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7mo old still spitting up

My son is 7months now and is still vomiting up his milk. We have tried everything from changing his milk to sitting him up 30 mins after and also putting cereal in his milk....


in need of chicken recipes

my fiancee is a very picky eater and me and our daughter love almost everything the problem is is that he will not eat any steak pork or anything except chicken due to growing...

Started by Monica on 01/21/2011 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 04/07/2011 by Nicole


ear infections

I'm so frustrated..my daughter is 71/2 months old and has already had 5 ear infections plus fluid build up. I hate seeing her in pain. I have an appt with the ENT, but they...

Started by Sarah on 02/10/2009 in June 2008 Babies

Last update on 03/09/2009 by Erin


My son won't poop....

Unless I stimulate him with a Qtip. What is this? I know he has to go, because it's been days and he's grunting and squirming. When I do finally stimulate him with lots of...


My 20 month old is ALWAYS sick!

My son Malakai was born January 28, 2009. He weighed 9lbs 2oz. I had no complications with my pregnancy. Malakai was full term. Infact, I was induced because he would not come...

Started by Kaley on 09/26/2010 in Toddlers

Last update on 01/11/2011 by Melissa


Back to work

I am going back to work in a couple of weeks and I have a 3 month old little boy. I am a teacher and am only working 6 weeks until the end of the year and I am back home with...


eczema - wits end now

my youngest - a 13 month old boy - has had eczema since birth. And it seems to be getting worse with every treatment I try. He's had all the emoliants and steriods from the...


Acne and other skin issues.

My daughter has been dealing with acne since she was 10 and now she is almost 17. It has stopped her from thinking that she is pretty and I have a hard time getting to leave the...

Started by Dawn on 07/29/2009 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 11/13/2013 by Mary Ann


Baby Eczema

My son was diagnosed with eczema on his legs, chest and arms. The rash on his leg bothers him the most. He scratches constantly and seems very irritated. I constantly put baby...

Started by Kim on 12/11/2009 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 12/17/2009 by Hailey


bad skin

my son is just over 6 months old and has bad exzema on his face neck back and chest. we have had several trips to the doctors and everytime we just get yet ANOTHER cream and...


11 Steps . . . .

I read this on a blog and thought it was really good, i just had to share it. 11 Step Program for those thinking of having kids! Lesson 1. 1.Go to the grocery store. 2....

Started by Tiffany on 02/10/2011 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 02/15/2011 by Karenda


Hi! I'm a new member!

Does anyone else have a toddler with excema? If so are there any over the counter creams that have worked? I have tried everything under the sun and hate to resort to the...

Started by Kristina on 01/12/2010 in August 2007 Babies

Last update on 04/07/2010 by Victoria


"Failure to Thrive"

My daughter is 9 weeks old, & just can't seem to get much beyond the 9lbs mark! She has constant projectile vomiting, is not gaining weight, & has now been classified as...



So I am a 21 yr old mother of a 4 yr old boy and a 6 1/2 month old daughter (which I breastfeed) Well I want to start off by saying I have always been a stay at home mother me...

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