behavior issues with my son..

hi, my name is Jackie. i have a 2 1/2 year old named dominick and a 5 week old boy named devon... im having some issues with my son, he will not listen to me... i put him in...


*Bangs head against wall*

So first of all, I'll point out that we have a pretty civil relationship with my SD's BM. She's grown up a lot since she had her daughter, our first year was rocky but things...

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going back to work

My 3 month maturinty is almost up and I don't know if I should go back to work. I truely don't want to because I feel that my daughter won't be able to calm down with my mother...

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Still breastfeeding?

Just wondering if anyone else is still breastfeeding and when/if they plan to stop. My daughter LOVE LOVE LOVES boobies so much so she usually has a hand down my shirt to...


I work and my man is on unemlopyment please help!

I am so sad! They hang out all day doing fun things toghther and my 2 year old wants nothing to do with me because I come home tired and can't live up to Daddy's fun days! Any...

Started by Andrea on 07/15/2010 in Working Moms

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Recent Questions and Answers

We purchased tickets to take the whole family to a 4 day music festival and now (the day of) my 18 year old PDD/NOS son doesn't want to go. One of the main reasons I bought the...


I married my enemy. My worst mistake

I'm married to an abuse controlling man. I'm only 21 years old with have a daughter of 2 years and a half. We have been together ever since 2008 and recently got married last...

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Beastmilk storage

My husband's nana watches our three month old son and he found that they leave a 1/2 empty bottle out in a house that is 90 degrees for not sure how long. (after they heated to...

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We just recently got custody of my 6 year old nephew. We believe he may have ADHD. Just got through having home and school evalutation done for doctors visit to see if...


sleepless nights

hi,i have a question to all moms out there..please give me as much responses as u can..ever since i became pregannt with my second kid,from 4th month onwards i started losing...



Hey Everyone im Angel. My Daughter Ariyana was born June 2nd. She just started daycare on monday she starting to adapt more but how long did it take for your kids to get used...

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raising grandchildren

Raising grandchildren is way different than raising your own. I always get torn between being a grandma or being the mom. I am raising two boys. I sometimes catching myself...


How to stop a 4 yr old from cursing?!

I have a 4 yr old who's father has never been in his life. My husband of the other son who is 8 months has been raising him since he was 1. My son sees his biological father...

Started by Valerie on 09/07/2010 in Moms Of BOYS

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activity ideas??

I'm a new SAHM, with our 2nd due n May. I love being at home with our son!! But we are running out of ideas and things to do and play! So what do you guys do?? The more ideas...


Feeling unappreciated

I am a 24 yr old stay at home mom with a 7 month old son and a soon to be 5 yr old daughter...I do all my wifely and motherly duties as expected but lately I've felt as if thats...

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what should i do here?

hi everybody, my daughter has just turned one, and her dad walked out (for the third time) on decmeber 29th, 16 weeks ago. he has not seen her or even bothered paying anything...