Clover Couples-Healthy or Not?

I've recently, privately, started calling two couples who are never without one another, "clover couples" or "four leaf couples". I think we all know couples like this....

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Breast pumping problem! How do you let down?

When i pump i dont get hardly anyting, but i know that i am full of milk.i usually get not even a half oz! i have the medella hand free pump and i think its working. i dont know...

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feeling lonely

I don't know if its the fluxing hormones or what. I usually like being alone but I feel horribly lonely lately. I moved to the Appleton area of Wisconsin when I got married and...


Weaknesses of a female

Why are so many females becoming extremely weak behind a man. Is it the sex or is it a new found power that the men have discover? Please make some suggestions to make these...


Alternative Diapers...

I was curious if anyone has any experience with diapers other than disposable. I honestly can't use those and know how many of them will be around 1000 years from now so I have...

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Influencing your children.

This is Liz's husband, I am wondering your opinion on a situation. I am a die hard Broncos fan, so trying to influence my kids football team I make it a point to offer treats...


I designed some siblings shirts!

OK, I know this is probably lame to try to promote my work here, but as a stay-at-home mom, I'm trying to bring in at least a little income. I designed some cute Zebra...

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Advice on 3 children?!!

I have 2 sons. One will be 4 in Feb and the other 3 in May. My husband really is wanting to try for another one and I do as well but I keep going back and forth, constantly! I'm...


My teenage daughter

*SCREAAAAM* I am so angry today. It has been a constant CONSTANT battle with her to relate proper information regarding anything to do with her. She tells us misinformation...

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My shadow

My 3 year old follows me everywhere.If I come downstairs to do anything she has to be with me. If she wants to go upstairs she wants me to go with her. says she gets lonely! at...

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Potty Training

I have a young three year old boy that refuses to use the toliet, he will sit on the toliet while i read a story but will not go how long does this process take? hes actually...


my miracle child

blake had a drowning accident when he was 2,and now struggles with disabilities.he is my miracle,we were told he would be braindead and he continues to impress us daily!


Hello, new to group and to South Florida!

Hey everyone. I am moving to Fort Myers Florida in March. I can not wait! I can't wait to meet new friends and get some much needed advise on the area and schools. I have two...



My kids aren't in school yet but I plan on homeschooling but not sure where to start. My oldest will only be 3 in May but I'd like to be ready so any advice would be great.

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