Benefits to living in the country!

Hello rural moms!!! Living in a rural community can have it's ups and downs, but let's face it, anywhere you live has it's ups and downs. While you may have to travel farther...


Favorite Products

Hi, just curious about other mommys' favorite products for babies & children, for the home or for whatever. It's always nice getting the scoop from other moms. Today my...


2nd Child

Hi all, My son is now two and a half and i am 35 years old and would like to have a brother or sister for him as i don't want him to be an only child but am worried about my...


How to ween baby off of breast feeding?

My son, Braxton, turned a year old in July. I have cut my breastfeeding down to only two times during the day (once in the morning and once in the later afternoon). I will be...

Started by Arianne on 08/12/2009 in July 2008 Babies

Last update on 08/18/2009 by Michelle


Solids and breastfeeding

My youngest is only 3 months but i'd like some advice about solids, i know they say no solids until 6 months but my daughter seems interested in food, the main question is how...

Started by Kathryn on 08/12/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 08/28/2009 by Kathryn


Mom's with special needs.

Is there anything or any one with advice about moms that have special needs? Such as chronic health problems with Diabetes or Thyroid Disease? One of my biggest challenges of...


Bed time....

My almost 5 year old daughter will not fall asleep before 1am and than its a struggel to get her up at 7am.... she is a busy child u would think she would knock out at 6 HELP!!!!


Losing Milk

I recently started going to work after being a SAHM for three and one half months. I have noticed that my milk doesn't seem as plentiful. I used to feel a strong need to pump or...


loosing 2 much weight bf

My baby will b 8 months old n a few days...I really want to keep breaatfeeding, I def have the milk but I can't keep weight on myself, iv tried daily protein shakes and I really...


Inverted nipples

I have a friend with inverted nipples who just had a baby and is having extreme difficulties with breast feeding. I know she has tried a breast shield, I'm unsure of what else...

Started by Michelle on 04/24/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 05/15/2010 by Kathy


Back to work!!???

Hey everyone... I need some advice. My son is 5 months old & I'm seriously thinking of going back to work. Alot of people have said it's too early, but financially I need to....


Should she just fade away?

My husband has three girls with his ex-wife, over time she ended up giving up all rights to them and I adopted them over a year ago... She is a mess in the sense that she has no...