sleep deprived!!

im wondering, my 5 month old is still waking every 2-3 hrs bat night. Sometimes to eat ( nursing) n others to play...is it still normal, is it just cuz BF isnt as heavy as...


sick 6mth old

my son has been sick for maybe a month now and the doctors keep telling me its a viral infection that it will go away on its own but so far it hasn't. I don't know what to do....


Mother in Law said very cruel comment.

Sorry ladies it has been so long since I posted. I know you read my last post regarding my overly religious, controlling and abusive mother in law. Well, I have set up my own...

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Hi my name is Michelle. My Daughter Olivia was diagnosed with Epilepsy last year around this time at the age of 5. She had 4 seizures in a 3 week period and so started our many...


6year old son with ADHD

I have a 6year old son who is an ADHD child. I dont know what to do he isgeting in trouble at school. He was diagnosed last year with ADHD I tried the meds on him but I did not...


Contemplating "firing" my mom

I have a strange work schedule in which I have to work everyother weekend 5 am to 5pm. My mom has been watching my 2 girls (ages 2 and 1) every weekend that I work since I...


Constant Spit Up

My little boy constantly spits up! It can be hours after he's eaten and he still spits up a ton. I asked our dr. about it and he said as long as he's not crying every time,...


B/C options

This pregnancy was completely unplanned as I am in school full time and I have a 2 year old. My husband and I both agreed to wait until I finished my degree, which gave us such...


She lost 5 pounds!!!! Help!!!

My daughter is 3. She has always been super tiny. But docs haven't been worried. I am a bit of a worry wart. I give her pediasures daily. (Not doctor ordered) I decided to not...

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