"Wait and See" is hard

Hi everyone, I just needed to reach out because I feel like I am alone and losing my mind. I have a 7 month old who has felt "off" to me since he was three weeks old. He only...


Boyfriends kids Hate me- help

I am sorry if this is going to be long. I just got separated in December and my boyfriend separated from his wife in January. We were friends for many years. His ex-wife HATES...

Started by Jackie on 10/05/2014 in Single Moms

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I need help

I h ave a daughter who will be turning 15 next month. She has such bad behavior in the household and I am really close to signing away my rights. I have asked for help so many...


The expanding gender agenda

by Dale O’Leary. February 6, 2013 Last month The New York Times published an article on the latest expansion of sexual identity among students at progressive universities in...


Afraid to medicate..need advice

My 7y/o son was diagnosed with ADHD last December. I was told he has to have an EKG done before they will prescribe anything for it. An EKG....so they can tell if his heart can...


My mum died 5 days befor my baby's birth

hello, im just wondering if there is anyone who has had their mum die really close to their baby's birth? i am finding it so hard. she was unwell but had been given the all...

Started by Liz on 01/08/2010 in Motherless Moms

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I noticed many of you talking about different types of nutrition/exercise. I am curious what some of you are doing more in depth. I have battled breast cancer and many...


Hatred amongst Siblings

My 12yr old SD acts as if she HATES her 4yr old Sister. is it Normal or should I be concerned. My 12 yr old has been w/us sence she was 1 so it's not like she just came in the...


Husband is on deployment!!!

My husband is currently at Camp Shelby. He will then go to NTC and then Afghanistan. I haven't been away from my husband longer than an AT period. I miss him so much. The worst...


nut allergy help please

my 3 year old daughter has severe nut allergy (peanut) and specialist advised avoiding all nuts. anyone know of websites/books etc... so we can learn more about this and how to...


how to prevent nightime hell

My 5 year old daughter freaks out everytime we try to talk to her and freezes when she screams like we will tell her to go to bed and she starts throwing herself on the floor...

Started by Charleen on 08/05/2011 in Moms Of Teenagers

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cannot handle it anymore

helpppppppppppp plzzzzzzz . i need advice coz my life is a terrible nightmare , i have a twin boys they are 21 months old . they are super duper active , at home it is not a big...

Started by Yasmine El on 06/12/2012 in Twins

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