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9 month old quit sleeping through the night

My 9 month old daughter has been sleeping through the night for months. And I mean average 11 hours. But last month she began a growth spurt, waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse....

Started by Melanie on 02/22/2009 in May 2008 Babies

Last update on 03/06/2009 by Melissa


baby sleep apnea??

My daughter is a little hurricane I think! She has a bath, bottle and bed around 8:30-9 (I know we need to cut the bottle, on my to-do list!), then lately she is up between...

Started by Erin on 09/09/2009 in June 2008 Babies

Last update on 09/20/2009 by Amy


napping and night time sleeping

My my boy is almost 6 months old. Since he was born he has slept in bed with me, which is great because he sleeps all night. He feeds during the night, but never wakes up....

Started by Heather on 09/07/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 09/13/2009 by Heather


Newborn sleeping arrangements

Hi, I'm a first time mom (creating my baby registry) who is wondering if it is safe to place a newborn into a crib to sleep. I have a tiny house, so the crib will be right...


Sleep habits for six month olds

I'm wondering what kind of sleep habits your baby has now that he/she is six months old? Six months seems to be some kind of special age in regards to sleep...supposedly this...


Sleeping - To cry or not to cry?

Hi ladies, Just wanting to know everyone's thoughts about the crying method. I'm on day 3 & so emotionally drained hearing my son cry. Its breaking my heart. I'm doing it...


sleeping through the night

i am sleep deprived my baby is still waking up every 1 to 2 hours, all night long, every night. how is this possible for 5 months straight? will he ever grow out of it???...


Putting baby to sleep with a bottle?

I have a four month old and I put her to sleep at 8:30pm with a bottle... then she wakes up at about 2pm for another, I then prop it up in her crib nd go backto sleep... when...

Started by Tiffany on 03/26/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/20/2012 by Karen


Bedtimes & sleep routines.

What time are you putting your toddler to bed? What time are they getting up? How many naps are they taking and for how long? I've been putting my 16 month old to bed at 8...


Baby sleep Debate

Strollerderby Some would call it a baby sleep show-down. Today, Julie Deardorff of The Chicago Tribune moderated a live chat with sleep experts Dr. Marc Weissbluth, author of...

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