Mother In Laws!

Ok ladies I looove my mother in law, but she is a grade a certifiable nut lol. I love all the threads on here about crazy mother in laws, but its been awhile. So come on ladies...

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prayer request please

Ive posted on another community so dont want to put too much drama on these boards. My family and i need lots of prayer. my husband molested my daughter(his step) about 3 yr...

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My 2 1/2 year old is talking back soo much

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and now a newborn in the house. Alexis is talking back so much and not listening to me at all!! She is driving me nuts..spanking does do it,...

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My stolen car

What do you do if your teenager steals your car at age 13 and wrecks it. Car is only 6 months old. No major damage Kid alright no damage to anything else.I just don't want this...

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what should i do im alone

i have an 8 month old baby and im pregnant and due in march. my sons dad went to jail for something that wasnt him. since his dad got sent away my son has clinged on to me so...

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I have a son that is almost 11 months old and am feeling a bit dejected at the minute. i know i should be gateful for what i have but am finding it hard to see much improvement....



Hi. I'm Jessica. I a from Birmingham, Alabama. I have a 6 year old son named Damian. I got pregnant at 17. I am no longer with his father and his father doesn't have anything to...

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Shocking Ultrasound Stories?!?!

SO... I was told at my 20 week Ultrasound that we were having a Girl!! So we were happy, and as long as the baby was healthy it didn't really matter what the sex was. We...


bringing baby out

when did you start bringing baby out. i havent taken baby out anywhere besides mine and my husbands parents houses. baby is 2 and a half weeks and wondering when I should bring...


Communication error re admin. of my group

Blessed be Group theirs seems to be a mis-communication and for some reason I have been down graded to moderator in my own group this is only a temporary and will be corrected...

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Sore breast!

I'm breast feeding my 6 week old and when she is on my right breast I get pain from my nipple through my breast and into my back. Has anyone else had this! It's driving me mad...


surgery in one week .. scared : (

My daughter was born with an incomplete cleft lip on the right side .. she will be just under 4 months old when she has surgery next friday (the 22nd of june) and im so worried...


In pain and need to vent!!!

I have alot of medical problems and they just seem to get worse every time i go to the dr. The list is so long it is exhausting just thinking about all of the problems and even...

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42 year old mom ..... with children of all ages

I am a mother of four I have a 25, 22, and 21 boys (MIT) I have a 7 year old lady. The 7 year old lady is giving me a run for my money....I have never experienced a child that...

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