11 month old Questions!!

How much does your 11 month old weigh? How tall? Can they walk? How much do they talk? My son is 28-29 pounds, 33-34 inches. He walks and says mama and duh duh (daddy).


Starting Home Daycare Tips and Advice

I was a stay at home from until my daughter was ten months old. My husband left us when she was seven months old and went looking for a job the day after he left us. I found a...

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meeting new ppl

hi my name is dianne (dee) im 22 married my hubby is 25 and have 2 daughters. natasha 21 months and hayley 5 months. i live in bayswater and dont know very many mums or people...

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Mom groups

I was wondering if anybody knew about some mom and baby groups in the area? I'm cooped up all day in the house with my daughter and it would be nice to get out and meet other moms.


hi good news

My baby only had a 10 precent of makeing surgery gusse what she made through with no complication she did something that couldnt be done and she made medical history so im...

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Is ur child bending their fingers back

Does anyone else's children put there hands or thumb on the floor and push against it. My daughter does this all the time and her thumb is really starting to pay for it. I...

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When will it end???

My son is 2 yrs old and is going thru a screaming stage over nothing....when will this stop???

Started by Myora on 09/08/2011 in Moms Under 30

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hello all moms!

I have a daughter around 10 weeks old! how many minutes should she have a nap time during the day?I also was wondering that how many hours does she have to sleep during the night?


My son is allergic to video games

My 9 yo son with ADHD gets oppositional, obsessive, clingy, demanding, mean, threatening when he is allowed to play video games for even 10 minutes a day. Just like peanut...


my only child left for college

My only son just left for college. I miss him so much. I am having a hard time adjusting and not knowing what he is doing. Is this normal?


looking for new mommy friends

Looking for some new mommy friends to hangout with and someone for my 3 year old to play with. Moved back to The Concord/ Charlotte area back in june. Don't have many frineds...

Started by Taylor on 12/17/2012 in Toddlers

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