Little LeeAnn

Our LeeAnn is an Identical twin who was born at 33 weeks gestation. at my 26wk ultrasound the tech noticed that LeeAnn didn't have a bladder and could only see one kidney. After...



my son is 3 and still has naps but bedtime is staring to b a nightmare as he wont fall asleep untll about 10 ish! his nap is from 1 till bout 3 as he is up from about half 7 in...

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Hey everyone! I have a 4 month old son (my first) and am a SAHM and i love it so far! Lately I have been noticing however that I have become almost obsessive about the...

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i will put or rock my son asleep by 8 or 9 every night. he is still up every 2-3 hours. I have no idea what to do with him. I go to school full-time and not getting my sleep has...


My Sons 11th Birthday

Its unfortunate that my sons bio dad won't be coming to yet another birthday. Should I be surprised since hes only come to 2 of them? Its not like I want to be around him,...

Started by Heidi on 04/08/2010 in Want To Vent?

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Tom Boy

My 7 year old is a tom boy and thinks she is a boy. I don't know why. How would I bring a feminine side about with her? She doesn't like things in her hair or like wearng...

Started by Becky on 04/15/2010 in Moms Of Girls!

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first deployment with baby

My husband and i have been married for almost 4 yrs this is our 3rd deployment but our first with a baby she will be 6 month old june 17th and by the time he comes home she'll...


Cloth diapers

I'm just curious to see how many moms are using cloth. How long have you been using them? Have you tried disposable? If you have more then one child, have you used them with all...


Intervals of sleep Question

Hello fellow BW Moms! After struggling to get my baby to sleep and being faced with having to go back to work after 6 weeks, a friend refered this book to me. I finished it a...

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Are your or your husband MRAs?

I am curious if any moms on this site are also Men's Rights Activists. This is something I am very passionate about because of the damage that feminism has done to not only...

Started by Wendy on 03/22/2011 in Taken In Hand

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Blended Families and the In-laws!

Help! I am at the end of my rope and need some advice. Let me give you some background on my blended family. My husband and I met when I was 7 month pregnant. At that time, he...


Please Help Mothers!!!!!!!

Dear God Help Me......So im sitting here in tears. My gorgeous 17month old son is in the bed crying and screaming. This is my 1st night trying to put him to sleep without...


Pregnancy Anxiety

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I am excited one minute and petrified the next! Just wondered how you all felt before your first pregnancy and what things you did...


"Who's my Dad?"

I have an extremely sensitive and emotional issue that I've been dreading dealing with. But, I believe the time is actually here and I have to face it. My daughter is 3 & 1/2...


Thankful for this site...

I just wanted to say I found this site about 2 weeks ago, I am ever so grateful to see that I am not alone in my situation, until I found this site I had nobody that could...

Started by Jennifer on 12/05/2012 in Single Moms

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I'm ready to pull my hair out!!!

Ok, I am having an issue and I don't even know how to handle it. I know this is a site for SAHMs, which I am, and I don't mean to sound petty, but I need help. First of all my...

Started by Ashley on 11/21/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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