I'm glad to know I am not alone!

I am an older mom too - I'm almost 45 and I have an 8 year old daughter (my only child). It has pros and cons - I believe I am much more patient than I would have been if I had...

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Excellent Group!

I am a 40 yr. old single mom and REALLY feel out of place a lot of times. Especially at my son's preschool with all those younger moms. I am excited to talk to other moms my age.

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Hello my name is Chris and I have a 17 yr old dd who is out of control at the moment! Im also a mom to a 5 and 3 yr girls...Ive been married for 10 yrs and Im a sahm mom......

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Hi moms! I'm Andrea, a Brazilian Immigrant living in Ottawa, ON. I'm a 10-months baby proud mom. I'm a FRench teacher and after one-year maternity leave, I decided to become...

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The in-laws

So, I'm not technically single. We are living seperately and trying to work things out. The problem is his mom and sister. His mom threatened to take me to court to get...


Introducing myself

Hi! My name is Lucie and I'm a single mom of 2. A 4 1/2 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I've been a single mom for 2 years now. The father is in they're lives but not as he...

Started by Lucie on 11/23/2008 in September 2005

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Juggling act

I am starting a nursing program in the spring. I have mixed emotions because I feel like I won't be there as much for my children. I have been a full time mom for 8 years now,...

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I'm the working mom of a fun-loving 14 month old little boy. I work part time as a pediatrician, and my husband currently teaches in high school. I'd love to learn from all of...


new to rego park/forest hills

we're movin to rego park in a few weeks - the day after xmas to exact - and i'm going to be a stay @ home mom w/ a 4moth old - hubby will be working in manhattan. really looking...

Started by Rebecca on 12/05/2008 in New York City Moms

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Howdy - New to the group.

I am pretty new to Facebook and came across Circle of Moms from a friends page. I'm not yet exactly sure what this is, but it looks great! I have two teenagers. My daughter is...

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Hello Everyone!

I am Melanie and I was invited to join by my friend from school. I am the proud momma of Jordan and Dekar, twins born in November of 07. I am a SAHM and could not ask for...


M for Mature video games

My teen plays them and it's so hard to keep him separated from my 5 and 9 year old. Sometimes I just am tired, have too much going on and I just let them all play these...


Welcome to IllinoisValleyMommies!

As part of The Mommies Network, IllinoisValleyMommies.com is a free community for moms in LaSalle, Putnam, Marshall, Eastern Bureau and Northern Livingston Counties. We realize...


Sick at share care

Last Friday our share care partner brought her daughter over without telling us she was sick. Not only did my daughter get sick, but a week later the other girl is still sick...



Hi and welcome to the stay-at-home moms group. I have two children of my own. Madison is 10 and Nick is 7. I have to admit that being a stay-at-home mom can sometimes get a...

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Welcome everyone just figured it'd be nice to have a community of Moms that are close by and we know. So hope you all enjoy it.

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I am new to this so I just wanted to say hello!!!!! I am a mom to a beautiful little miracle named Isabella....she was born premature and she spent the first 11 months of her...

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Hip Problems - Results

Hi, my daughter was in a hip-spica (cast) for 3 months. She was 8 months at the time. She is now 5 years old and we have just had a yearly check up. My questions is, is there...

Started by Tracy on 02/17/2009 in Single Moms

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Hi! I am Melissa, a 30-year-old, married mom of one 1-yr-old little boy named Christian. He is, of course, the best thing that's happened to me (besides my hubby, of course!)...