Good morning everyone! I am glad to have been invited to your group! I am not a teacher at the moment, but I am finishing up my education degree. I have student teaching...

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Daddy weekends

I have an 8 year old girl, her name is Lilly. I have been seperated from her father for almost 3 years been divorced legally for 2. I have always included her father in all...

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What should I do for my son's education?

My 4-year-old son was recently dismissed from a daycare/preschool facility for "behavioral issues." He's not a bad child, he just doesn't understand that he has to keep his...

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whats the likly hood of having a second prem?

my wee boy was born at 35weeks. im now 12 weeks preg but im tefferfied of the possiblity of having another prem. my LMC said theres a 50/50 chance! anyone else had a prem then...

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Teething sucks!

I cant take this! She just cries for hours on end, shes too little to hold the ring and spits out the baby orajel. My husband is no help, he says hes tired just from being home...


anyone else with a 'difficult' child?

At the risk of getting a barrage of insult from all the controlled and perfect mothers, I'll still ask this question! I'm curious anyway.. My 2yr old has been quite difficult...

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Looking to connect with moms who have a child with osteosarcoma. My 5yr. old was DX 3-13-09.


My daughter respects everyone except me. Why?

I have a almost two yr old, and she pays attention to everyone except me. I leave her at daycares with my family or her stepdad and she behaves like an angel. As soon as I get...

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Not Yet A Nurse!

I joined this group because I have decided that I want to become a RN and come January I am going to go put in an application at the local community where I live, apply for...



I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 21 and pregnant with my third child. My 1st does not live with me, and hasn't since she was a little over two months. It's a long...


Real Milk?

My daughter was born september 25th she is nine months old now!! and i am getting alot of mixed advice on giving her or not giving her homogenized cow's milk now? any advice or...



Even though Dan has Quadripegia spastic cerebral palsy and epilepsy he brings joy to the lives of anyone who spends time with him.