Cloth Diapering

I am looking into cloth diapering and I am wondering how much money you truly spend between the intial purchasing, cleaning at home, and other expenses. Also I am wanting to...


my daughter never listens to me

ok so my daughter stays with my mom most of the time.and has a different baby sitter for 2 days a week. i work 40 hours a week. and am home for the weekends. and my daughter...

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i would love to hear from you all.

i am currently writing baby book and was just wondering if their was any subjects or information you wanted to know when you were pregnant that you couldn't find in any books....

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when should i start feeding my daughter rice cereal? She is 3 months now and is kind of starting to show an intrest when i eat by watching us very closly...?

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waking every hour

when my son was 2months old he could sleep for 8hours eat then go back to sleep for four hours. we took a vacation when he was 3 months old and he is 4 months old. for that...


New Journey

I am 47 and had my baby boy, Christopher last year. That's right. . .I was 46 years old. Completely natural pregnancy, no complications and no drama. Doctors say it was an...

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What am I to do?

My son is 17 months old. He will be 18 months Sept. 2nd. He has been fussy ALL DAY! I have given him food, drinks, had him watching movies, played with him, kept him in a clean...


Why dont he help me ?

For the last 3 months my boyfriend has been really lazy around the house.. I do all the work around here. I cook i clean i do laundry i wake up every morning with my daughter i...

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Sex after the Baby

I am finding myself completely and utterly not interested in sex after the baby. He is 2 mos. lod now, adn thought my desries woudl come back, but I just kind of feel like it...


Breastfeeding & Startting Work

I am starting work next week will only be away from bubs 1 or 2 days a week and she is only really having approx 2 feeds now during the day in saying that she always has been...


Need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all I have been working with my daughter she is 15 months old and I got her on a good routine for eating and sleeping the problem I am having is my husband works overnights...

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Going back to work....

Ugh, this is waaaaaay harder than I ever imagined!!!! A little over five years ago, I quit my job as an STNA to stay home with our kids full time. The plan was for me to run a...