Stir Crazy!!!

What do YOU do when you are stuck inside with a 3 month old and it's too cold to go outside? The house is clean and the dishes are done.... help!

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Hi to everyone. I wanted to introduce myself. I am new to Circle of Moms and this community. My name is Mikell. I have been a military brat my whole life. My father was in the...


only says Da Da

Does anyone else have a baby that only says "da da". Taylor will even wave bye bye, but still say "da da" It's funny, but I wonder how long it will be until she says "mama"!


thumb sucking?

my 17 month old sucks her thumb at night. the thumb is now red, wrinkled, cracked and peeling. what can I do to stop it, and what should I do to heal her thumb? will it stay...


Giving it a try

I was against this method in the beginning, because I really like and have had good experience with Dr. Sears' advice. We adopted my son about four months ago and for this...


keeping crawling baby safe in bed

my son is 7 1/2 months and now crawling. how do you put them to bed, alone, at night when it's their bed time but not yours?? and keep them safe?? i'm afraind putting pillows...

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Toddler with red, inflamed eyes

Hi all, My 23 month old came down with a really red eye (singular) last week. Took him to the drs after it hit day three. They prescribed drops that I've been giving...

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How to help a 6 year old become a big brother.

My son is 6 and just getting out of kindergarten. Up until last year it's been just me and him and now there is my Partner Michael with us. Now starting in August we are...

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18 month old son will not nap at all

My 18 month old hate napping now. He use to be a very good napper. He would nap twice daily for 1 1/2 hour. He is an early riser and goes down at night at 8pm. He now takes a...


Meds not helping

We will be taking our daughter back to the doctor for an update and such but I am getting worried. Her meds do not seem to help her all of the time. We have been having days...



In some cases yes there are comparisons. But despite people saying older mums have more life experience and teen mums are imature at the end of the day, What was our role when...


while my baby is asleep...

A lot of mothers mentioned to me before I had my baby to sleep when my baby sleeps in order for me not to go crazy...After I had her, that never happened. Not bc I couldn't...

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it stays on my mind 24/7 can neone help?

im 22 years old. i have 2 girls 3yrs old and my youngest will be 1 the 27th. plz dont judge...i love my girls more than nething in the world. except, of course i had wanted a...

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Eating habits?

What do u do if your child does not like or want to eat whats for supper? I have picky eater and she may only eat a bite or two. Any suggestions


MOM's have a life to

I am a mother of 2 i got my first tat when my youngest daughter was still an infent. I have gotten many more since then and a lot of ppl look down on it! (they think that im...

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Eating with a spoon

My son does not want me to feed him anymore with a spoon, so I have been giving him all finger foods. However, I would like him to be able to eat his cereal or pasta and sauce...


New to this needing support...

We found out today that my 1yr old daughter has asthma she has Had a horrible cough for the last couple weeks Well we finally got her diagnosed correctly and It is incredibly...