Hi! I'm new to facebook, and a friend invited me to mom's circle. i'm so excited to be involved with the scrapbooking mamas because i love to scrapbook. however, i hardly...

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I am a Mom of two sets of twins ages 28(identical boys) and 25.(fraternal G/B).I also have 7 singlletons.(One of which passed away at birth ),and I also have an adopted older...


just joined

Hello, my living sons are 25, 22, 9 and 7 and I am 46. Yep crazy, I know :) mindy

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Drop-ins for parents

I live in the lower mainland of BC, does anyone know of any free drop-in groups for (new) parents? Any thing in Burnaby or Coquitlam that we can get to by transit would be ideal.



Hi my name is Nadine i am 29 years old single mom of 2 boys ages 6 and 4 wonderful kids

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For all the single mums

Any Single mums out there finding it hard to get out and socialise with other mums who have supportive partners. And have part time dads on the scene.

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Groton, Ct mommies

I was looking for other moms in the Groton, Ct area to meet up with for maybe lunch and playdates. My youngest in 9 months and then I have my Step daughter at home during the...


lets try to make it work

Everyone is invited to put anything they want on our page that has to do with us moms or our children, i just put up a pic of my baby, u should too.

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Hi my name is Olivia, my fiance is Tyler and we have a beautiful little boy named Brandon Ty (ty for short) He is now 9 months old. Im a stay at home mom and love it. I chose to...

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New Journey

I am 47 and had my baby boy, Christopher last year. That's right. . .I was 46 years old. Completely natural pregnancy, no complications and no drama. Doctors say it was an...

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My boyfriend and I hardly have any time together and we have been fighting alot more recently. When my daughter is at my moms overnight we don't do anything...Any suggestions...

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interview of Heather Richey

Just wrote a post spotlight about a Mom of 6, pageant winner, singer/songwriter that has survived abuse and the death of a baby to SIDS. Her story of hope and finding...

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My Babies

Hi I a new to the site.. I adopted twin baby girls and am having the time of my life, but could use advice/support on some issues and hope to find it here.


New to the group

Hello my name is Ashley and my son was born in October of 2008. I think this group is a great way to see what other children his age are doing or the learn about new ways to be...


I'm a new Grandma.....

Just got invited to join this group. My grandbaby is amazing! I only get to see her once a week, sometimes once every two weeks because of the distance. I am getting her this...



Hey everyone! Im Jennifer. I am a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful children. They are 6,4, and 9 months. I love every minute of it.

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Im new to this site.My name is Amy and I am 23 with a 2 year old daughter.I love doing the mommy thing!!!!

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Hi everyone, thanks for the invitation to this group. I am a 29 year old mother of 3, ages 10, 5 and 8 weeks...I look forward to getting to know some of you and getting some...

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Hi i just joined, I am Amberlee We had our son Layne Rylin on July 4th he has two older sibs a Sister (7) and a brother(6) and i would love to meet new moms! ♥

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