Baby Names

As I've been reading all of the different posts I have enjoyed reading the names of everyone's children as they are all so pretty and creative. I thought it might be fun to...

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Do U single Moms ever feel lonely???

Im a single mother of 4 yr old, i have alot of with her , we're like best friends, but sometimes i wish there was someone else to share all these moments with too, or a least...

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Are you raising a Douchebag?

http://www.details.com/sex-relationships/marriage-and-kids/200711/are-you-raising-a-douchebag?currentPage=1 Let us begin with the assumption that if you are a parent, you...

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What age do YOU consider pre-teen?

Sorry ladies, this is not a debate, but something my hubby and need some personal help with, and I respect the opinions of this group. I have posted this on the main page too...

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The in between age

Hi i have a 7yr old daughter and i was just wondering if i am alone or is anyone else having troulbe finding something to get your child this christmas they seem to be to young...

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8 going on 16!!

I am wondering if i am the only person who has a daughter with an attitude... I have an 8 year old daughter, Charlie, who has got a terrible attitude, she is like a 16 year...



There are 2 songs that make me tear up when I hear them. I sang them to my son while he was in the hospital and I used them when I made a video for his 1st birthday. They are...


Need Ideas for a 7yr old girls bday!!

My daughter is turning 7 next month and is wanting to have a party with her friends...but with her birthday in November we are very limited on what we can do, plus finances are...

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new and have tons of questions

hi everyone. My name is Crystal. My husband and I adopted our 9 month old son at birth and feel very blessed to now have 2 boys and 2 girls. We do not know anyone else who has...

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Why I Don't Limit My Kids' TV Time

While one study showed that too much television as a toddler led to attention-related problems as a first grader, a second study suggested that the amount of television a child...

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New here and would like some ideas.......

Hello everyone :) My name is Holly and I have a daughter who was born in June of 2005............I can not tell you how much she means to me. I remember when my hubby and I...

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Hello all you Junebug moms! I hope everyone is surviving Kindergarten this year. My name is Lisa and my Junebug is Livvie. I also have two other children, Justin (3) and Adalyn...

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