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**Went to the ultrasound and at first they had me freaking out becuase they did the top (regular) ultrasound and than they said okay well we need you to take another pregnancy...

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Breast Feeding Advice

My son is 6months old and for now I am a stay at home mom...i have been breastfeeding since day one and supplementing with a bottle at night on top of nursing as well...the...

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frustrated... :-(

just needed someone to talk with....my husband is 20 yrs in the ARMY..he is ALWAYS gone or busy or someone needs him, i feel like a single parent. does anyone else feel this...


Irritating...stats, studies, blah blah blah

I seem to be on a rampage lately! At least I'm feeling a little better. Anyway, tonight a friend posted a video about how HomeFirst Medical supposedly hasn't had any cases of...



Okay so they have asked if we would be intrested in transfering there. I have questions before we agree (since they have told us this is our choice for once), and of course...


never scrabooked digital

I have never checked out digital scrapbooking. I just read someone who said its easier time wise so that got me interested. I'm just wondering if someone can give me a break...


Talking....when does it start

Hey all...I'm new to the site. My son Caden was born at 29 weeks weighing 3bs. 8ozs in 2006. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital with no complications other than the feeding and...

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Sure step orthotics

Does anyone have any experience with sure step orthotics? My daughter is 26 months old and pronates her feet. Her pt recommended the Sure Step Orthotics for her feet and...


can you over feed a baby?

Don't know if it's just a growth spurt or what but for the last week my little guy (7 1/2 months) has been eating like a mad man. He eats about 4 jars of food a day plus nursing...


Jan. Birthdays

My daughter will be Three on January 2nd. Her past birthdays have really been a let down and just a small family affair with cupcakes but now that she is getting older she has...


Lucky Fin Project

I believe everybody is different. Some peoples differences are on the outside and easier to see then the differences others have on the inside. But EVERYBODY has got something...