i know there is a ton of info out there and it would take until i was 100 to read it all just wondering if you guys were getting it or not. My ob said it is recommended, but...

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Just asking?

It's been a hard thing for me as a mom to have friends without special needs children. I have 2 other kids and the one which this really I see effecting is my youngest daughter....


Help with night time sleeping

Oliver now requires myself or my husband to sit with him for him to go off to sleep both the daytime nap and at night time. During the day it only takes 15-20 mins or so but at...


Dating a Single Mother

Okay. So I confess. I am a single man. I am not here for a nefarious purpose. I am here to find an answer to a question. That question is how do I maintain or start a...



I live in Ontario Canada, it's funny when I read about people not getting their childs shots. Everyone I know here gets their baby vaccinated from 2mths. I know that there is a...


What should I say?

My stepson is 3.5. He is slow at talking and in speech therapy, courtesy of my husband and I. He is just getting to the point where he remembers that he goes to his BM every...

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My son is going through the "Mummy can't leave my sight or i'll scream" stage, any idea's on how to focus his attention elsewhere so i can actually do housework properly and not...

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Should she just fade away?

My husband has three girls with his ex-wife, over time she ended up giving up all rights to them and I adopted them over a year ago... She is a mess in the sense that she has no...

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Public School vs Home School

Ok. I need some opinions and advice! The end of the school year is finally here. I've got an IEP in place at my son's school, and he's been getting extra help there with his...

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G-Tube questions...so many!

My son is using a G-Tube, and he has had it since he was discharged from the NICU several weeks ago. We have had him on 3 bolus feeds during the day and a continuous feed at...


1yr old son is headbutting!!

My son is one and has recently started headbutting the doors, walls, floor and myself. He started doing it when he was having a tantrum but now he seems to do it for no reason....


how do i tell my daughter?

my youngest daughter passed away a while ago she was only 2 months old but my daughter who is 2 loved her to pieces and now that my little girl has gone I really cant find the...

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New to this??

So my mother just passed away very recently due to a long courageous battle with cancer.......wondering where to direct my questions relating to motherhood at now??

Started by Tabitha on 10/26/2008 in Motherless Moms

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