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Given up

So I finally have just given up trying with my step-kids. They are boy, 14 and girl, 11. We get them every Tuesday and Thursday and then every other weekend (or whenever the BM...

Started by Heather on 02/18/2009 in Step Moms

Last update on 03/19/2009 by Misty



Hello fellow Mommies! I am the Mother of 2 girls, one from a previous marriage, and my biracial daughter by my 2nd husband. Over time I have learned many things about my...


Breaking a pacifier habit

My daughter is 1 and i wasn't sure when we should work on getting her off of the pacifer or even how the best way to do it is. Is it bad to let her stay on it longer?? Any...

Started by Miranda on 06/11/2009 in Scrapbooking Moms

Last update on 06/24/2009 by LeeAnn



My little boy still will not sleep through the night. He get's up several time. I try to not give him a bottle but he won’t even stop crying. He just arches his back so he...

Started by Marissa on 04/19/2010 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 05/22/2010 by Durinda


Need Advice....Preschooler..........

So lately my 3 1/2 y/o son has been refusing to stay the night over at Grandmas house. He used to be perfectly fine with it because before i had our daughter i used to work...

Started by Leticia on 12/06/2009 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 12/07/2009 by Maria


Alone Time For My Husband and I.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there had trouble with their husbands not wanting to leave the child with someone for a little 'alone time'. Our daughter is 1 now, and...

Started by Lauran on 04/19/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 04/21/2009 by Heather


How was your labour and delivery?

When I was 34weeks and 5 days, I was awoken at 2am with some pains and I just thought it was a bit of back pain, so I went to have a bath, an hour later my partner came to check...


I am a single working mom and worried about daycare

For 9 months my son has been at firends and family while im at work, but with just getting new job i need a daycare! But im a little scared casue of all the things u hear on the...

Started by Ashley on 07/27/2009 in Working Moms

Last update on 07/31/2009 by Stefanie


Teaching Spanish & English To Your Kids

I'm bi-ligual. My dad was in the Air Force in Puerto Rico so I went to a DoD (Department of Defense) school. At Ramey (the school) they taught us English and Spanish. My parents...

Started by Iris on 04/20/2010 in Mamis Latinas

Last update on 10/21/2010 by Jimena


Disrespected mother-in-law

I am a first time mom and my mil watches my daughter full-time. I have to start off by saying that my mil is very sweet, non-judgemental and loves my daughter to pieces. My only...



Ok so my mother in law came for Christmas and she brought her little dog with her. I was fine with it since we have two big dogs and I figured one more for a couple weeks isn't...


Refuses to eat

My 4 year old is very strong willed. If he does not want to do something, he won't...regardless of consequences. He particularly plays the power struggle with food. He does...

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