Hip Problems - Results

Hi, my daughter was in a hip-spica (cast) for 3 months. She was 8 months at the time. She is now 5 years old and we have just had a yearly check up. My questions is, is there...

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Hi! I am Melissa, a 30-year-old, married mom of one 1-yr-old little boy named Christian. He is, of course, the best thing that's happened to me (besides my hubby, of course!)...


umbrella strollers

Hi. I'm new to the circle of moms. I live near Cleveland, OH so I hope I'm in the right group. But I like to talk to lots of moms from anywhere. Anyway, my question is...


about me

Hi All! New to Circle of Moms & semi-new to being a Mom!! My little guy was 3 in January and is busy, busy, busy. Great fun and usually lots of laughs. He's quite...

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save $$$ and the planet and Cloth Diaper!

have you ever thought there is a better way to make ends meet? I cloth diaper. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I just want to share my passion for cloth diapering...

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As you can see, I've been a mom now for about 6 years. I am so very, very greatful that GOD blessed me with my first child when he did. My life was a total mess at that age ~...

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Hello all! My name is Kelly, and I am mom to a handsome little 2 year old boy named Jacob Carter. I was blessed with my healthy baby boy Jan 27, 2007, 5 weeks earlier than he...


A great safety news network on facebook

Hi Moms, I have three beautiful kids. I got an invite last week from a friend to join the mom safety alerts network. Since joining l have received relevant and important safety...

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skyoozmee...anyone blog?

Hi! I am a mom of two very "spitty" babies, and I have invented a unique new burpcloth to help make feeding time cleaner and easier than ever before. I'm looking for any moms...


Hello... I am new here :)

Hello Mommies Due in June 2009, I am new to "Circle Of Moms" (not new to FB, I am quite the addict actually)... This forum seems a little more difficult to use than others I...

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sending them off, one by one

I'm a 45 yr old mom of 2, boy almost 18 (joining the army) and girl 16. Love being a mom but it's starting to get scary. Graduation and army send-off within months. Scared I...

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Hi Everyone! Im new to this group, obviously, but heres a little about me.. Im a 21 year old mom from Norwich,CT. I have two boys, one just turned two on March 17 and the other...


Balancing Act

Hi, my name is Pamela Knowlton. My husband and I are youth pastors and have been in youth ministry now for six years. One of the biggest struggles my husband and I have...


dear admin

i think we should have a section where we can check off what our questions has to deal with so when other moms have the same type of question they can just look up other mom's...

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My husband and I are going out of town for ten days and i have two children. I stay home with them and they are not used to a sitter. They are staying with my parents....



ok, so i'm recently separated, and both my ex and I have new partners. However, I just found out today that my ex is encouraging my daughters to call his new girlfriend "mommy"...

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Introducing myself

My name is Tonya im a working mom im 43 years old i have a six year old little boy who i adore.I was giving a little boy who was one year old when his mom wanted to give him up....

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ok one more question...

My sister breast fed for 2 weeks then stopped for 6 weeks...can she start breastfeeding again??


Just Joined!!

Ok so I'm new at this! I just joined a few mins ago and I thought I would introduce myself. I am 24 years old and I have a 2 year old daughter named Vivian Grace and I'm...

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Simple nacho dip

1 Lg. container low fat cottage cheese (plain) 1 160z container low fat sour cream 1 pkg taco seasoning mix 1 Lg. pkg shredded cheese (chedder or mexican flavor) Lettuce...