Hello ladies. Well in with my new healthy lifestyle I've started exercising. I've been eating healthy for the last 6 months but being pregnant then exercising to the extent...

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My 4 year old and her listening problems..

my daughter is 4 years old and has some temper, and it is not going away, she also has a attitude like yelling at me all the time, and defintiely not listening, i need some...

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Conductor's wife

My husband works with the railroad as a train conductor. He is home one to two days a week. Sometimes not even that. He is always on call so when he is home he is either...



Whats the deal on baby shots? My boy has had the first 2 sets of them and now i hear that they aren't good for the babies and i should NOT get them! Alot of people say that they...

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Screaming at meal time:

How do I get my 18 month old son to stop screaming at meal times and eat his dinner? Tried sending him to his room till he is finished. Do this 2 or 3 times. Used to work but...

Started by Christine on 01/28/2011 in Working Moms

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My daughter has serious eczema. The creams and oral steroids don't seem to help. I have changed our detergents to dye-free and perfume-free. I have have switched all bath items...


Looking on tips for storage in kids bedrooms!!!

Hey all, as we all konw here we all have 4 kids, my big issue at the moment is my little girls bedroom!!!! the two of them share , and even with big wardrobes there just doesnt...

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FIGHT !!!!!

Oh my lands.....ok I know sibblings are going to fight but man do NOT like it ...duh..lol ....my 10 YO and my 13 YO fight an dI know it is because they are bothe going through...


How do I ditch the suckie?

My son is going to be 2 and he is not at all like his sister. I know its going to be a challenge for me to ditch the pacifier unlike his sister which just gave it up at around...


Christmas Dinner ideas

I grew up with every holiday having Turkey, and Ham as the centerpieces. It occurred to me I don't really like either. My husband suggested lamb. He says it's great. Neither of...


new to here thanks for the invite

i have started 4 scrapbooks and cant keep on track any ideas?? i cant finish anything i start i seem to go all over and think of new things and start too many projects HELP!!

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Breastfeeding to much?

My 17 nearly 18 month old son eats really well. He has meals with us breakfast, dinner and tea. He has healthy snacks morning and afternoon. He drinks water from a cup. He is...

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