My name is Miranda Cole I am a Teen mom, I had my son was I was 17 years old. His name is keegan. I got married 14 months ago to a wonderful man named Tim Cole. He is a...

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Be Aware!

hi everyone! i just wanted to inform all of you about something i experienced this week with my daughter so that i might be able to help someone and thier baby if this ever...



Hi, Most of you know me if you are here but I will still describe myself. I've been married for almost 2 1/2 years to a man in the Army. The military has moved us from Ohio to...

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hey everybody. i am a bio mum to two babies and a step mum to four boys... ok .... my hubby (biodad) and his ex (biomum) constantly fued.. its a he say she say type of deal.....

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hard at work.

i work from 9 am till 6 sometimes 7 pm by the time i get out pick up the kids at the sitters and get home is about 8 pm and when we get home they want to play and do other stuff...

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What do I do?

My 3 1/2 year old is suppose to go to school September 17 and I've done nothing to prepare him and I. I haven't got the vaccinations and to top of that he's not even potty...

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Problems already in Kindergarten!

My son turned 5 the day he started kindergarten. I know he is among the youngest in his class, and he is also the smallest, but he is so smart I knew it was time for him to be...


4yr old lost her mind

i have a 4 yr old lately she been trippin. she always yelling at me that she hates me wishes i wasnt her mom she has become very hateful toward me. her father is not in her...

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I am new to this community and the reason I chose it is because between my fiance and I we are expecting our 5th child, all boys. there is his, mine and ours. We have several...


My name is Sara

My name is Sara like my subject says...I have always wanted to be a mom but not this young. I am only 20 years old but I am lucky to have his father, my husband in our lifes....

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Getting my son to play in a nursery??

I have been at home with my son since day one. He is now just about 18mo and really has never left me. I can go out and leave him w/ my husband and he is ok. He has spent a...

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I am 43 and have 3 children. I have a son who passed away at the age of 21 from Cystic Fibrosis. He would be 25 now. I have a 20 yr old daughter who has a 1yr old daughter. So...