Hello, just joined...

Hello everyone! I just joined the group today and wanted to introduce myself...My name is Joelle, I am a single mom of a 10 year old son. Never married, found out I was...


Weight Loss Surgery

So, been thinking about it. Lapband, anyway, and was wondering what you ladies think? I qualify for it based on BMI, and I'm looking into it, but I don't want to stop nursing...


Type 1 Diabetic & Pregnant (worries)

I have had type one Diabetes for about 8 years now, Before I got pregnant, I was taking 2 injections a day, and 2 glucose tests... my blood sugar was generally normal, and my...

Started by Krystyl on 11/03/2009 in Moms With Diabetes

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I am finding myself feeling lots of guilt over his plagiocephally. I keep thinking is something I could have done differently or sooner. My son was born with a heart condition...



I am the Gaga of 2 boys - cousins 9 months apart. Our daughter's son is 16 months old today and our son's son is 6 1/2 months old. They keep us busy but it is so much fun to...


Tips for weaning from bottle

My 11 month old does great with a sippy cup...as long as it contains water. I'm glad that she loves to drink water, but wish she'd start taking some milk from the cup so we can...

Started by Jennifer on 03/26/2009 in April 2008 Babies

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Son still won't hold bottle.

Any ideas, my 9 month old will not hold his bottle. He'll reach for it but will NOT hold it. Anyone have some tips on helping him to learn to hold it. It's hard trying to get...

Started by Amber on 05/14/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Its that Time!

Can someone please give me advice on potty training, my son wont even sit on the pot for more than 3 min.....but he tells you when he has already pooped and peeded in his pamper...


Islamic desease..??

My grandson is showing symptons of Islamic Desease, his mum is very distressed as no one is telling her what it is , or if that is what it is. I was wondering if anyone knew of...

Started by Lisa on 09/29/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Potty Training

Whats the BEST way to try start potty training? Everyone is telling me NOT to praise him or give him rewards for it. Shouldnt he get something for it?!


Water Intake

Is is okey to give my 5month old baby water 3 times a day?

Started by Alma Liza on 10/27/2009 in May 2009 Babies

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Re: Prem Babies

Just like everyone to know my son was 7wks prem and only weighed 1.6kg he is now 8yrs old and you would never of guessed he was so small he is perfect so try not to worry prem...


Walking with a 3-4 yr old...

I am wanting to start walking again but I have to bring my daughter with and I know she's not going to walk the whole time......any suggestions? The only stroller I have is the...

Started by Emily on 01/28/2010 in Toddler Moms

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When do babies usually hold their own bottles?

My baby is almost 8 months old and she refuses to hold her own bottle. She will reach for it and start to suck on it, but won't tip it up and drink from it. She can if she wants...

Started by Mynique on 02/27/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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"booby switchin"

OK I know this is odd -to say the least but my 9mth old baby girl has this very werid thing, "booby switching" she will nursing on one boob than very insitingly want to go to...

Started by Meagan on 01/22/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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