Hi Everyone!!

Hello all. I'm new to this forum & I'm looking forward to all the great ideas , insight & advice everyone has to offer....My husband & I has been officially certified...

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frustrated about listening

My daughter is almost 19 months and doesn't listen. Am I expecting to much? We live really close to a county road and it is really busy. She ran out to the middle the other day...



I am a first time mom and my son noah is 14 months...I was wondering what the typical nap schedule is for little ones this age? Noah naps 9 or 9:30-10 or 10:30...and again at 2...

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New to the group

Hi. I just joined the group and i am looking for support from people that also have had c-sections. Both my boys were born via emergency c-sections. one at 35 weeks and one at...

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Paci and Sids

HI All! I had my son on 2/4/09! We are all doing well--just adjusting! My biggest question is whether or not to use a pacifier. He does not "need" it...he doesnt fuss a lot,...



My daughter is seven months old and recently began pinching me a lot during nursing sessions. She will use the hand that is under my breast to pinch my breast but will also use...

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Hurt !

So i was married to my daugters father. Now she lives there full time and comes to see me eery other weekend. well she was here this weekend and decided she was going to go...

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How do I start potty training?

My daughter turns 2 in May and I think she's ready to start potty training. She has started removing her diapers and we practice the word potty however she can't talk very...

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Bad mouthing from the ex

I got a divorce from my ex in June of 2008. Since the divorce we have both remarried. Even though I can't stand him I know he is the father of my kids and they will make their...

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Spitting Up/ Throwing Up

My son will be 3 months on the twelth,and he is always throwing up after every to every other feeding. I've consulted the doctor about it several times. Her response was maybe...


freindship in 7 year life (girl)

My daughter is 7 and half, she comes home from school and she complains that her best friend does not paly with her any more or as usuall , I keep telling her that its ok and...

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Second baby girl! Excited but anxious.

Hi, I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second baby and it's a girl! We have a beautiful 2 year old (turns 2 tomorrow!) who i love so immensely that I am freaking out that I won't...

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Too many Changes....

Hi I am a mother of 3, my youngest having turned 18 recently (This one also had a child a year ago. )My middle son, (20) joined the service right after his HS graduation.(he is...

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Bed time problems

Hi We have just changed my son bed from a cot to a bed and the first few times he went down like a dream.My worry was him fallin out but we sorted it out and we put some thing...


Am I too overprotective?

I have a 15 year old daughter and she called me today (Friday) after she got home from school if she could have a friend come over (girl), who I have never met but have heard...

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I need help

I need some advice. I have 2 children, My son is legally blind , he also has ADHD and a slew of other health issues. My daughter is perfectly healthy and has never been...


Daycare and an Intelligent Child?

My son is 2 years and is very intelligent. He knows so much and is quick to pick up anything said or done and remember it. He seems to be good at everything, not a particular...