My name is Desirae I'm 6 months pregnant and this is my first baby. I am having a little girl and pretty scared because this is going to be a big change in my young life that...


stress incontinence

Since the birth of my son I suffer from stress incontinence... I leak when I cough, sneeze, jump on the trampoline or even just walk around. It is so embarrassing to wear pads...

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new to southern oregon

Hi everyone, so my 4 year old son and I recently moved to Medford after I found out I was pregnant to live with my boyfriend, the baby's daddy. I don't know anyone here besides...


Breast Milk.

I was wondering when your milk supply dried up? I breastfeed my son the first month. He's now almost 7 months and I still have drops that will come out!?! Also can this amount...


Paragard iud confused/scared

Hi I am new to circle of moms. I have a question. I had my 3rd baby on 4/22/13. Six weeks after I went to get the paragard iud. When I got it it was somewhat painfiul and...


Needing emotional support :(,

Hey you guys. My name is Jess and I have a 3 year old baby boy. I recently just experienced an ectopic pregnancy and had to have my right tube and my baby removed ;( this is...

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2 kids at 21.

Is anyone else having a hard time? Sometimes I'm so stressed out idk what to do with myself. I LOVE my children. But I need some me time as well. My partner works all the time....

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New Here!!

I'm a mom to 3 kids that my DH and I adopted from Korea. My youngest daughter is my February baby. The two oldest are fully potty trained (day and night). My youngest wants...


Hello...I'm new!

Wow...I am amazed I found this subject. My son is now 6. He is very stong willed, stubburn and most times hard to get along with. I believe my husband and I babied him...


just plain worried! :(

eats so much so often and you can hear the milk hit his stomach because he eats so fast. So my mom convinced me to give him cereal in his bottle, and he likes it! But me being a...


Clingy baby mama

My fiancé and I have been together for 3 1/2 years. We recently got engaged on Father's Day of 2012. He has a 13 year old whom I love dearly. So from what I understand my...


Family values

It has come to my attention lately just how little my family really seems to care. I never hear from my two brothers, and the rest of my mom's side of the family, despite them...

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