I only have clinicals left to obtain my nursing degree, and then to pass the NCLEX to get my license. That is two more years. Lately there has been some talk about the nursing...

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Unexpected CDH

Our daughter was born at 40 wks 2 days gestational age. We were told that everything was completely normal during our ultrasound and labor went smoothly. Her APGARs were 7 and...


7 month old loves bread, is that ok?

My 7 month old son was EBF until 6 months when I started trying some solids. He didn't really like baby purees & such. I let him try a pinch of my gluten free bread (I have...


Becoming an empty-nester

My last little chick is leaving the nest today. I am a mess. I don't know if it's because he's my only boy and the baby or if it's that all my babies are on their own. I have...


SM of 14 year old step-daughter needs help

I don't know where else to turn with this question...We live in Michigan and have a parenting plan in place that requires the children both go to their BM for all regularly...

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Inducing Labour

I was induced with daughter cause I had gestational diabetes and they were worried of the risk of the baby, Like getting too big or other risk of still birth and so on. But when...


Step Son rules roost

My husband and I agreed that If my stepson who is 13 continued to get in trouble he would not be going on vacations and daytrips with us until he behaved. Well in the last week...

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Mother-in-Law issues

My boyfriends mom thinks that we should be dragging the baby over to see her all the time, her and her husband smokes at least a pack a day in thier home. I have told her I do...


Are we being too strict?

I have a nine year old daughter who has always liked school and even wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. All of a sudden within the last few weeks she has been giving us...



Hello ladies, I have a 3 year old who has yet to speak, but I know it will happen in time. He did get therapy since he was 18 months old. I just wanted to know from you moms...


Is this kindergarten teacher nutz????

My son is 5yrs old and in Kindergarten full days this year. I make a point of talking to the teacher for a minute or two each day just to see how things went. My son started...

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Should I Give Up?

Ok, so me and my boyfriend been together for about 5 yrs now. We live together and have a daughter whose 18 months. Lately he has become extremely disrespectful. It seems as if...


Teenager making family life hell

My daughter is 18 and is at home for christmas from university. She is making my life hell. She refuses to engage in conversation with me and flies off the handle if i try to...

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Lightswitch Dad

Some days he is on and other days he is off. I do my best to maintain constistency and stability despite his moods. I also recognize that I too have my moments and/or bad days....


I am in desperate need of suggestions

My 8 yr old is a special needs child ( high functioning). she does not sleep at night we have tried all kinds of meds to get her to sleep. Some things will help for a short...

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