Tying shoes.

My daughter will be 5yo in January. She has become interested in tying her shoes and she is in K4. I've never attempted to have her tie her own shoes before and daycare (who did...

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Dirty Little Secret

The goal of this post is to shine a spotlight on child molesters, to end the shameful silence their victims and the victim's family feel they need to perpetuate, to be able to...


I need help

Mine and my ex husband separated, and he and I moved apart. He moved in with his parents, because he had a really bad drinking problem. And a bit of crazy life style. So I moved...

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Anyone have an unusual birth situation?

My daughter was breech (we found out on my birthday) and decided to be born the following day which was my mother's birthday. I ended up in hard labor at home after a supposed...


a few questions

Hello, My son is 7mths old about to be 8 on the 15th of the month and he still wakes up 2 times out of the night to drink a bottle. He never wakes completly up, just enough for...

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Sore and cracked nipples

My baby boy is 5 weeks old today, and I have been having trouble with cracked and very sore nipples. It is beyond cracked on one side. I talked to a LLL leader and she said it...

Started by Christine on 11/11/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Establishing nap time

Any advice on establishing a nap time? My 5-month old is becoming increasingly resistant to taking naps. He sleeps fine during the night, but he fights sleep all day. Until a...

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First child..

Hello, My name is Michaela(or Shala, as my nephew calls me). My husband and I are expecting our first child, a boy, around March 10. We are so excited and still getting used to...

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so worn out.

I have two beautiful children that I love very much, but lately I'm feeling very overwhelmed as my daughter gets older and realizes that she can manipulate mommy. My son is not...


Taking your baby to the chiropractor??

I was told by another mom that when her son starts to get a little sick.. even just a runny nose she takes him in to see the Chiropractor!! He gets fixed up and she says even...


Pooping issues!!

Hi everyone - I am a little stressed because my three-month old hasn't pooped since Friday. This is the second or third time he has gone this long - he has gone two or three...

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Wants to get pregnant again...

I just had my son this past Nov. but after he was a month old- I have been wanting to get pregnant again. My husband says we need to wait, but I have a strong desire to get...