GOing GOne

How do you find individuality now that u are a mom? What's your perfect balance between mom and self time?

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New here

I am a working mom, although at the moment I'm on medical leave. I am totally enjoying my time with my son and honestly didn't realize how much i was missing while i was at work...

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I'm looking for other moms in my area, who are wanting to get together, so our children can make friends and socialize with children their own age. I'm not sure how to go about...



my name is lareika i have two beautiful children and when i got pregnant with the fist one which would be my daughter lyricka. i thought that my world was ending but it was only...

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Nearsighted Babies group

Hi!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I just created a group for moms of nearsighted children. I personally do not know anyone with a child that has this issue, but I...


Make-up Party---Foolich?

Hey moms out there! I was thinking of hosting an all moms make-up party. Does this sound stupid. I'm thinking the whole 9 yards with individual mirrors, individual make-up kits...


new here!

Hi, my name is Niki. I just found this group. My little man, Parker, was born Feb 28th at 41 weeks.i also have another son, Xavier, who will be 2 on 3/29. I look forward to...



"No T.H.U.M.P.S." ....Community Guidelines and rules: No... ...Threats (You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence or illegal acts against others.)...

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Hi! Im Jodie Collingwood Durney, mother of 3. Please see my circle of moms! This community is the South Eastern Chapter in communities! I hope to add enough to our community...

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I am Melissa, a stay at home mom to five children. My last two were twins, both girls. 7lb6oz and 6lbs7oz, full term. I am also a twin myself. I have an identical twin sister,...

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6th child

hi just seeing if there are any others in the group that have big family?, im pregnant with my 6th child lol and this is it no more i have a 11yr old ,9,4,3,1 and now over due...


my 13 month old daughter with sleeping

My 13 month old baby wakes up ones, maybe twice a night, she only takes one nap during the day of an hour long and refuses to go to bed before ten at night, then she wil drink...

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** Clingy**

I'm a stay at home mom at that moment an it just seems like ever since I started staying home my son is so clingy, he's only a year. When I worked he never wanted me to hold him...


Black woman

I plan on asking this on my the debating moms board, but I thought I'd see your opinions here first. I'm trying to understand why women were so outraged that Reggie Bush was put...


hey :)

My name is Nina i have been stationed here since september and since I am a stay at home mom Ive found it hard to make friends out here... my son is a very sweet and cute little...