hi just an inroduction

hello, i'm a at home mother with two adorable girls. Melanie is 3 and Gina will be 2 in june. we live in west virginia . melanie is a open chatty frienldly girl while Gina...

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Almost due and jobless

I was let go from my job in March. I have been denied unemployment on appeal. They will garnish my paychecks from any new job I get until I pay back 3 grand. Problem is...I...

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How to lose baby fat

Hello, my new born turned seven months yesterday and I got so much weight gained from the pregnancy and after the delivery. my tummy is still as if I am five months pregnant as...


Enjoying the most of it..

Hi..I'm from Singapore..You see it's kinda of different here..Everything is so stressful..moms & dads have to work to support a family..Everthing is expensive ..name...

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16 year old meltdowns

my 16 year old stepson is verry low functioning, he does not speak, not potty trained ect well he is at our house about 3 nights a week and he has always been prone to meltdown...


Post Partum Depression?

Not sure if we've talked about this one before...not since I've been here anyway. The recent post about the mom murdering her baby got me wondering if people have any feelings...

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Hey, So I am a 18 and pregnant. I am all alone. my mom kicked me out. && the babys father was told by his parents not to say a word to me until the baby is born and a paternity...



2 weeks ago I got a call from CPS. I thought it was about my sister and her daughter or my step-mom and my siblings but she said it was an allegation against me… turns out it...



My husband works nights. His schedule is M, TH, F one week then T, W, S, SU the next week. It would work well except for one thing. He tries to do too much on his off days and...

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Leukemia & Autism

My Son was diagnosed with ALL in September of 2009 shortly after his sister was born. I knew he had some speech issues as I had to pull words and sentences out of him. He was...


My 14 year old son

My 14 year old started staying until 2 or 3 am during the summer even after I told him to go to bed early. He spends way to much time on the computer (he says I don't understand...

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introduce yourselves!

Hey girls, let's get to know eachother better. Post your introductions here to become a part of the fam! I am a SAHM who is dangerously close to 40 years old (maybe we...


My Troubled Teenage Daughter

Hi my name is Jenny and I have 2 teenage kids. My daughter is 15 and blames me for everything! She says that she doesn't have a mom cuz I don't do anything with her but heres...


Just, Thank you!

Hello! I just wanted to give a HUGE kudos and thanks to all you step-moms whose stories make me feel NORMAL. I constantly struggle with my step-son and his useless, neglectful,...

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