night time waking...

My little boy was born 28th Aug 2009 so just turned 8 months, up until last week he was feeding (bottle 6oz) 4 times in the night 10,12, 2 and 4... as advised by by health...


Cry It Out Dangers

The most common thing mothers hear about Cry It Out is "No baby ever died/was hurt/suffered from CIO". This is debateable because there are dangers associated with Cry It Out,...

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Please help!

I have a 7 month old baby girl who i have exclusively breastfed since birth, we sleep together in the same bed and although my partner doesn't approve, i love it and i dread...

Started by Pearl on 11/26/2008 in Moms Under 30

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I am 19 and have an 8 week old baby boy called Mason, he is now eating 4oz every2 and a hlf hours, he wont go 3 hours or more during the day but he will sleep 5 hours at night,...


Joint Custody issue..need advice

I have a 21 month year old daughter. Her father and I recently split up after 11 years. We have agreed to joint custody...a week with me and a week with him. I also wanted to do...

Started by Susan on 12/09/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Am i alone?!

My sons father is not apart of our lives, its a long story.. but i found that since him and i ended things i cant stand being single. i grew up without a father and i know how...

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Support for challenging behavior for Pre-k child

Hi everyone! I'm a first year teacher teaching Pre-K 3-4 yr. olds. My class size is 21 and I have one child that has had challenging behavior since he started. I have tried...

Started by Mirsha on 04/24/2009 in Teacher Moms

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The divorce that never ends...

I left my ex in Sept. 2006 and the divorce was finally over in May 2007. I remarried in July 2007 (during my divorce I ran into my high school sweetheart who was also going...

Started by Jane on 05/17/2011 in Divorced Moms

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babysitter nightmare

I need opinions. On friday night my husband and i had a friends teenage daughter, who has babysat for us two other times come in to babysit our 2 yr old daughter. We went out...


separate sleeping

Hi,I have a 3 month old son that refuses to sleep by himself, for naps in the daytime or at night, he always has to be with me and its really getting frustrating.If i put him...



Hi everyone, my name I Katrina and I am married to a man in the Navy. We have a beautiful son that was born November 9, 2007. My son's name is Ty-rin and he is off the chain!!...



hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me how long you can keep a jar of prunes (babyfood) in the fridge? i wont be using it all and i dont wanna waste it by opening it and 2...

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not eating

My 18 month old hasn't eaten for 2 -3 days..but hes drinking fine...this has bn going on for weeks really worried...


Funny reaction from non-breastfed child!

Just recently, I was at a family get together of my MIL's. A little girl there (my MIL's niece) we very interested in my daughter who is 18 months old. Jaelyn (my DD) was tired...


A lie in a new blended family

My wedding is in a few months and I have 2 children of my own in addition to 2 step children. My fiance found out last year that that his youngest child that he has been raising...



Hi moms I need some advice on disciplining my (will be 11 month old on nov 8th) little girl...she is very advanced, she has been walking now since she was 8 months so she is...

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