Low milk supply - desperate

Help other mommies! My baby boy is ten weeks old. My goal was to BF him exclusively for six months, but I've had to supplement with formula due to a sharp drop in my supply. My...

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Finding a good doctor for reflux

Hello! My 4 yr old daughter has acid reflux. When she was a baby she used to scream when feeding her and would refuse to eat at times. I took her to the doctor and they...


Preemies and Colic.. HELP!!

My boy was born 12 weeks early. He cries and cries all night and part of the day. I'm not getting any sleep. I've been tot he dr 3 times about this and all he can say is that...


Old old is to old to breastfeed?

My daughter is 26 months old. I never intended on breastfeeding my daughter this long and I would like to stop but that does'nt seem to be an option. My daughter has NEVER...

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How did you manage sleep with 2 kids?

Since my daughter will be two and a half when this baby comes...i was wondering how you guys managed your sleep with the second baby? My daughter does NOT nap anymore! I might...

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breastfeeding troubles...

The day after my son was born, while he was nursing, he bit out two chunks off both sides of my nipple on my right breast, this was on jan 15th, my little man is now 5 weeks and...


Bottle and nursing

Hello all, I am new here, this is my first post. My boy is 3 mo old. When he was a few weeks old I got a REALLY bad mastitis (sp?) and wasn't able to nurse him. So I pumped...

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latching issues.

This started in the hospital after his first feeding (he did really good his first feeding and latched RIGHT on, I though he'd be really good at it) Well, in the hospital the LC...


very hunger baby

hello everybody....my son is 8 months old and he is a big boy. he was born a big boy.he isnt over weight but lately ive been feeln like he eats alot and i dont want him to...



My seventh month old is still brestfeeding. I would like to stop breastfeeding him because he is only using it to pacify himself to sleep. We do not agree with giving our...


5 month old not eating as much?

my daughter is 5 months old and i feed her formula on demand.for the past week or soshe has been eating WAY less than normal. She usually has 6oz. bottles 4-5 times a day and...


concipation issues can you help?

Help! My lil girl was born at 35 wks 3 days and had to be in the nicu and a nicu at a childrens hospital for 2 wks after birth due to lung issues which God healed up.And has...

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Advice for weaning baby off breastfeeding

I have a 10 month old baby boy and have been breastfeeding up until this point. He has a few teeth now and it makes feeding difficult. Also, I am hoping to go back to work soon...