Doing it all alone and not wanting to ask for help

Hi everyone. I have been separated from my husband for almost 5 months. We have a 4 year old. In the beginning she went to her Dad's overnight for at least once a week, but...

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How do you do it all?

I have been a SAHM for 19 months (as long as my DS has been born) and I love every minute of it. Recently, we moved to be with my husband as he found a permanent job. My son...

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STB wife of a trucker

I am a soon to be wife of an OTR trucker with an almost 3 year old daughter. She loves him to death and I am afraid of how she will react when he has to leave again. He is...


Moms with 3 or more children

Hello moms, I am here to ask for my friend who stays at home with 3 boys ages 6 - 3 and 1. She feels completely unorganized and out of control. She said to me yesterday that...

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...then how does anyone get to heaven???

I was reading the conversations about suicide this morning and have been mulling over some of your replies. I was also considering whether I wanted to ask this question because...

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hyperemesis and thyroid

have any of you had hypothyroidism, which switched to hyper while pregnant? i'm finding info that the two are linked. i've had symptoms of hypo since the birth of my first child...


shaken baby syndrome-

im carrie im 19 my daughter haley is 15 months old and has suffered from shaken baby syndrome she suffered head trauma bleeding and broken ribs i wont go into great detail...


Obsessive tendencies in toddlers?

my son,two and a half yrs,has taken forever to start talking,but has recently started to use more words and now even puts two or three words together,yay! so here's my...


mommy guilt

who knew how hard it would be for me to have to work 2 jobs and go to school online and balance all that? My 8 year old made me feel bad and said to me he wished I didnt have to...

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I am a mom of 3 and a step mom of 5. I don't even know how I manage. Of the 5, 2 live with my Fiance and I. They are 19 and 15 both boys. We get 2 on Sundays both girls who are...


Anyone else expecting their first, but his second?

Hello! I'm expecting my first child! Sooo exciting, however its not as exciting for dad... he's been through this before! I love my fiance dearly but wow does it ever give me a...

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