Hi there, I am Tiffany and have a 4yr old son with aspergers. I also have a 7yr old girl & 2yr old boy. My husband & I found out last year that Connor has asperger's and it...



I have a 5 year old who still wets the bed at night. She was fully trained and this summer she started to wet the bed again...is there anyone else who has some advice???

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Hi, I though I would create this group so we have a base to start from for locals. I am expecting our first (29 weeks down) and have so much to learn, so if you have stories,...


hospital bedrest support

i was admitted to the hospital a week ago (29 weeks gestation) with my baby boy, shepherd "shep", due to a shortened cervix (1.8 cm) that is also funneling (and internally...



Hello everyone, I am Ann and I have had diabetes since I was 2.5 years old. I have always been injecting Insuline since then. It hasn't always been easy but I got there. I...


I keep getting lots of lower back pain,

I keep getting lots of lower back pain, pain in my pelvix are. It feels like her shoulders are to wide for her to drop down futher.I havent dialted at all yet. I get pains on...

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Is music important in your life? I was just looking at the ginormous pile of toys on my livingroom floor that my son is currently throwing and kicking... and the majority of...

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Difficult kids

my son is 6 he can be difficult but then be very sweet , am I the only one with a difficult child?


got sex drive?

I have had no sex drive since my twins were born in April. My husband has been so horny and I feel awful that I could care less. Is anyone else having the same problem? Is it...

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moving with kids

i have lived in the bronx,ny same house for the past 22yrs (iam 26yrs) i now rent the first floor from my dad(he is the owner) i have two kids 5yr old boy and 3 1/2yr girl.my...


ER Visit vs. No ER Visit

My almost 3 yr old is my oldest and everytime she falls and gets hurt ( Ex: today she fell off a chair and busted her mouth open and almost bit though her lip.) I freak out....

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Teething pain during the night!

My 9 month old daughter is having a rough time teething and wakes frequently during the night. She's mostly fussy, sometimes hungry (?), and cries. I usually go to her room...


Toddler not sleeping through the night

My son was born 6/10/08 (21 mths) and he still isnt sleeping through the night. He wakes up at least once and sometimes takes a while to get back to sleep. I just found out im...

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Waking baby for selfish reasons

I posted this in the other breastfeeding group, but generally I like and trust this group more. This may sound strange, I'm not sure My work schedule is from about 3pm to...


daddy problems!

my husband will feed, give a bath and change his diaper, no problem. but he comes home from work and turns the tv on and sits on the couch, ignores the baby... so locked onto...