Starting Kindergarten

Hi everyone...my son Jackson was born November 4 of 2004, so , where I live, he could start kindergarten this coming fall. I do think he would do fine academically, but not so...



I'm a mom to three cute and busy kids. I love God and try really hard to have a balanced life. I stay at home and have a full life with hubby and kids. I'm thinking of going...


My son has to get tubes :(

My 1 year old son has had 16 ear infections since he's been born. 12 of them have been double ear infections. He no sooner gets off an antibiodic then he gets another ear...

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Car seat crying - 8 month old

Hello, My name is Marianne and I had my first baby Nathan on 15 Jul 08. He is a real joy and very cute but lots of work and boy oh boy he gets really worked up at certain...

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Need Ideas for play time

I'm stuck I would like to know what do you do with your children when you are having to rush around in the morning cleaning getting ready because I see myself falling into a rut...

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newbie here

Hi, I'm Sara Living at Parris Island SC right now, headed off to Hawaii in about three months. This place is full of SO MUCH DRAMA!!!!! I can't wait to get out!!!!!! My hubby...


Another Vaccine Question

If I decide not to vaccinate (at this point i'm strongly leaning towards not)..can our pediatrician refuse to keep my son as a patient in his practice? I really like him and...



How do you deal with bedwetting? My 4 year old boy still wets the bed. He has been potty trained for a solid year. There are a few mornings when he wakes up dry, but most of...


Belly Bandits

I just wanted to see how many other mom's have heard of these and used them. I bought a couple for after I had my little one and they work great. Well for me anyway... my tummy...

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Tantrums??? Does it EVER end??

My 3.5yr daughter, stresses me out to no end...doesnt get her way throws herself on the ground and screams/crys/stomp her feet... but yet they have never seen her do this at...

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im a mom of two girls i have just resontly found out my babies dad is touching my three year old and has been doing it for some time. can anyone help me to breath. i have no...


Boys are so Active!

OMG! See me for one, I don't have any brothers or nephews. So having a boy in the house was something completely alien to me. I remember when he was born, I even asked the nurse...

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Single Mom , with a lonley Child

My Child is confiused of his relationship with his Dad , it is not regular , lasts for 5 minuts a day , we live alone , so he can't build a normal pound with him !!!! he is...

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My son bites, but not to be mean....HELP!

My son started, a while back, with biting other little kids. Mostly just taking their arm and putting the tip of their finger in his mouth and biting. He would smile and lean...

Started by Heather on 04/16/2009 in August 2007 Babies

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still on breast milk

hi to all the mums with jan 2008 cuties...i have a question in mind , my baby girl is still on breast milk , she uses it as a comforter for sleeping time only , and if she...