Need advice on things, please

I am a 21 year old mother of one and step-mother of 2. I will be 22 next month and have been married to my husband, Micheal, 26, for a lil over a year. I am a stay at home mom...

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Bed schedules and family visiting.

How do I politely keep my MIL from messing with nap and bed schedules. She is up every morning at 4-5 am, but my son usually doesn't get up till 7-8 If she hears him whimper for...

Started by Melissa on 11/06/2008 in Stay At Home Moms

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Mild Dyslexia

Hi all, My son Joshua has recently been diagnosed with mild dyslexia. Just wanted to say HI and join in! :D Take care Maggie


How to get it all done?

Hi! I have been teaching for 18 years and have 2 children, ages 7 and 5. I find I can't keep up with all the schoolwork that needs to be done, because I can't start it until...

Started by Carrie on 12/18/2008 in Teacher Moms

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Any Bilingual Babies?

We are raising our son bilingual and was wondering if anyone else is doing the same? He doesn't say many words yet and I have read that bilingual babies take a bit longer to...


Please pray for William

I work two nights a week to get out of the house and see big people. I have an employee named William that I work with. He is around 18 years old and a non believer. Tonight a...

Started by Heather on 04/08/2009 in Christian Moms

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My ten year old just got her period !

My ten year old bonus daughter just got her period for the first time. She has always been an emotional child; however during this time I have observed what I think is serious...

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My 1yr old is grinding her teeth!

She has 7 total, 4 top and 3 bottom, and grinds them ALL THE TIME, awake and asleep. Does anyone elses child do this? Is it normal?

Started by Michelle on 08/24/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Teething and breastfeeding..

My 4.5 month old has like 3 or 4 teeth that I see soming in, and one of them should be popping through any day now. I hear all the horror stories of mothers who just couldn't...


Husband feels left out

you heard of Mama's Boy...well I for sure have one of those...my husband made the comment that our son always wants me and he's not good enough or that our son does't like him??...

Started by Angel on 08/31/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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my daughter will not go to bed

my daughter is 2 and has always slept resonably well but just recently she's playing up at nite and wont go bed or she'll fall asleep n then wake up at 2 in the mornin and want...

Started by Emma on 09/02/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Adverse Effects of Adderall XR

My 10 yr old son has ADHD. His "meltdowns" are getting worse again & lately when he escalates, he threatens to hurt himself. Each time seems to be more intense. I don't know...


My daughter is 10 & having a hard time in math

It started last year, she went to summer school & we have been do math all suumer. Now she getting back in to the hard stuff as she calls it I have been helpping everyday, and...

Started by Bobby Jo on 11/18/2009 in School-Age Kids

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