can reflux start at 5mo?

Ok, my daughter has had it rough since she was a week old. She had severe jaundice when she was a week old and lost a ton of weight. It was then that I had to start her on...

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My son won't sleep in his own bed!!!

Hi i'm 24 with 2 boys aged 4 and almost 2. My 4 year old will not sleep in his own bed. It's our fault because myself and my husband let him sleep with us as a baby and it's...


when should i have my next baby

im 20 years old and had my daughter when i was 16. im no longer with her father and havent had any contact with him for about 3 years now. i have been with my current boyfriend...

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Where to start???

Hello, I have 5 year old who has been having tics for at least a year and a half now. It started with eye blinking. Although his tics change and we have seen: Sniffling...


fingers or soother???

just curious as to how many moms prefer their children to suck on their fingers or soothers.. we havent given our daughter a soother yet and i have heard pros and cons for...

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self feeding??

isn't this the time for self feeding? My daughter is taking baby steps, yet not really feeding herself, she has 3, almost 4 teeth..two top, two bottom..is there something more I...


my 2 year old

my two year old wont sleep in his own bed! for the past 6 months, thats the only place he will sleep all night. i bought him a new bed, new sheets and stuff, but still cant get...


Potty Training

My Daughter is two and she is still in diapers ugh.... I am so sick of diapers i also have a one year old son and is in diapers so my two year really needs to get out of them...

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Introducing myself!

My name is Keri, my husband Ernie is in the USN currently deployed to (he has been gone through diagnosis and all treatments since) Afghanistan! We have 2 daughters Camille (3)...


January 2009 baby

My daughter is almost 10 months still dont sleep through the night, and she just seems uncomfortable, and she has had the same routine since she was born.