Seeing a paralyzed friend..

(I posted this in another thread to get the point of view of mothers with disabled children, but I am wondering what would be the views here) My son is 6 years old and a friend...


4 year old cries all the time

my son cries when ever he doesn't get his way. If someone takes his toy or I tell him he can't have candy until after dinner he has a fit. He had a full blown temper tantrum...


need help with a almost 4year old please

Hi im finding my almost 4year old a chanledge. I have touble taking her out places as she will play up. how do you manage a social life and a child. I do use child care a total...

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My name is Grace Rivers. I have a five year old who entered Kinder this year. Her name is Sarah. I teach high school math at a small school in Texas. I love the reason for...


What would you do?

My six year old son has been through a rough year, His bis friend moved away, his little brother can now walk ans talk and get into all his stuff, and then his father was killed...


feeling down

hi my baby girl is 14 months i work 30 hours a week as a nusre but finding it very hard at the moment juggling my job the house and spending time with my daughter and husband...

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I need help with 2 year old's bedtime!

My son is 29 months and I have been home on maternity leave for about a month now. I have been trying to establish a regular routine that seemed to be working over the past...

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Tev-tropin anyone?

Has anyone else had a child on tev-tropin? If so, how long have they been on it? Do you find it to be helping your child? My daughter finally got diagnosed and we started...