Weaning a toddler

I still nurse my 22 month old twice a day - once before she goes down for a nap and once before she goes to bed. I would like to wean her. I've tried once already for a week...

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Ok so we started working with our daughter who will be 2 in October like last month. She loves to sit on her potty when I go to the bathroom to go potty. But as soon as I get up...

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tummy sleeping

Ok so first of all, I know that it's "back to sleep". I've been doing that, however, my daughter,at 5 months has figured out how to turn onto her tummy. She does this when...



My partner had a one night stand. We live in a small town so I have met the other person once and have been told by many that she sleeps around a lot with no regard for if the...

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I've read through some posts, and I think I may be behind on some things. Everyone's baby seems to already be 5 months, and mine still has a couple weeks. We haven't started her...


Proud or Worried?

My 29mth old is doing very well for his age (not trying to brag) he knows and can recognise the alphabet, numbers to 20, his left from his right, reads simple words and can...


Need HELP!!!

Ok ladies I need help!!! My husband is a toolpusher for a company he is looking at possibly having to take a pay cut and demotion due to rigs stacking. If your husbands have any...



sorry......just needed to have a little scream LOL!!!!! why oh why do some kids think they know more/feel more/ need more/ than anyone else!!????? my oldest is nearly twelve,...

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I just wanted to know if there were any other mom's that their husbands/b/f have been deported. I am married but my husband was deported when I was 3 months pregnant ( a year on...


Future Army wife possibly.

First off id like to say im not offically a wife of an army solider. but my husband, who has been talking about it for years has come to me in the past week and said i want to...

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Napping during the day

My daughter has no problem going to bed at night. We put her down and she goes right to sleep. But during the day it is a different thing. She fights every nap except when she...

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In-Laws & Birthday

My husband and I met my senior year in high school, where I had gotten pregnant and had our first baby. He joined the Marine Corps and we got married a year later. He is now out...

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