Halloween Costumes

I'm wondering how much "steering" other parents do with their kids with respect to Halloween costumes. My 3 1/2 year old boy twins and I were looking at a catalog of Halloween...

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A Beacon of Light

People always come up and they ask “Why do we ‘celebrate’ Halloween?” Yes, Halloween is the darkest night of the year and is called “Devil’s Night”. And we could...

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What are your thoughts on teaching children about Santa? We have taught our girls the true reason we celebrate Christmas and Santa is just a small thing we celebrate, they...

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Need to stop spanking my kid.

I have a 3yr old lil girl who is good, but she doesnt listen to me and she acts up almost all the time and when she doesnt get her way or what she wants. So i am wondering on if...


My son is joining the Army

When my oldest son Timothy decided what to do when he graduates this year I did not expect he would ever say "I am joing the Army" I was shocked. Then I cried for days. I am...


Keeping dogs for hunting purposes.

On the heels of the keeping the dogs chained thread... Where I live many many people use hound dogs for hunting deer. They call it "dogging". They usually have more than one...

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Need help taking in pants for TINY 2 yr old!!

i have NO experience with sewing but have a basic idea as i used to watch my grandmother do some when i was younger but i want to learn some basics on taking in pants, my 2 yr...

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i need some ideas

My son Logan is autistic. He refuses to get his nails cut (fingers and toes) and freaks when we try to cut his hair. He was ill one time and i gave him some medicine and he fell...


What parenting fails have you committed?

I forgot to tighten the straps in the car seat. I know. I have one of those Snap N Go carseat/stroller combos -- you know where you take the carseat out of the car and pop it...