the constant battle

I have 3 children w/ another on the way, my oldest is with a prior person and my other children are w/ my husband...my oldest is constantly making remarks like " i have no...


I need to vent!!!!

I just returned from an overnight trip with my husband and children, and I immediately came here.... My husband never remembers anything. If I ask him where he put something or...


How to move on when baby's father abandons child?

Hi everyone, I'm new here and have seen a lot of words of wisdom from you amazing moms. I'd like to share my story to get some support and feedback. I am 22 and almost 5months...

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Adoption Stories!

I would, and I am sure everyone else would love to hear your experiences with adoption. Please post them here in this thread for everyone to read! I will start out with my own!...

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Any other Single Moms with special needs children?

I Am a single mom I have been a member since 1999. I always feel strange about not being married but God hasn't put anyone in my life yet. My son is special needs we miss Church...

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My Angel Baby

hello everyone. I just had a miscarriage on Sunday 12.12.10. The day after my daughter's 1st birthday. I had started bleeding with mild cramps in the 1st, and had 4 ultrasound...


Feminism - When does it get out of hand?

I or certain repliers may get shot for this topic, but I figured it's worth putting up here since there are a lot of women on this site... First of all, what are your views on...

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I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but this last week in our county we had a deputy sheriff who passed away from injuries sustained from a car accident while on duty....



come on ladies lets start getting some stuff out there. we all need to get things out and get some feedback. i created this group so us women in recovery can connect with...

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Somedays are tougher than others

As for all of us out there, being a single mom is no easy task. Trying to get myself through nursing school, work, and be there for my 6y/o son is hard work. Let alone trying...

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need help with tantrums

my four year old boy who has aspergers lately when he has an episode/meltdown he says he wants to kill himself my partner caught him in his bed with his pillow over his face...