Un-understanding partner

I am a Junior about to start my senior year of college so I am reaching all of the super hard courses. I'm also a little behind on graduating in time so I have a pretty large...

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Hi, my name is Valerie and I have a 15-year-old daughter (almost 16) that was born with complete aniridia. We have been down this path pretty much all alone. I know that...


How to observe a talent

My 6 year old always tells us to adress her as Dr,continually reminding us.Her toys, wishes all are Doctors chlothes,equipments, and will even dramatise Dr's role.What is funny...


Visitation from Father

I have custody of my son who is 16. The father was not in the childs life for 6 years because of a girlfriend. Now he is single and wants my son all the time. He takes me...

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need some advice.....

so iv been broken up with my sons father for about 7months for those seven months hes been living in a whole other state with his new gilfriend who is like 15yrs older then him...

Started by Bridgette on 12/20/2010 in Single Moms

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Need advice

Hi, im nearly 18 years old. I recently got engaged to the most amazing person. I have always wanted to be a mum, but now more than ever. I fell pregnant (unplanned) and within 2...


too much to handle, what to do

so basically im 21 and my son is 7 months old, his dad is 21 as well and this starts all the drama, basically me and the dad sont get along at all and lately it just seems like...

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Afraid of labeling

I think my 14 yr. old son has ADD. He has always seemed to be angry all the time as a young child. But ever since the 6th grade his grades and friends have slipped away. He just...

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I want to introduce myself to the group. I am 20 years old and married to a welder for 61/2 months now. We are expecting our first child in Febuary. My husband has been welding...

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New to Group

I'm a 25yo mother of 2. I work full time as a nurse, so only 3 days/week. I'm looking for advice on how to get started. I'd love to be a part of your group!!


Ready for Solids?

I am thinking of starting my little guy on solids. He shows a ton of interest in foods we are eating and no longer has the reflex that makes his push everything out of mouth....

Started by Jennifer on 02/09/2009 in October 2008 Babies

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Life's not easy

Well Im 27 and have 2 beautiful little girls. Amber is going to be 9 soon and Jadyn is 3. They currently live with their father and most people don't really understand why I...


special needs children

Is there any other single moms out there with special needs kids?

Started by Keri on 03/03/2009 in Single Moms

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Can't decide whether or not to go back to work!

Well, I just had my 3rd child on June 25th and I have been home with him these past 8 weeks. Now it's time for me to return to work on Monday but when I stopped in at the...

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