Kids father is stupid!

I am divorced. My ex took me to court and the custody was overturned to HIM! There were NO reasons for this to happen! That will change just wait! Thing about it is. I...


I need some play ideas for my 16 month old son

I just had my second child 2 weeks ago. Now I'm home with both Newborn and 16 month old son. I can tell he is soooo bored. He's not too mad that he doesn't get all my attention....

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My 7 year old step son

is over for visitation...wanting to call his mom every 15 minutes bc his dad is out of town also...he is crying and I dont know what to do for him...He keeps sneaking and...

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Travel Advice needed

am looking for some advice from any moms who have travelled without their children or husband. I am going away on a 5 day trip with a girlfriend. My husband will be home with...

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Why I am Motherless

I love this community. I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one out there that is motherless due to a mother (and I use that term very loosely) that can not mother...

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Frank breech delivery experience?

My new doctor said that Baby A is now frank breech (was transverse) and that given the number of babies I've had she is willing to let me try a vaginal delivery if baby doesn't...

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Cries for attention?

Hi ladies, my 11 weeks old baby cries a lot nowadays for attention. He will start screaming fiercely when we try to ignore him for more than 3 minutes.....His screams are very...


So, is this rejection or what?

My daughter and I are three months in and doing amazingly well. I'm glad I grinned and bared it for the first 6 weeks--the pain was debilitating. Anyway, a few weeks ago Miss...


Brother kills his brother

http://www.justnews.com/news/21468387/detail.html 911 Call In Teen's Stabbing Released Teen Charged With Killing Brother POSTED: Thursday, October 29, 2009 UPDATED:...

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keeping the father away by choice

I'm emily. My son is 2 months old. His father hasn't been around since I told him I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks along. Ive recently contacted him thinking he deserves to...

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Feeding Problems

My son Cameron was born Dec 7th and I am having problems nursing him. He has to use one of those medella nipple sheilds ever since we were in the hospital and I cannot get him...