Hello Everyone. My name is Stephanie and I'm a first time Mom. I gave birth to a baby girl named Alexis Noel on Feb. 26, 2009. Being a first time Mom is hard especially in an...

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pre-nups..yay or nay

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/donna-estes-antebi/june-bride-alert-why-wome_b_873893.html?icid=main%7Ccompaq-desktop%7Cdl3%7Csec3_lnk1%7C217244 June kicks off a gorgeous time...

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Cutting A Parent Out Of Their Lives

I am posting this in two circles, so if anyone is thinking, WTF? I just read this, that is why. I am a mom to five amazing children, four of them are biologically mine and one...

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I had a c-section at 35 wks 1st time for toxemia, and 2nd time at 35 wks because of decrease kidney function. Want to have 3rd child natural, and look for anyone who has done...



I was watching the health channel about 4 or 5 mthys ago they did this study w these 2 little boys who had some an I mean some sings of ADHD.They put them threw a sleep study an...



Hi im a mother to a 2 year old with very bad eczema and have tried so many creams that havent worked!!!! was wondering if there is anything else i could try...... im just at the...

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ABC's slaughter of "unschooling"

Has anyone seen ABC's "Extreme Unschooling"? We don't watch TV much so several days ago while on my Stay at Home Moms group there was a post "Unschooling??". I was interested...

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need advice..

my husband left me when my son was 3 weeks old, my son is now 6.5 weeks old and i really want to save my marriage for my sons future happiness...is it really worth to try or...

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to young to be a grandma

So 3 days ago I just found out my 18 yr old daughter is pregnant she'll be 19 in may. This is her first boyfriend and they have been together for 2 yrs. I feel so bad because I...


post natel depression

post natel depression a website ran by a mum who is also suffering Click this link and join!! http://pndepression.freeforums.org/ucp.php?mode=register Help others to help...