Two things...Bed and Food

My son was born July 31st. He has been a complete angel, no kidding, exceptionally easy baby!! He's been sleeping 8 hours at night since he was 6 weeks old. Now all of the...

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How do you cope?

I have a 10 month old little boy with spinal damage (hospitals fault) along with issues with the bladder. I think I cope very well but every now and then I have my down days. I...



I have a ten yr old step son with three daughters in the house. Step son only comes during summer and holiday breaks.. But we do what ever and when ever this kid wants. no one...

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Teen-age mothers

I became a teen mom in 1974. The stigma then was very different. I was only able to give birth successfully once and am so glad I chose to be/stay a teen-mom. My age is much...


What is your April baby up to these days?

I'm new here and glad to be part of this group. I was just wondering what your babies are up to. My daughter was born April 5th and I swear, she thinks she's a year old already....

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How do you discipline a 15 month old?

whenever i tell my daughter no she laughs and thinks its funny, and she seems to know just how to get into trouble. I dont want to be too harsh with her because shes still...

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Inductions... Do they really work?

This is my 1st baby...My son Patrick Robert was born November 17th via C-Section, but only after 16 hours of labor... Went in for the induction the day before, Cervidil was put...


The Nanny Diaries...

On a hot afternoon in New York City, my friend Miriam was sitting at a grassy public venue, watching her child play alongside other kids in the care of various moms and...


Rebellious teenage daughter

my 15 year old daughter has began sneaking out at night. She did it last year as well, but we thought she had learned her lesson and stopped but has started doing it again - we...

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When is it time to call it quites?

My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years married for 2 on the 19th. Hes a pretty decent guy, hes a good father to our 8 month old son, and good friend, (to...

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Ready to have a meltdown...

I apologize for the length.... I have 2 stepkids, 16yr old girl & 13yr old boy. Their parents have been divorced for just over 3 yrs, the kids are still 3 yrs behind...


i cant believe he believes this!

This is more of a vent then anything else. My X told me the other day that he doesnt think he should have to pay child support because he has to take care of them when his kids...

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my 6 year old son

I have a 6 year old son who is very smart, he will be going into 1st grade in the fall. He does very well with math and sience, but is having a very difficult time with reading....

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Hello Circle of Moms! How is everyone today? Well, Its been a sad sad weekend for me, & my boyfriend. I found out I was preganant on 8/14 (Fri). Went to the doct. to have an...


"anger problems"

Recently, my children had a new babysitter and when she was finished watching them she told me that my son cried the entire time and "obviously has anger problems". She said...


Could it be autism? Or not?

Hi I'm new to this forum and really need to talk to others with similar circumstances. I have a 41/2 year old boy named Charlie. We are currently trying to get an official...