Opinions Appreciated...

Hello Mommies! I have a messy situation and I need to sort it out. The quick background is - my MIL is a self-proclaimed racist (black - once a member of the black...


im new to this

hey everyone, i'm a new mom to a beautiful baby boy born in march of this year. it's been a huge adjustment, i stopped all of my partying and my bad habits to be a good mom. i...

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Hiya. I am vicky. i have a son thats now 6 and a half months. My partner and i are having major problems trying to get our little man to sleep. He sleeps during the day in his...

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Wants to nurse every 2 hours

BUT only at bedtime..I love nursing the baby, but this every two hours in the middle of the night is for the birds! On Monday/Wednesday night my mother puts him to bed and he...


Momma's Girl - Daddy Won't Do

Hi all, My DD is now 23 months old. I'm also expecting baby #2 at the end of November. So the problem is that DD still wants nothing to do with her father when I'm...

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Paradox of Choice

Hello All - I'm new to this CoM, and this is my first post. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who responds! I am a 35 yr old working mother of one terrific 17mo old girl...



MY daughters 3 yrs old and just has always been so hyper!Also shes' started spitting in our faces,not eating,slaping us(usually mom) hitting me always,crying if she doesn't get...

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Staying in bed???

My 2 daughters share a room, they are 3 1/2 and 2. They both go to bed really well. 99% of the time they don't put up any fight, just grab their blankies and juice and head to...

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i dont know what to do being a single mom

i am i single mom of two. carrie is 2 1/2 years old and johnathyn is 7 1/2 months old. all im doing is working 2 jobs trying to squeak by and going to college full time to make...

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My husband of 5yrs loves kids, I on the other hand arent so sure. Im the person who babysitts and send the kids back .I go over and over in my head about every detail before I...


Should my 2yo still take a nap?

My son is 26 months old. He'd been on a pretty solid routine of wake up, nap and bedtime. It was "weird" to most people but worked with my husbands schedule and our day to day...

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postpartum depression

I went thru postpartum depression. it was really hard, Ive been depressed before but this was hard. i wanted to just go away, i felt like going in the bath room and dieing. i...

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Tonsils vs. Picky Eater??

My baby turns 3 next month, and has always had large tonsils. Over the holidays, he started eating fewer foods, and I assumed it was just being 2 and a picky eater. At first,...

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Leaving Baby for the Weekend

Hello. My son is 10 months old and I have only been away from him for 3 or 4 hours at a time. In a little over a week, my husband and I will be leaving him with my parents for...

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hi im a newbie

Hi i am new. my name is hannah n i have a lil girl who is 3yrs old n i had twins 16 n a bit weeks ago. 2 idetical twin boys Lucian & Luca. unfotunatley i lost Luca to NEC...