My baby gets hiccups frequently after feedings. We burp her (with her on our shoulders, over lap, and sometimes with her sitting up--we rotate). My mother in law suggested...


Organic formula

Is using organic formula worth it? I am currently supplementing with Enfamil. However I ahve heard Earth's Best is better. Thoughts?


10 month old not eating at all !!!!

Hi everyone, My 10 month old is not eating at all, how much ever I try !!! He takes only 2-3 spoons(baby spoon which I got when he was 4 mnth old) of food for his breakfast,...


A Difficult Path

Having step children (and your own children) can be very difficult and at times, trying on your heart, your mind, and your spirit. I have two wonderful stepsons whom I...


Immunity & Protection

Do you think hardcore criminals should be given immunity and witness protection and/or relocation? These people, drug dealers, murderers, corrupt, pedophiles, repeat offenders...

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My son wakes up about 5 times a night wanting a cup most of the time, he sleeps with my husband and I and wants my arm around him at all times.. I have 2 other children and this...


I lost my son on March 19,2010

I am having a hard time dealing with the loss of my son kayden. I went in to find out the sex of the baby i was about 20 weeks along and every other scan show that things were...


How do I ween him when he sleeps with us?

YES I made the mistake of letting our fist born sleep with us and I breastfeed. It was just easier to lay down with him breastfeed and then go to sleep. He just turned a year...


Acting like she is choking on solids

Any advice...I am still feeding my daughter jarred veggies and fruit for lunch and dinner. I've tried to give her the freeze-dried yogurt things that gerber makes, but she acts...



My 3 year old son was born with Transverse of the great arteries. He had is first open heart surgery when he was 1 week old, and since then he has had 2 more. It's hard having a...


Are Boy’s Easier To Potty Train ?

My Daughter Is 2 Will Be 3 In November & She'll Pee In The Potty All Day But Refuses To Poop In The Potty. She ALWAYS Comes To Me Afterwards & Let's Me Know She Just Pooped In...

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