Seperation of church and state

The Separation of Church and State is guaranteed for every American citizen under the First Amendment. It seems that believing in this arrangement is grounds enough to get you...

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why can't you take religion out of it?

in MILF'S thread take religion out of it, a few of you mentioned that you CAN'T take religion out of it when it comes to homosexuality and marriage between the same sex. why?...

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Teach Child to Pray, or Not to Pray

This one is bothering me in a sense that I see a difference in parenting, not exactly a religious issue. But I think more of the religious believers are siding more with the...

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How many of you Wives/Gf....

How many of you cook every night for your husbands? And I mean home cooked meals every night not that pre made frozen crap alot of people seem to buy, AND how many of you send...

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Kind of an

I am currently in college, many of you know this, and I am taking a World Literature II class. Recently we read Jonathan Swift's satire, "A Modest Proposal". If you do not...

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Conspiracy Theories

Why does Fema have coffins? Hidden Messages in the Denver Airport? Concentration Camps? Whats real and whats not


Morals and religion

"You're entitled to what you believe, and to me that is so depressing. What would you have to look forward to. Why even try to be a good person if that's what you believe? I...


How do you afford daycare for 2 children?

My husband and I both work full time while our 17-mth old son goes to daycare. We pay $970/mth for daycare. We want to have another child, but simply don't have >$2000/mth to...

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Men and Abortion

I was reading another post in another community and someone said they thought men should be able to terminate their rights before the women is 20 weeks just like a women can...

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Hello Anyone...Everyone, Please pray for me. I'm too emotionally drained and not even sure what I would type to tell you my request. I will trust that God will guide your...

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Just because he works and I dont....

Does that excuse him from ALL housework??? He brings in the bacon so is that like "doing me a favor" and I "owe" him and should do and be responsible for EVERYTHING at home??...

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why do they respect daddy but not mommy?

my boys, 2 and 5 seem to joke and play with me more but hesitate to listen! my boyfriend says i am too silly with them but they are kids! if he says anything they drop what they...

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