sleep training....

I have been swaddling my son since the day he was born June 17th. He has slept though the night since the third day we brought him home. He is now breaking out of his swaddle...

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children aid in my life

hi im righting this about children aid my worker is a b**ch im now getting married to my loving man and she is telling me i cant see him any more he a good guy dont do any...



I am Heidi 28 a s.a.h.m to five Beth 8, Abbi 6, Zoe 4 , Danielle 3 (dani) and Evan almost 9 mths we live in Shailer Park Brisbane Australia with my hubby there Dad Mark 33....


Weining my child off the bottle

I tried this numerous times now going to bed with sippy cups and she cried till dooms day. What I usually have done is take a couple bottles of milk to bed as that is her...

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Introducing solids

I met with a lactation consultant a few weeks ago because my pump wasn't working properly and she gave me a sheet about introducing solids to an exclusively breastfed baby. She...


Need encouragement!!!!!

Last night I had a little scare. I was layin with my little boy, he will be 16 months on the 19. I was holding on to his wrist and he was walkin with me and he decided to be a...


Being Single and struggling

How is everyone handling being a single mom and struggling to work and balance the kids? I choose to become a single mom after 12 years of marriage and its been almost 2 years...

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So, I posted a few days ago about what I've been going through, and some big problems I've been having with anxiety, and anger towards my kids. I have felt so much resentment...

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Biggest Challenge?

I am curious what everyone feels is the biggest challenge to raising children "outside the mainstream" so to speak? I actually didn't find it very difficult when my oldest,...

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Am I doing more harm then good?

I need some help please…. I have a two year old SD, whom I adore, and wish she could just say with her father and I all the time! She is brilliant, but her other home life...

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