Separation Issues

My son is 13 months old and he is so attached to me. I can just walk away like two feet away and he starts screaming for me. He follow me with his hands in the air like he wants...


Got baby lust?♥

For some reason i really want a baby agian!!!!!!! i just cant help but to think when i see someone preganant that wow i wish that was mee. or a new baby i cant help it but i...



Hi all, my name is Amy, I am 23 and have 2 boys one is almost 3 in may and I have a 2 month old who was born Dec. 20, 2009 his name is Zach. Zach was born 10lbs 11oz and due to...


BF baby starting to favor bottle???

My baby is almost 3 months old now. I started back to work about 3 weeks ago. So since I've been back to work he's had to have a bottle all day usually 3 days a week. Just these...


Babys and cartoons

I dont want my daughter to be so attached to the tv, but in the mornings when im getting ready for school she sits eats her cheerios and watches special agent OSO. everytime...


are there vitamins for little ones?

My daughter is 15 months old and is becoming a very picky eater and I am worried she isn't getting as many nutrients as she needs. Is there vitamins out there in liquid form for...

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breast play during sex

Do any of you moms out there feel protective over your breast during sex? I know when my boyfriend and I have sex I like guard them with my life...it just feels so wrong for me...



my daughters 3rd birthday is just around the corner and my husband and i have no clue what we should do for her party. we need something very inexpensive but fun for the whole...



Were any of you successful? I plan to begin the process with my 5 (alomst 6) week old after i get off of my birth control. I was very uneducated from the start, but I thought...

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38w4d, abdominal muscle tenderness?

I woke up this morning and my ab muscles feel like I was doing sit ups in my sleep! No contractions, and it's not really painful - just when I move, the muscles are tender. I...


Any Babywise moms out there?

I've been trying the Babywise philosophy as much as possible from the beginning. With a few messups along the way and some grace my son is able to have a pretty decent routine....

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Have you ever been spotted out in a new group?

I was so excited to go to the Lady's Circle at church, but when I got there I felt kinda out of place. So I have been missing church and it has been like a month and its my...

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New Grandchild

Hi, well my 16 year old is having a baby in July and I plan to get custody since she is no where near ready to be a mom. She and the father think they are grown and I really am...


putting to bed at night

My Two Year old is handful to put to bed at night i usually put her in her room at 9 with the tv andthe light on if shes not sleepin by 10 the light goes out.She comes out of...

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