due 3-8-09

I am a wife to an over the road truck driver, a mom to a first grade boy and 20 weeks and 4 into my pregnancy with a little girl! My due date is March fourth but with my husband...

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I'm an RN

Hi my name is Amy I'm an RN working PT with 2 kids ages 4 and almost 2...so it feels like FT most days. Hope to get to know you all!!!



I am a single mother of two young boys with LOTS of energy. I am 24 but find myself feeling like an old lady most days, drained!

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New Member

OMG, I can't believe that I have found somewhere that people enjoy this as much as I do!!! I do it as a stress reliever. My oldest son is all ready in his second book!! My...

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Loving life as a mommy and wife!

Hello to all the mothers of September 2008 babies! I can only hope that you are going through the same joys and fun filled days that i am! From smiles to the crying fits that...


I'm wondering when my periods will come back?

My third child is 8, going on 9 months and my periods haven't come back yet. It took a while after my first as well, I just don't know if I should be worried that I'm pregnant...

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Sleeping in our bed!

I cannot get my three year old to sleep in her own bed! She has been sleeping with us for at least 2 months now. She freaks out and cries so hard that she starts to throw up....

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Birthday Party...or Parties?

Hey all, my girls are going to be 4 (on Monday) and 3 (On the 27th). Bailey wants to go to the pizza parlor, so I thought we could do them both at the same time (since the same...


Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts regarding parents who bring their child to childcare when they (parents) have the day off (due to holiday etc)?


feeding schedule for 16lb 10 week old

HI all, I have a ten week old that is 16 pounds. How often and how many times a day should he eat. right now we are 3-31/2 hours which is 6 times a day. if I move to 31/2 -4hrs,...

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Diaper Free?

Natural Infant Hygiene? Elimination Communication? Does anyone out there subscribe to and practice this? I'm getting ready to give it a go and wanted to find support from other...

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Up half the night

My 14 mth old son has woken up at 12:30 and has wanted to snuggle and not go back into his crib until around 4 AM 2 nights in a row. This has been going on for almost a week...


granddaughter wont stop begging

I have a six yr old granddaughter that asks once for something and mom or I tell her may be. Then about 5 minutes later she is back asking again for the same thing. How do we...

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Mother of 3.

My oldest son has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita , my daughter has behavioral issues and I havea 5 mo old and I had heart surgery in July and am suffering from some auto...


starting university next year

hi i am starting university next year and i am having to put my son who will then be one into child care. i am a bit concerned about balancing time with my son and studdy as he...

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im having trouble with fussyness

well let me start off by saying i do have a fience but he doesnt help so that is where my frustration starts my son is starting to teeth and i can handle that but there are...

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