Having a hard time staying focused on my prayer,not because of children,but my mind easily wanders,please help.

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Mail order brides

I borrowed this from another debating site, but I'm curious to see what you all think of this practice? Do you think the US (or other countries) should make it easy for...

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What to pack ...

So i'm 33 weeks and in about 3 or 4 weeks i will need to have a bag packed to bring to the hospital . So i'm prepared with all the essentials .. But i'm not sure what i really...


Concerned about daughter's size

My daughter is 22 months old and 18 month old clothes are still big on her. I'm not sure of her weight at the moment, but at her 18 month check she was below the 1st %tile for...


How to encourge my 13 month old to walk?

How can I encourage my 13 month old to walk she walks with things including toys, shopping cart, me and the wall but she won't let go for long periods of time.What should I do?


Online Counseling (not a debate)

This is not a debate but not something that I really wanted to post on the Welcome Page. Wondering if anyone knows of any real and trustworthy websites that offer professional...

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New mom and freaking out

My son is 2 wks old today. I was carefully placing him into his bassinet but awkwardly so bc he just fell to sleep. In being careful not to wake him my forearm was supporting...

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2 year birthday party on a budget

HI I was loking for some help as to what I should do for my son's 2nd brithday. We orginally planned for a Chuck E Cheese Party but we have about 40-50 guests and only about 20...

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Trouble with the Grandparents.....

I need some advice.... my in-laws are always complaining about how they never see their grandson and how my husband and I don't let them keep our son on weekends. When we do...


mother in law madness!!!!

so fed up just need to vent . live with my mother in law with my husband in a finished basement. to start off his mother in law always treated me different . she doesnt make me...


Man of the House

I have been a single mom since my son was 17mo old, now he is near 13. It has always just been the 2 of us I have not had a significant other since my divorce and of course his...

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Let me introduce myself

Good evening, mommies! My name is Mia and I am a single parent of a 12 year old boy. It is very hard and with the help of God, I have been making it. If it wasn't for Him, I...