I'm at my wits end please help!!

hello everybody I am a single working mom of a 14 year old daughter I work 2nd shift which is 3 p.m. To 11 p.m. And that is not ideal for me I have tried to find another job...


Part-Time Only Child???

I have 6 brothers and sisters. My childhood was amazing. I always had someone to play with (fight with) and I was never alone. We are all pretty close in age so we were even in...

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sending teen to boarding school

I have a 17 1/2 year old daughter who is in a downward spiral. She started dating a boy 7 months ago and it has been turmoil ever since. It has come to my attention (by her 22...

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Men having full custody of children?

I have full custody of my first son and will until he turns 18. His father is completely inept of being a parent. But ever since I left that abusive and unhealthy home I have...

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Career Mom Turned Stay At Home Mom

Previously I was a career mommy dedicated to my job which often meant long hours and bringing work home. During this time I did not get to spend nearly as much time as I wanted...



My name is Denise, Im a full time sahm/part time student to my 2 boys. AJ just made 8 in August & Wesley is about to turn 4 on Nov. 23rd. AJ has a list of dx: Spina Bifida...


My boy was 3 weeks early

Hi all im new 2 this group.My son was just under 3 weeks early and i cud have lost him when givin birth but thankully he is now a happy healthy 13 month old.He is so precious 2...


Are we being too strict?

I have a nine year old daughter who has always liked school and even wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. All of a sudden within the last few weeks she has been giving us...


Breastfeeding moms......

How many of you moms breastfeed and intent on breastfeeding this LO also? I am curious, I have always been interested in breastfeeding. Even with my first son I tried but he...


Working is a luxury some moms can't afford??????

Thanks to the Rosen/Romney showdown of 2012, working moms are all over the news right now. What better time to stop and reflect over your own working outside of the home, in the...

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Johnson's bedtime bath set

Just wanted to hear a few different opinions on whether or not you think the johnson's bedtime moisture bath and lotion is too strong for babies (mine is 11 weeks). I love the...