being induced at 34 weeks after Prom

I popped on here to see if any mums are or have had the same situation as me. My waters ruptured at 25 weeks i had 2x steroid injections then antibiotics. I did not go into...

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Traveling to China

So Im going to Bejing for almost a month to do research at a University there, but I cant get past the guilt of leaving my boys for that long. This is HUGE for my career and I...

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Crazy Mother Advice

My daughter turns 3 in March, and I am expecting my second child in July. My first pregnancy was great, but this time I am so stressed out! Not by having an older child - - but...


breastfeeding help

my daughter is now 13 weeks and shes been strictly breastfed but now shes always hungry and its starting to hurt my breast. shes also a nursing soother. im wanting to switch her...


The stress is wearing me down...

I love my life... I really do. I have a wonderful husband and sweet SD. When we're together we're so happy. We play games, sing songs and joke around a lot. So that leaves...

Started by Betty on 09/01/2010 in Step Moms

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Stressed and Depressed

I had my daughter at 26wks and have to pump to supply her with breast milk. I feel so distant not being able to put her to breast yet. She is still in the NICU and it is driving...


daycare HELP

help ! my son started daycare over a month ago and still is not transitioning! i feel horrible leaving him , he screams every time we walk in the place and clings to my leg! i...

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I need help..breastfeeding

My last baby was born at 38+6 by emergency csection after an induction and fetal distress. His cord was wrapped around his neck and made it too short for him to descend...


My Brother had SB

My Brother, Christopher had spina bifida. I just joined facebook, and was looking through profile groups. I saw this one with the lil girl and started crying. Our family was...


my kids are driving me insaine!

ok dont get me wrong i love my kids but they are three a boy and a girl and i cant get them to quit hitting each other.....no matter what...does anyone have any suggestions?...

Started by Joy on 09/15/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Parents' become the child

My mother is depressed, has been all of her life. Won't admit it; has denied it for 70 years and I don't really see that changing. She doesn't take care of herself. Won't eat....

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At what age should I put my baby in daycare?

Hello everyone, My name is Pabel. I'm a first time mom, I have 24week old baby boy name Dior. Dior is my buundle of joy. He weighs 18lbs. Is 18lbs overweight for my son??? He...

Started by Pabel on 01/16/2010 in July 2009

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How do you cope?

I lost my 16 yr old daughter, Rachel on Valentine's day this year and just do not know how to cope with it. She was a twin and her brother's away at school till late June. I'm...


April 2007

Hello, My name is Kathy Evans. My second son Keenan was born in April 2007, weighing in at 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches long. His labor was so quick, if I hadn't been at the...

Started by Kathy on 01/29/2009 in April 2007 Babies

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Is it possible?

I've been queasy since week 3, didn't test positive til week 4 + 2 days. I am currently 7 weeks prego (due 8/22). I have been queasy all the time, to the point where I don't...