Ireland Born Dec 29th '08

My first child was a beautiful healthy little girl, I waited years to have her so It's hard for me to leave her side. Currently Ireland has become more clinging I have read at...



Breastfeeding using the MSPI Diet is challenging but seems to be working for us. Alternatives such as Rice Milk, Oat Milk and Almond milk make such a huge difference in my...

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breastfed baby suddenly won't take...

all of the sudden in the last few days, my 7 month old starts screaming when it's time to eat. i'm extremely frustrated and don't want to stop breastfeeding for another couple...


Smelly Baby

My 5 month old baby boy has the worst b.o like worse than daddy after a week without a shower, he is an extremely sweaty baby and even after a shower the smell sometimes lingers...


Refusing the breast???

Hi everyone!!! I'm a mother of a close to 4 month old. I've been breastfeeding and bottle (formula) feeding since she was born. The last 2 months its been mainly...


When to start baby food?

My daughter was born October 1st and I recently started her on cereal (within the last few weeks). She eats cereal once a day and formula the rest of the time. Just curious...


eating at 4 month

how much and how many times baby should eat at 4 month and at what time the last biberon

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Just thought I'd share...

This is a great look at research outlining the risks to moms who only formula feed: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=breastfeeding-benefits-mothers


Mirena IUD and Breastfeeding?

I was recently prescribed the Mirena IUD and I am bf. Does anyone else have this? I am worried about the hormones. The dr. says the amount of hormones is very small.

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has your baby ever had diarrhea?(tmi)

My son has had way more bm over the past 48 hrs. He goes after every feed (he's ebf) a fairly large amount... He had a fever (101) last night and he seems to be sad and moaning...


Eating Issue: Refusing Solids

Hi there! My son has been eating solids for many months now. Recently he got his first two teeth. Now he refuses to eat solids from a spoon. He will eat cheerios and still...


Is It Ok ?

I have a 2 month old daughter and se has an awful time trying to go poop, the doctor said she's fine and its normal. The only thing is, is that she can be pushing almost all day...

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