How old is too old to play with dolls?

My son is 9 years old and my mother and I have different ideas on a touchy topic. We gave my son a baby doll when I was pregnant with my daughter to help him learn how to be...

Started by Annabella on 05/07/2013 in School-Age Kids

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All about me - me? really? me?

I am a mom of 9 year-old twins. They go to school with me and are in my classroom after school until we go home. I teach kindergarten which I absolutely love. I have been...

Started by Joyce on 11/10/2008 in Teacher Moms

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hello my daughter is just over 4 months old and she is finally doing wonderful at night most nights she sleeps through the night if not waking up once to eat. but the day time...


When to start using toothpaste??

I have a 17 month old with 6 teeth and working on 2 molars. At this point, we're still using just water and his toothbrush and he's starting to not think it's so much fun...

Started by Becky on 03/05/2009 in Toddler Moms

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choking on lumps after months of eating

hi my 10 month old boy has been happily eating everything from toast to mashed meat and pasta but has suddently starting gagging on anything with lumps in. he was actually sick...

Started by Helen on 04/03/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Potty Training Boys

My sons is a little of 2 1/2 years old and it's hard for me to potty train him. I sit him on the potty and he will never say I have to potty, ppe-pee boo-boo or anyhting. What...


Weaning help!

So my twin boys will be 1 year in just over a week (!) and I am in the process of weaning them. I have been exclusively pumping. I started the weaning process 5 weeks ago and...



I have found myself craving work this summer and am not sure how to feel about it. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and am starting to go a little batty spending all of my time with...

Started by Carrie on 06/24/2009 in Teacher Moms

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hmmm. headstrong baby

I am just wondering if anyone else has a very headstrong and independent baby? or should I say toddler. my daughter is unbelievably headstrong and opinionated already.


Potty Training

Has anyone had any sucess with training your little one yet. Mine has made poop in the potty once but no real progress. He likes to sit on the potty but not actually use it!

Started by Angela on 07/27/2009 in July 2007 Babies

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missed period and 3 negative pregnancy test

Hi Ladies, I am kind of freaking out here. I am pretty exact with my cicle and if it does not arrive the day of, it will be few days before but never late only when I was...

Started by Paola on 11/27/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Baby Cereal

Hello! My baby boy is 4 months old now, I know all the docters say '' wait untell 6 months to feed your baby cereal'' I have a few friends that have been feeding there children...


Persistant Cough That Won't Go Away...

Hi Everyone, My daughter is 7 months going on 8 months old now and she has had a cough that she caught while sick at 3 months. At times it's really bad and at other times it...

Started by Roxanne on 12/11/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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