurs!

Hello fellow Mompreneurs! My name is Leigh Clements and I had my first baby 5 1/2 months ago. His name is Jamie and he's the light of my life. But, I'm also an entrapreneur and...


Soooo jealous!!!

I've been separated now for over a year straight, and months before my 18 month old was born before that. The past year has been hard, dealing with an angry husband who...

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So far we have only had to deal with two of our kids having homework, both have special needs when it comes to academic skills, one significantly more than the other. Both...


~*Beautiful Handmade Headbands*~

Hello, I am a SAHM of 2 girls. I have been unemployed for almost a year and so has my husband. We are struggling to make ends meet while my husband attends school. For fun and...


On line/homeschool

I read Dusty Williams post and the responses. I live in Ohio and began ECOT ( a public on line school) with my 15 year old son Andrew this year. He is on an IEP through this...


Help! Activities with friends of another faith

My Kindergarten daughter's friend wants her to go to an Awanas tonight. I agreed and I'm okay with her going with her friend (I mean I'd want them to be okay if my daughter...

Started by Alicia on 10/21/2009 in LDS Moms

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GAH! is this normal? Please help me!!!

My 5 week old was eating every 2 hours or more frequently...all day today she has spread out to 3 sometimes 4 hours and went to bed 2 hours earlier than normal...now it must...

Started by BethAnn on 10/25/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Wonder Woman....

... I am not but I honestly feel as if I am expected to be wonder woman! I'm being pulled in a million directions and no matter what I do, I feel guilty. I'm trying to grow as...

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