I'm not really a mum on here I am only 16 years of age. Some mums are talking about there kids not being able to walk as they have a formal of cp. I too have cp I have spastic...


our little porcupines

FAS/FAE kids are a unique challenge to parent because of the constant flux in their abilities/inabilities. Because they often don't look any different than other kids, and can...


Potty training a girl

Whats a good age to start potty training a girl? And what do you do if she wants nothing to do with a potty chair? My daughter is 18months and does not want to sit on her potty...



I recently found out that my husband's ex has been following me to gain information for a child support case. She has found out where I bank and what I drive, etc through a...

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So hard not to reprimand other people's children!! Ugh!!

So last weekend my husband, twin girls, and I went to take family pictures. The place was packed and I should have know better than to do this on a weekend but DH works too...

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Ok really

I can't believe how mean and rude some kids are these days. Okay I probably can but I'm still seething about what happened today. I took my two year old daughter to a play...

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my story

i met my know husband in 05 when i was 16 years old..he was a senior and i was a freshman..i had a huge crush on him..one day when we were hanging out one of my gurl friends...

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Speech & Attitude

My daufghter, Carleigh, will be four next Saturday. She is a brilliant child, already reconizing and writing letters, doing simple math... The problem is, she has a speech...


Formula feeding issues

I was wondering if anyone has had the same situation as I am experiencing. My 3 month old daughter has been taking 4 oz formula bottles every 3 three hours (sometimes every 2...


Complaints of 3rd trimester

I am now 31 weeks along.. Almost there I know.. But my goodness I'm soo tired but then I lay down and I can't sleep... I have no energy and I eat mountains of food (of which I...

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Stay at Home Mom Issues!!!!!

I am a stay at home mom, my son is almost 14 months and he is the greatest little guy. He is literally the perfect baby. He goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up at 10am and takes a...

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My 10yr is having such a hard time in school this year. He is now in 5th grade and the bulling is out of control from a couple of boys(rocks thrown at him, book bag thrown in...