Storing Breast Milk

Ok so with my 1st 3 I never pumped. But with our newborn I need to but since I have never done this I'm unsure of the info on storage. I've looked it up but I want to make sure....


Weaning help!

So my twin boys will be 1 year in just over a week (!) and I am in the process of weaning them. I have been exclusively pumping. I started the weaning process 5 weeks ago and...


i would love to hear from you all.

i am currently writing baby book and was just wondering if their was any subjects or information you wanted to know when you were pregnant that you couldn't find in any books....

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Feeling so guilty

I'm taking a difficult summer course and working part time 3rd shift. I'm feeling guilty whenever I am spending time sleeping or doing my homework because I feel that it is time...

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8 month old not interested in nursing

Hi. I have an 8 month old baby boy and he doesn't seem interested in nursing anymore. When he does nurse he only will take a few "sips" and then he is done....2 minutes tops....

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milk production supplements!!

I'm not sure what they are called, but has anyone tried the medication they can prescribe to help increase your milk supply? I have tried fenugreek and blessed thistle and they...

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2 yr old and constipation

My son turned 2 in may. when we put him on fornula we had to seitch to a soy based formula because the other stuff seemd to upset his stomach. When he turned 1 and we started...


my sons hardly sleeping help!!!!!

my son is 4months old he started sleeping thru the night then he caught a cold ever since hes been up every half and hour to an hour. me n my partner r shattered as this is...


Weaning from breastfeeding?

My son is 18 months old and I think it is time to start weaning him but he is very attached and loves to do it and I think I am going to have a hard time. I am home with him all...

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Is my little girl small for her age?

My little girl is gonna be 8 months old on Dec. 18th, she weighs just over 17 lbs...she weighed 6lbs 14oz at Birth and alot of people tell me she is little for her age. I have a...

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sleepless nights

my dughter is 10 and half months and dont sleep through the night ay suggestions plz

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3 yo who wont eat

my 3.5 yo wont eat at night but she says shes hungry when she goes to bed. sick of her not eating. she was an under weight baby as it was and at 3.5yrs she only weighs 13kg...


Does you baby talk in her sleep?

My 10 week old sometimes wakes up mid-nap or mid-night and talks, sometimes cries in her sleep. When I go to check on her her eyes are still closed. She usually stops after 10...


Important... I'm worried.

I am starting to get a little nervous.. I've had sex only twice without protection.. but he pulled out.. I know that doesn't always help.. But anyways! My son is about to be 4...

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My daughter is 2 and has had eczema since she was born I have a 12 week old boy and he has just started with it aswell, I have prescribed meds for her but after reading this...


Is she too skinny???

My baby girl is 8 1/2 months old and only weighs 15 pounds....I saw her ribs tonight and want to know if there are any suggestions to fatten her up?!?! She gets cereal w/ every...

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