Hey there working moms..... So i've been having this same old argument with my husband for like 2 years now, and never didi we come up with a solution. Well yesterday after...

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reflux and starting solids early

Hi I have two kids one is 4 1/2 yrs and I also have a 10 1/2wk old. My 10 1/2 wk old has terrible reflux and is on losec, he has real issues taking the bottle and every feed...


My hearts breaking

My youngest son lost one of his high school friends to a car accident on Sunday...They have been friends their whole life, and my oldest son was his roommate at college. I've...


Heart Defects

Our son Jack was born in March 2008 with multiple congenital heart defects. He had 2 open heart surgeries by age 6 months. Doctors discovered the problem while I was pregnant...


Wanted to introduce myself!

Hello everyone! My name is Geree and I live in Dallas Texas. I am a mommy to two wonderful children, ok at times maybe not so much. he he I have a 14 yo son Joshua and a 10...

Started by Geree on 05/30/2009 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Cereal or not!

My 7 week old daughter has reflux andm y ped. put her on Zantac. Its working but she is still fussy at feeds. He told me to thicken ALL her bottles with rice cereal. I'm just so...


a princess tea party

my little girl is turning 7 she wants a princess tea party i have no idea where to start ill take any ideas to make her 7th brithday everything she wants it to be


Has anyone else had to deal with thrush?

I'm so frustrated, we've been struggling with breastfeeding since my son was born, he is now 7 weeks old, and with the help of a lactation consultant I finally got him to latch...

Started by Nicole on 02/01/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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do any of you have this problem

since i had my daughter my body has been in alot of pain i had a c section with a spinal done.my back is in bad pain my knees,my toes,my hands,arms,shoulders,hips.i cant move...

Started by Sarah on 04/20/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Slow loss of mucous plug?

I have 6 weeks to go and over the past 2 days have been noticing that when i go to the toilet theres a thick clear discharge which i know is the musous plug. With my first baby...

Started by Stephanie on 05/12/2010 in Expecting

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I'm going back to school! YIKES!

Ok so i'm still a pretty young momma. And my kids aren't that old, but going back to school is very nerve racking for me! Not to mention my oldest starts PRESCHOOL this fall! I...

Started by Tiffany on 07/18/2010 in Back-to-School

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what is a good pump?

I am expecting my 2nd in August and am looking for a good pump since I no-longer have the one I used for my first and can no-longer buy that model where I live I only need it...

Started by Rebecca on 06/11/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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overbearing mother-in-law!!!

i need ideas about what to do/say to my husbands mother. she acts like our son is actually her son. it started out with little things like saying that "we need to get a new...

Started by Robin on 09/03/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Amnio, anyone?

I am due somewhere around Jan. 10 with #2 birth child. My first pg, I turned 35 a week after my healthy little girl was born. My dr. mentioned amnio, but also said when I had...


gonna pull my hair out!! please help!

My step son has always been a little spoiled by his father, my husband, but has recently been ignorant and rude. We don't see him everyday or even every weekend. When we make...

Started by Stephanie on 01/24/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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