Any spouses from Ft. Drum, NY

My huband is stationed at Drum and he is currently in Iraq. I am staying with family in TN. Being back home is great but I miss being around the military cause I have been...


Ft Drum NY

Can anybody tell me if there are any activities for small children in Ft Drum. I have been here less than a week and am staying at a hotel till I get housing. My kids are 4...

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Ft. Drum, NY

My hubby and I are about to move there in June. I'm wondering if there are any groups there for moms or families. Just anything really. I'm a stay at home mom and i have a son,...


Any Fort Drum, NY moms?

We have been at Fort Drum for about 2 years and are just starting our 3rd deployment, our first one here at Drum, and I was wondering if there was anyone else out there.


Fort Drum, NY

My husband, our 2 boys, and I are stationed at Ft. Sill, OK right now. We requested to go to Ft. Drum, NY. I am looking for any info on the post, what there is to do, the...


Fort Drum NY

My husband and I have been here since Nov. 2009 Not a whole lot ever going on. I have a 3 yr old and 8 month old they need playmates. Anyone?? Maybe we could get a group together.


Anyone in Ft Drum?????

I thought this would be a good way to make friends before we get to Drum , Im originally form NY so im super excited to come back but i would like to make friends with kids for...


Ft. Drum Families? Anyone?

Hi my name is Nicole Matthews. I am a proud Army wife, my husband enlisted in May of 2008 and started training 22 July 2008. Liam was born 26 October 2008, and he was there,...


Moving to Ft Drum

Thinking of moving to Ft Drum NY. We are a TX family.... need any information about moving to that area... Any help appreciated!


How is Ft. Drum?

Hello, It looks like my husband might have the opportunity to go to Fort Drum. I was hoping to hear from anyone currently or previously stationed there. How did you like it?...


in ft drum New York

Up here with the family. But I barely have any friends here, and I can't really go anywhere since my husband has the car an it gets tiring be home with my kids every day an not...

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Help PCSing to Ft. Drum.

Hey ladies.. I was stationed at Camp Humphreys, South Korea with my husband for a year, I came back earlier than he, he will be returning December, where we will be moving to...