I'm new to fb and new to this "community". I have one little girl, and she is little. She'll be 10 mos on Tues. She's 14 lbs and about 27" now. She is such a sweet baby, and...

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Success story with CDH

My little guy was born with CDH on July 8, 2009 at Women's Hospital in Vancouver. Luckily we knew that he had a CDH at 18weeks gestation so we had lots of time to prepare. I...


HELP screaming daughter

i have a 21 month old daughter only child. i play with her all the time. but when i do washing up she screams at me & tries to pull me away from sink. i tell her mummy will be...


not sleeping

Hi my little boy started melatonin last nigiht as he wakes up constantly thru night. It didn't work do any other mums have same problem. And will melatonin start working....

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Air Travel for a 6 month old.

We are flying 2.5 hours in a couple of weeks and would love advice from other parents who have had a little one on a plane. I know to nurse going up and down but any other tips...

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When i first found out i was prego i didn't want to get the epideral. when i got to the hospital after dilating 2cm every hour i decided i wanted the epideral at 8 cm. I was in...

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Coping with loss......

I have had three children up til now. my daughter was born in 2008. unfortunately, she died 19 days after she was born. i was so desperate to have a baby, i got pregnant again...


there's really not a difference right?

At a wedding reception this weekend we ran into a girl my husband graduated with and her husband. They were telling us about their 3 1/2 year old daughter and how up until...

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Life is not easy

How r you saposed to have christmas money when you can JUST pay your bills?????


Hey ladies

My name is Judy and I have two handsome boys, the oldest is two and the baby is eleven months . My boys love their pacifers so much that they don't plan on giving it up anytime...

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21 weeks

i am 21 weeks and i can not find a name for my baby they have told me i am having a boy...i dont want my baby to be nameless..

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Hey! My name is Tasha and I am new to this. I have a son that just turned a year old!

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