Hi everyone, my 2 and a half yr old boy has all his teeth, however, four of his teeth in front on top are bad. They are bad in terms of they have lost/lossing thier "pearl white...

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Thought i'd try and start a conversation about growling....my DS has started growling this last week, mainly when told not to do something and he gets angry cuz he's not...


Trouble with potty training?

Me and my husband are about to pull our hair out trying to potty train out 3 year old son!! We have tried everything!!! And now he is afraid of the potty and I don't know why!!!...

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sad mommy

My almost 5 week old keeps puking every night right before bed I have called the doctor and my home nurse and they have no idea what is going on. I'm getting really upset when...


Worried about my toddler

I have a concern about my toddler who has been throwing tantrums, but my concern is that when he does this he hits his head into the wall/floor/door anything that is close to...

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My son was circumcised at birth and now that he is three months old it almost appears like the foreskin is trying to grow back over. It doesn't cover the whole penis but it...


Working woes

My son is 2. When he was little he would cry when I went away and didnt care if his dad left. He would cry hysterically when I went to leave.It broke my heart to have him cry...

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Hello Everyone

Hi, I am Danielle. My husband is airforce and we are currently stationed Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota. We are trying to get to McChord AFB in Washington. I am 23 years old and...

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Help... need info and advice!

My doctor didn't really let me know what is going to happen to my son. He is 4 weeks old now. I live at Ft. Carson. Should I ask for a referral to a pediatric urologist or just...

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Hi everyone, my daughter will turn 4 in October and i am currently 6week pregnant with my 2nd child. how many of you have 2nd children and how did your other children react when...

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Advice on mother in law

My daughter was 2 months old when me and my husband got together. He has been there with her from the beginning. She has never met her real dad. The problem lies with my...

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Drinking dad

my thirteen year old told me last night that he hates his drinking dad. My husband does have a drinking problem and recently we had a big argument and the kids including my teen...

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refuses bottle

hadar is 5 and half months old. at the beggining i had a problem with my milk supply so i would pump after every feeding and give her it with a bottle the next feed. at around...