My baby wants the day to start at 5AM!!!!!

My 8 month old wants to wake up for the day at 5AM!!!!! My husband gets up at 5:45, and leaves for work at 6:30. It would be so nice if she would give us a little time in the...

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I miss the real meaning of Christmas...

I miss the days where durring December we used to go out and visit with friends and family. The houses used to be so warm and snuggly and pretty. Everything was so beautiful....


No Pants!!!

My son is just under 2 years old and he is hitting this phase that after his nap he refuses to put his pants back on. I don`t care much at that time as there is a couple diaper...

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Potty Training

I am having a really hard time trying to potty train two of my kids. One my son is 3 and the next my daughter who is 2. My son wants to hide when he goes to the bathroom and my...

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early puberity

is it true that boy who are solid built can go through pubity early? as my 10 year old boy has so much back chat and additude towards me and not his father.

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Teaching Kids About Drugs

This is inspired by Katherine's post about alcohol. I read this article awhile ago and the alcohol post made me think of it....

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Sorry for the major delay in getting a thread started. I am totally new to starting up a group, so you'll have to try to bear with me here. I belonged to another group online...

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Have a go at wiping first

I have 2 nephew's, one is 4, the other will be 5 next week. Both don't wipe themselves when the do #2's. They just sit & yell out 'I'm finished', & wait. They both go to...


New Business

Planning on opening a new business in two weeks! While attending school, expecting and raising a 3 year old boy I am opening my dream ice cream shop as long as state approves us...


LO's favorite "toy"--should I be concerned?

So, I have heard this is normal but this is my first boy so I'm just not sure how normal this is...In the last few weeks my LO has discovered his penis. When I say discovered,...