Tired mom and overwhelmed teacher!

Hi everyone, my name is rozi and I am a 5th grade Math, Science and social studies teacher. I feel like I have so much work and am always tired! My husband claims that I am the...

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Hello, I am new to this circle. I am a teacher in a high school. . .atleast for now. Too many budget cuts, I am sure that we all feel the pain. Is it bad that when I get...

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Average 8 year-old or ADD?

My daughter is turning eight in about a week. Her teachers this year, are telling me she should be evaluated for ADD. I hate seeing other kids medicated up like zombies, and I...

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First Year Teacher-Overwhelmed

I am new to North Carolina and teaching. I teach 6th grade Language Arts and a mom to a 3 yr old. Most days, I asked myself if I made a mistake switching careers to teach with...

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On line/homeschool

I read Dusty Williams post and the responses. I live in Ohio and began ECOT ( a public on line school) with my 15 year old son Andrew this year. He is on an IEP through this...


My son is driving me NUTS!!!!

My son will be 7 in March. His closest friend is a gifted 9 year old whose mother thought he was turning 8. I homeschool him. The school district grade skipped him to 2nd (he...


Sex ed....too much too early!

http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/article_064587c0-8f60-11df-8484-001cc4c002e0.html http://www.krtv.com/news/helena-sex-education-debate-draws-hundreds-video/...


How to deal with student who cannot stop talking?

I got this 13 year old boy in my math class who can't seem to be able to stop talking. He will just add in a comment as and when he likes in the middle of my lesson. Most of the...

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Gifted children let down

Hi. I'm new to the group but I wanted to know if many of you are as upset with the school systems treatment of gifted students... or should I say lack of treatment. It is a...


My 11-Year-Old Has a Hard Time Making Friends

Any advice on what to tell my 11 yr old who seems to have a hard time making friends. Shes been to three diff. schools. two elementary schools and now a middle school and she...

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