Should I homeschool

My husband and I have talked about this several times and I am wondering if we should do this?


Moms that lost a Brother or Sister

I am looking for Moms that lost a brother or sister.I would like to know how you tell your children about their Aunty or Uncle that isnt here anymore and how do you explain that...


Husbands are like big babies too!

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but my husband can throw a temper tantrum like my son and requires an enormous amount of attention. I honestly don't know if I...

Started by Nicole on 04/19/2009 in Moms Under 30

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I wish I had a choice...

I know that the issue of vaccines has been brought up so many times. Many of us have very strong opinions, many of us are still on the fence, and many of us turn a blind eye. I...

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Tubal Ligation?

I am will be 26 in 4 month and I am considering having the tubal ligation. I was wondering if any other moms have had complications or a change in heath after the procedure. I...


singlemum of three

Hi mums, i have three kids, 15, 12 and 9 yrs of age. two boys, one girl in between them. im 41, single and live in finland, espoo. I got separated 3,5 yrs ago, we were...

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feeling down and "stuck in a rut"

i don't know what it is but for the past few days i just feel really drained and bed time can't come fast enough!! maybe it's a touch of spring fever? it's warming up but still...

Started by Dawn on 04/10/2009 in Christian Moms

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my son has to have an operation

ok well i could go on forever but to cut a long story short my son is 9months old and has an undecended testicle which will be operated on in jul time. im really nervous and i...


My patience are shot!!!!

Oh my gosh....Thank god I have blonde hair cuz if i had any other color hair it would be either gone or all while by now.....My son drives me absolutely crazy he will be 3 in...