i want to start taking my daughter swimming she is 3 months old and just had second jabs should i take her to a normal family swimming pool or a special extra warm heated pool????


Order teeth come in

My 8 month old has his 2 front bottom teeth. It appears that either his bottom eyeteeth or 1st molars are coming in. (He doesn't let me look long enough to tell which they...


Patches om my baby's back

I notices some patches on my babies back last week and it's making her skin look rough which is making her feel uncomfortable especially at night when I don't give her a bath....



I have a question... I have to pump at work. I am not a good pumper - it usually takes me about 30 minutes to have 5 letdowns before I'm empty enough to quit. But the last...

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New to group

Hello everyone! I am still trying to figure out this whole thing. :) I am Malania, a stay at home mom to 5. Ages- 9, 6, 5, 4, and 21 months; 4 boys and a girl. We live in...


change in sleep pattern

My DD was born May 21 and began sleeping through the night by 5-6 weeks (about 6 hours). As she got older she slept more and more at night (up to 12 hours). For the past 3...

Started by Carolyn on 10/06/2010 in May 2010

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Expressing- Hindmilk

Iv been working for almost 2 months and am still b/f my 9 month old son. Iv been expressing milk as much as possible and I express when I go to the loo at work and during my tea...



My baby son is 1 month and three weeks old. For last two days he has not been able to pass out any stool. What could be the problem and how can I go about it?


my baby will not take a sippy or bottle

I have a 9 month old who his breastfed as I was going to stop at 6 months like I did with my daughter....however he had a different plan and will not take a bottle from anyone...


Baby and Food

my son is 4th months old (almost 5), he is full formula no breast milk. I want to know when is the right moment to start with some food. He is not getting full with just...


My baby is scratching at his ears a lot

My son is 11 months old, and he pulls at both his ears a lot. An this be a sign of something serious like autism or something? I've taken him to the Dr. a few times and they...

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Help my baby's sick again

My 7 month old son has been ill on and off for a month first he had chest infection then he had a rash on his cheeks then he had gastrentiritis then he took two weeks to fight...

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New Baby Jealousy

How does one recognize the jealousy vs. the terrible twos, and how does one work at eliminating this behaviour? My two year old seems to love his new brother however he is...

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Dealing with the loss of a child

I have 4 kids 21,17,17,11. The 1st 3 are girls the last a boy. On March 4th of 2010 my 17yr.old daughter succumbed to the H1N1 virus. She had a double transplant in 2009 and...


I'm new

Hi, I'm Amber. I live in Deerwood, MN. I am 24, and my husband is 25. We had our first baby in July 2008. A little boy, Andrew. My husband is a police officer. I work part...

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my 9 month old son jason started walking a few weeks ago and is getting in to everything. every time we pick him up and take him away from somewhere he should be we tell him hes...