Being the Mother of a Teenage Son

I'm glad to have found a group such as this. I am a single mother of a son who just turned 18. Any communication between us is a one-way street. I try everything I can to...

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Seizures once a month

My 12 year old son has been having seizures once a month ( the same time of the month) for about 3 months now. He has a cluster of them on and off for about 24 hrs. When I...


3 grown sons moving out

I am a 51 year old mom of 3 boys ages 18, 20,and 22/ My oldest graduated from college at 20 with his BA. out in the world being a successful business person. My middle child is...


My little princess.

I am the mother 0f 3 children ages 8,7, and 3 going on 34. My children are my whole world and I love them dearly. My older children are both boys and the baby is the only...


Talk to your kids about gang rape

I'm not kidding... http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/10/28/california.gang.rape.bystander/index.html All those people stood around and did nothing. I actually know this first...

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So I totally ignore the tantrums like everyone says, waiting for my son to realize that I'm not paying attention...He will cry and flail and hit and do everything he can to get...

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step children and children,

hi everyone, this is sometimes something us mums by the time we have reached our age frame, well this is more than likely something we have come to experience as well , tell me...

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traits as babies

what kind of things did your little ones do as babies that rang alarm bells for u to think they had autism. i have a 15month who has alot of traits but are told by family and...


Kind of long-Heart issues

Ok so this is my second pregnancy, my son is 17 months right now and running around like a maniac. Yesterday, when I went to take a nap(I'm 17 weeks pregnant btw) My heart...


Withholding Child Visitation

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I am a new member.

I just lost my son 3 weeks ago today, he was 25 it doesn't matter how old your child will always be your child. He was my youngest and our only boy. I have so many feelings all...


Not a big deal?

I feel like everyone thinks the stillbirth of my son wasnt a big deal just because he wasnt full term. To start off with I thought it was just in my head and told myself not to...


Kndergarten to put them in or wait a yr?

I have 4 yr old twin boys who will turn 5 on July 26. The cut off for school this year s Aug 1st. so they are 5 days before the cut off. I put them into gearing up for...


Any help for a SAHM with Social Anxiety?

I was in sales and then an office manager who talked on the phone and to people all day before I became a SAHM. I never had any problem talking to people. Now almost three...

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