Iam 23 years old with a 2 and a half year old and a 2 month old.(both girls). I was wondering if anyone has heard of something that i could do or take to increase the chaces of...

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Should I have another baby?

I am a 20 years old, almost 21, and I have 2 children, a 16 month old son and a 5 month old daughter. I got pregnant with my daughter when my son was 4 months old. Now I'm...

Started by Tara on 01/20/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Stay at home mom of 2 under 2

Hi. My name is Kytia(Tia works too). I live in Oklahoma. Been here over a year. My husband works all day as a truck driver. I have no family here, only a few of his family...


Fear of Heights!

Okay so I posted this somewhere else and it seems like almost all of the other forums I've joined just don't participate anymore! This is not a debate I just don't know what to...


Creative Mommies!!! Give me Ideas!!!

Alright, so my hubster and I are thinking about redoing our basement, and even though our daughter is only 20 months, we'de like to make an area that is very kid friendly, but...

Started by Jodi on 10/23/2010 in Moms Under 30

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help with being a single mom!!!

So, I have been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half. We have been through alot in our relationship, and have worked through it. He is amazing with my 3 year old son, my...

Started by Cassie on 02/23/2011 in Single Moms

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Family bed...

my husband and i didn't start out planning to have our son sleep with us and I take most of the blame for it. When I was breastfeeding it was just so easy and usually both my...


Bad experience W/ the epideral

When i first found out i was prego i didn't want to get the epideral. when i got to the hospital after dilating 2cm every hour i decided i wanted the epideral at 8 cm. I was in...


Psyche meds and Pregnancy!?

alright so i have REALLY bad anxiety, i have a panic disorder and OCD amongst other things and i havent been on any meds consistantly for a while but im 6 months pregnant...


Prayers for me and my family

I'm victoria oliver and I am married and have 2 kids. A little girl who will be 2 on September 25th and a little boy who is 5 months. I recently for about a month have been...

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Introducing cereals

Hello ladies, Just wondering if you could let me know when a good time is to introduce cereals to my son.? He is currently 14 weeks and 20lbs. He is a very big boy and we...

Started by Christine on 11/03/2009 in Babies And Infants

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Twins, a toddler and so exhausted!

Hi everyone, in May I had twin boys, and already had a 21month old son and 13 year old daughter. My husband works long days, often not finishing until the small hours of the...

Started by Liz on 09/21/2010 in Twins

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