need a life outside of work, help

Hey, I am only 22 years old and I have 2 daughters, one will be 4 in Nov and the other will be 3 in Nov. I work full time Monday-Thursday 9:00am- 8:00pm, and I am single parent....

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Motivating kids to do schoolwork.

My 14 year old, once again, failed math and social studies!!! What the hell! I've met with her teachers, we have study sessions, I monitor her afterschool work, she's been...

Started by Debra on 11/19/2008 in Want To Vent?

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Different Religious Beliefs

Ok, I have one for you I'm a born again christian, my husband is muslim, and my stepdaughters mom is a jehovah witness. My stepdaughter does not celebrate any kind of holiday...

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how do u decide when u a single mom that job require alot of hours and you have kids that need u at home?

Started by Lisa on 07/23/2009 in Obama Mamas

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new to site

i am a single mom of two boys 7 and 4. my seven year olds dad is not in the picture and rarely has been and my four year olds is in the picture all the time. i decided to join...


When there is no help to be had

This a response/follow up to another discussion someone posted here... Being a SAHM is hard, can be pretty unaprreciated, and under constant judgment... My question is what do...

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hi new here

Hi! my name is julia and Im new here. My fiance and I are in the process of becoming foster parents. It is something I have wanted to do my whole life. I am a stay at home mom...

Started by Julia on 01/25/2011 in Foster Moms

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how do i cope with a whining 2 year old

iam stressed our and trying not to be. suggestions on how to handle stress? i feel like a robot., i still get stressed out when i hear my babies whining, whats wrong with me?

Started by Danielle on 02/23/2011 in Christian Mommies

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Chosing god parents

My husband and I are having some issues with chosing god parents for our youngest daughter. We have no men in our immediate families- except my husband has one brother in law...

Started by Bridget on 04/22/2011 in March 2011 Babies!

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Answers to difficult questions ...

I have a little boy (almost three) and I am a single mother. His father left me when I was four months pregnant. I would like some advice on what to say when the day comes when...