hi moms,my little boy is four months old and takes 3 or 4 half hour naps through the day however he will not nap in his cot! he is more than happy to go in his cot at night but...



Hi i have a 20 month old boy and i really need ideas on toilet training... He will sit on the toilet, hold himself when he needs to go, he can stay in undies for half the day...


What to do with child not eating

Hi i have a 2 and half yr old and im having trouble getting her to eat vegies! i've tried everything from putting gravy and cheese sauce on it. by she just won't eat it. please...


custody and child support issues

single mom of 18 month old boy, father is threatening he will go for half custody and report me to welfare if i go for child support. My son is my life! I can't let him do this...


I Have No Clue What To Do

My baby boy is 4 months, he has a cough since he was 1 and half months old. I keep taking him to the doctors and she keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong with him. His...



Hey my son is 6 months he was on cow and gate comfort milk from 3 weeks upto 5 half month's, now on hungier baby also intoducing solids he has porridge every morning either...


potty traing

i started potty traning my 23 month old.....omg it is so much harder to train a boy opposed to a girl! i will take ANY advice!!!

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is soymilk better than yogurt drink

im feeding my 13month old son yogurt flavored drink and he loves it. but for the past 3 months he never gained weight, but he grew a little tall. his weight now is 20lbs.


Just wanted to introduce myself!

Hello all! My name is Tiffany, and I'm a 26 yr. old mom of 4 boys, ages 7, 5, 3 (almost 4), and 11 month old (almost 1) and I've been married to my lovely hubby for almost 8...


Speaking of Mobile Phones......

Check Out this News Article. For those who are not aware 000 is our equivalent of 911. I have concerns about this on so many levels, and I do believe it is becoming typical of...

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Clothing baby cheaply

I have a tendency to buy too big clothes in sales out of season which must save me a fortune! She's never in the current fashion but it doesn't bother her! And I always put...


How did you teach your baby to fall a sleep?

My soin is 3.5 mos and we rock him to sleep for naps & night. In addition to the recommended routine of book reading, dim lights, pacifier, and lullaby. He usually goes down in...

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