Pre-Term Labour Pains

I am 31 weeks & 3 days along... I have 54 days to go! I have had a great pregnancy so far, but my past is coming to haunt me. When I was pregnant with my son 5 years ago I went...



Ok my son is almost 2yrs old and i wanna start potty training him because im about to have my daughter and we cant really afford both of them to be in diapers. he will go and...



does any one have any advice on how to get your child on a good schedule?.? my son is kinda on a scedule, he wakes up around 11:30 12 pm((i know he should be waking up earlier))...


Grandparent problems?

Hi. I have a 19 month old daughter that seems to be going through a stage of terrible two's before she's even hit the age of 2. My husband and i are disciplining her by a...

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any one dealing with an imaginary friend

my 3 1/2 year has developed an imaginary friend, at first it was cute, but i am now expected to involve this friend in meal time, play time, bath and bed time. This friend...


~These four walls~

I am and have been a sahm...i do enjoy it. Now my son is 12 and i am not expecting, jobs are very scarce where i live but thinking I should volunteer or something, i really am...

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right age

ooking for opinions on when is it to early or late for someone to have a baby.... I think it is selfish if a person is too old or to young to have a baby. I was 19 when I had my...


Fed up with negative tests :((((((( Help ?

TTC but each month face the repeated disappointment of negative tests ! Feel angry, jealous, frustrated, disappointed, useless and just (as shrugs shoulders) why bother ! There...


potty training help

I have a 2yr old girl that is just not understanding the whole potty training deal. she will use the potty sometimes when she is bare, but as soon as you put panties on her she...


physical therapy for young moms

i am 23 years old(24 come july 13) and i was just told by my doctor that i have what is called Lumbago and i need physical therapy for my back. i have 3 boys ages 5 1/2; 3 and...

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My mom's taking over

I don't know what to do. My mother has been a big part of my life since the beginning of my pregnancy. I needed her support as the father of my child is very irresponsible and...


Lack of a proper support system

Okay. I'm 19. Living with my mum. She's a single parent. Been at this parenting business for 26 years (she's had me and my other 3 sisters). I'm currently 5 months pregnant,...


potty training

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old. I have tried to put her on the potty so many times ans she just cries, sometimes she will sit there and wait to put her pull up back on to pee....

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my 2 1/2 year old has febril seizures

ever since my son was little he's had seizures when his tempature gets too high. The doctors told me it's normal but I haven't met anyone with kids that have these seizures....

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Combination feeding - breast & formula

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding combination feeding. My little girl is 15wks old and from day 6 I have been offering her breast and topping her up with formula....