help me please!!

My baby is very cranky and i having a hard time pooping.. i stopped feeding him rice cerial, i also am currently giving him gripe water, and sometimes a bottle with sugar in it....


late walker, small talker

my son is 18 months old. He just started walking a week or 2 ago and doesn't say many words. I don't know if I should be worried or if he is just progressing a little slower...


Football Practice = Homicide?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Sept. 4)-- Michele Crockett dabbed her eyes. Her voice cracked with emotion. A year after her 15-year-old son Max Gilpin died from complications of heat stroke...

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Looking for advice...

Hi! I'm 21, have a 2 yr old son, single and working full time. I've been accepted into uni to start this september and was just wondering if anyone else out there is studying...

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I have a 4 year old daughter who has LSHD. She was diagnosed at 9 days old and had a colostomy for the first 9 months. After the ostomy was reversed we were constantly...


help with lying?

My daughter has been lying more and more lately. It can be over the littlest things or it can be bigger things like when she “borrowed” money from my wallet without telling...

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How do you feel about the finances?

My husband makes all the money and has offered to me to take over the buget and bills, and I have to say... I'm not comfortable with that situation. I was a very stressed child...

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Is there Always a bigger picture??

I am a 22 yr old mother of one little girl.. she has been diagnosed with chronic failure to thrive(meaning she has a growth delay).. Her father and I have been together for...



My son is taking the S.A.T this weekend and he just won't prepare. I really try not to push him because it is his choice to go to school with his sister next year, but I'm...


Look what I did!

How many times a day do we marvel at what we have accomplished. Look how clean the kitchen is. Look at flowers I planted. Look how cute my daughters hair is today. Look at the...

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potty training (boy)

Ok..so my son is almost 10months. Every time someone goes to the bathroom he will follow them & sit there & watch them use the toilet. So recently what my fiance & I have been...