Food problems

My 2 1/2 year old only eats his food purred .. he wont eat whole vegies or meat.. Is anyone elses little one like this. He will eat bars abd crackers.. but when it comes to...


Introduce Yourself Thread

I went back a bunch of pages and couldn't find one....So if you don't mind I'd like to introduce myself . Feel free to do the same :) I'm Jennie, 30 years old, and a recent...

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I had my tubes tied 10yrs ago now I found a great man which I'm marrying next year I got two daughters whom which there father are not in they life but the man I'm with now...



I am waiting 5 weeks (since the heart stopped at 9) for a natural miscarriage and still nothing, maybe small cramps now. Is this the start? How long can it usually take?


When did your babies start talking?

Hi moms! My little girl is almost 14 months and doesn't really say anything.She says mama and dada and recently daddy and sometime I swear she says things but maybe its just...


Who's Raising The Next Generation?

With so many married moms working, who's raising the kids? I think the saying is true, "whoever spends the most time with our children has the most influence over them...has...

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I just wana scream!!!!

I don't know if I've crossed the line somewhere or if hubby is just being unreasonable and has something up his arse. My gym has now extended childcare hours from just mornings...



Hello there im desprate ... my son is 15 months ...hea had on & of diarrea for about a month now . Its really bad to the point hell use like 9-10 diapers a day , because of...


Court Ruling on Autism!!

This is, in my opinion, a great end to this 11-year debate. It's good to know that vaccinations help more than they harm....



OK HELP!!! Ashlyn (almost 33 months old) is starting to have nightmares about a monster. We have givin her a flashlight, she has a night light, she has a special "mommy & daddy...

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Need Opinions

So I have a friend of mine, that is recently seperated from her husband, they have a 1 year old together, and she came to my house for a few days with the little one. Her...


DR 2 day, Baby dropped due May 11th OMG!!!!

I went to the Dr. today he said i started to thin out and when he checked me he said he could feel babys head, i know from experience after baby drops two weeks later ur in the...

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Life with Twin Toddlers blog

http://kateandcarson.com/ Documenting our life from pregnancy through our NICU experiences through today (20 months old).

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