Blood Test

My daughter just turned 1 on the 23rd on April she had her shots and blood test well the CBC came back and her white blood cell is a little elevated and he wants to do another...


d vitamin and milk in the sippy cup?

Hi moms, i started to give to my baby formula in the sippy cup during the day and at night i am giving her a bottle. She doesn't like to drink milk from the sippy cup but I am...

Started by Jelena on 05/17/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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Need some help!!!!!!

Okay so my daughter just started this screaming ordeal. She has this high pitched scream and she does it all the time and its killing me! How can i get her to stop that? Its not...



My daughter was just diagnosed with it, we were told to keep her home as long as their is a rash because as much as the most contagious part is done she's still contagious and...


Potty Training

Hi Everyone! My daughter showed signs of being ready for potty training at 19 months. We started training her and she did excellent...I thought it was too good to be true! And I...


one of those days :/

My 9 month old is very fussy today he won't eat he won't sleep he cries if you hold him cries when you put him down hes just fussy.

Started by Sarah on 10/28/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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need advise

So my husband just got out of the army in august i got a job working as a dental assistant making enough money to support us but the dr i work for decreased my pay to $8 an hr...


my issues are with my MIL

my motherinlaw plays favorites between my son and stepdaughter. she buys for SD and not for my son. My FIL ignores all of this like it doesn't happen. and my brother-il thinks...