I feel guilty

I feel so guilty because the past few years our family have been placed on hold due to my sickness. We have not been able to go out as a family and it is draining our finance....

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Please Read!!!

You know it seems like every time I turn on the tv or read a newspaper they're talking about another child abuse case whether physical or sexual, kidnapping, or another CHILD...


Throwing myself out there

Hello! Just found this group tonight so I'm introducing myself. I'm a newly single mother of a girl and a boy who will be 7 and 5 next month. I wouldn't say that I'm happy to...


is it a good idea to take a break??

Ever since my daughter was born, my husband and I have done nothing but FIGHT!!!! I mean, it is contstant bickering about who should be doing the dishes that night, or why the...


an adult only

I have a 29 year old daughter who is just amazing. I'm sure there were times she wished for a SIB but such is life. We endulged her, but she is a very practical, loving young...


New at this!

Ive never used this before but everyone seems to be very supportive on this website. Im pregnant with my second child and have had a ton of complications so far such as placenta...

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first deployment

Hey, so we just found out my husbands first deployment is a year long tour in afghanstian. he leaves in a few months. we have two little ones a five month old and a 20 month...


I need some prayer some advice .

I'm 26 years old and in 7 days my baby girl Hope-faith will be born . I got pregnant to a guy I was sleeping with casually at the time I hit rock bottom . I was on painkillers...

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I am a parent as well and a childcare provider living in the state of PA. If you do not know... the state budget has not been passed. All childcare providers have been affected...

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Need advice

My daughter is 19 and has autism. She is the love of my life. She is able to do for herself but she has a speech problem and people have a hard time understanding her. So she...


Milk and egg white allergy??!!

Hi my 2 1/2 year old has a milk and egg white allergy, this was advised by my doctor. Since them there has been no support or advice on how to cope and support my child with...


Suicide/ Domestic Violence

Hello Beautiful Moms, The Circle of Mom's team would like to announce that Circle of Moms has connected with organizations to support Moms who have reported thoughts/attempts...

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How long will the hospital keep my baby?

I am a mom to be on methadone. I agree with all those who feel this medication has saved their lives. I first was put on methadone when I was 20, after a lengthy opioid...


Anyone else experience an ectopic this year?

It was a week before my birthday (July 4th) when I finally got a positive pregnancy test. Did the usual at the doctors but I was getting unusual pains. It took them a week later...

Started by Charlene on 08/30/2012 in Ectopic Survivors

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