bill clinton

listening to my coworker's radio today - conservation dribble about how Bill is negotiating with terrorists. i wonder what they would have said if Sarah Palin had rescued those...

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I need help with a 3yr old son

My son is so out of control I do not know what to do any more all thedoctor tells me to do is time outs and all I have to say is they do not work at all he will do them now like...

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Stupid people

yeah yeah they abound. Hubby & I were watching the news and this little blurb came on 'little known dangers most parents overlook" WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT!! it was about...


Expecting again!

I currently have a 12 month old daughter & am expecting daughter number 2 in late January! I am wondering if there are any moms out there that have kids that are around 14...


Ex husband and court

I am having to take my ex husband to court so I can spend more time with my 14 yr old son.. He has asked to be able to spend the school year with me like he does the summer wich...

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Cloth Diapers

My husband and I decided to use cloth diapers as a way to save money. We found a diaper service in our area that picks up the dirty diapers and cleans them for us so I don't...

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Another food question

I have been giving my son 3tbls of cereal in the morning and 3 just before bed. I want to introduce veggies in the next couple of days and I was wondering if I should cut down...

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first time febrile seizure

hi everyone- my baby girl had croup over the weekend along with having had a couple colds and what not. she spiked a high fever really fast and had a febrile seizure with that....

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So, this is my baby number 2, but my first child never let me swaddle her after we got home from the hospital. My new little one, however, cannot sleep unless he is swaddled. He...



I am a mother of 6 my oldest daughter is 14 and i am having troubles with her and telling untruths and thinks we are clueless and other than calling her on it and trying to...

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Best cloth diapers

My son is 4 months old and I was considering switching to cloth diapers. What's a good brand to look into? I've heard of the G-diapers. Is there anything else out there...

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22 month old boy still not walking

Has anyone else had to deal with this. My son does crawl and pull up some. He does have some low muscle tone and is in PT...he will stand for a few minutes for his PT but no one...


Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid me!!!!

Argh!! I came home from work last night and ran out on errands with my husband. This morning I discovered the cooler with my milk in it sitting on the couch with my bag from...

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