ideas for lunch

Hi, I was looking for simple lunch ideas. My son will be going to daycare starting december and will be 1, and I just want to make him simple nutricious meals.

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paternity fraud

My partner of 6 years is paying child support to a 7 year old child that is not biologically his. After he found out he immediately cut ties with the child because he thinks it...


Why is sharing so hard??

My son is 21 months old and has now reached the stage of not wanting to share. He does well when playing with kids. For example, I have 13 month old twin nephews and the three...

Started by Candace on 06/20/2011 in Toddlers

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Dealing with the loss of a child

I have 4 kids 21,17,17,11. The 1st 3 are girls the last a boy. On March 4th of 2010 my 17yr.old daughter succumbed to the H1N1 virus. She had a double transplant in 2009 and...


Teething with twins

I am a mother of 6 kids, my two youngest are 5 month old twins, Jadon and Elizabeth. They are both teething right now and I have tried everything possible to ease there...

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I'm having my 3rd child by C-section in 4 weeks and am getting petrified of the time coming! My eldest boy is 6 with Aspergers Syndrome, and my youngest boy is 18 months old....


finding the right daycare...

I will be returning to work in about a month, and I'm worried about leaving my children with a stranger. Does anyone have suggestions on how to choose the right daycare?



I am the mom of two beautiful blessings; my son Sam is almost 7 and my baby girl Avery is 5 months. I teach math and biology at an alternative high school in northern Maine. I...


Off the bottle?

I really don't understand why babies absolutley must be totally off a bottle by 1 year old. I mean my daughter likes sippy cups, but it just seems like she is too young to take...


Sleeping in a bouncy chair

My june baby is almost 8 months old he had reflux so he slept better sitting up...he still sleeps in the bouncy chair sitting up....does it really matter? He wants nothing to do...

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taking him out of the crib

When do I know it is the right time to take my son out of his crib he is almost 3

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Newbie here...

Hi all... Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone... :) My name is Christina, I'm 30 and I'm a single mom to my 15 month old son, Johnny. His father and I separated when I...


Who's ready for a toddler bed?

Izzy is 16 months old, sleeping through the night and doing great!!! She will actually climb up the stairs and wait 4 u by her crib an night time and nap time when you ask her...

Started by Cayce on 04/01/2009 in Toddler Moms

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how often?

I was just wondering how often you put your kids on the potty and how long you keep them on for?



My daughter is nearly 10 months old i was wondering if anyone has any pointers of how i can get her to sleep through the night again???