Girl Scouts

Forget sweet songs, campfires, cookie sales, and its "Kumbaya" to sisterhood. The Girl Scouts are apparently pushing a secret liberal agenda. Hans Zeiger, a 25-year-old Eagle...


Heres my story and I'm sticking to it..

I am a first time mom with a 5 1/2 month old. Before I got pregnant I weighed 180lbs. Before I got married I weighed 160. I got married in June of 2010 and got pregnant...


Comparing Pregnancies

Well, my last post was about conceiving, which we have succeeded in =] YAY! But now, I'm queasy and don't feel like moving around much. I know some of it is real, the...

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should i stay or should i go?

My husband is getting ready to deploy in mid july to iraq. I am due on july 2nd with my second baby. before i found out i was pregnant i decided to move back to where our...


Feeling Guilty for Being Alive

I'm 19 years old and I lost my son's father six months ago in a car accident when I was six and half months pregnant. I was not in the car or anything but I feel so guilty for...

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Hey there working moms..... So i've been having this same old argument with my husband for like 2 years now, and never didi we come up with a solution. Well yesterday after...

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Reflux or something else?

My daughter was born Christmas Day, 2010, and she is a screamer/spewer. Being a new mommy, I figured I had just never been around babies that young before. She started crying...


How to save money on clothes

From Budget Style 1. Shop with Cash (Only!) I can't believe I am suggesting this, considering my former love affair with store credit, but the easiest way to save money on...

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What can be wrong???

Hi all, I am very new to this forum thing. I have two kids, my girl is 3 and little man is 21 months. I am struggling with both. My daughter is coming across as being very...

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Custody agreement issues

Ok, this could be a looooonnnnngggg story but I will try to make it short. Well My daughters (lets just call my daughter "M") Dad (lets just call him "B") and I have a custody...

Started by Miranda on 04/03/2011 in Single Moms

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Potty Training Step 2 ????????

I found the most AMAZING piece of advice here on Circle of Moms. The lady said, give the kid the treat when he uses the potty...but if he makes a MESS...Mama gets the treat....


Meet & Greet Kindergaten

Well this Wednsday is my son's meet and greet for kindergaten! His orintation I guess you can say! I'm nervous & excited! I wonder how my son is? I've metioned it, but didin't...

Started by Sharon on 05/03/2011 in Children Of 2006

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MIL Issues

COM I am in a very difficult situation with my MIL. My fiance and I lived about 45 mins away from the MIL, but when I became pregnant we decided that we should live closer. Both...



I have two daughters, 21 months and 4 months. I am having a terrible time with jealousy in my 21 month old. Every time I pick up the baby, she gets very upset and starts...