Hi everyone! I am new to the Circle of Moms website, and I wanted to give a brief intro before I start making comments on posts. My family resides in the middle of America. I...

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Help with potty training

I have a 4 and half year old boy with a speech delay along with some other developmental delays . I need some help on how to potty train him.

Started by Kafui on 05/07/2013 in Toddler Moms

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My 6 year old son is defiant

Hi moms, I have a 6 year old son (he's the joy of my life) but he can be defiant sometimes and I don't know what to do besides our normal, time out or take something away, any...


15 year son who don't care about nothing

My son 15, is so disrespectful, can't take responsibility for his wrong doing, don't care about school, blame us, and want to do what he wants, this has been an ongoing...

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Grandmother gave my 5 month old coffee

My baby's great grandmother kept my child overnight last week. She tells me the next day that she had a lot of poopy diapers and messed up all of her outfits. Then proceeds to...

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26 month old not eating!!!

My son hardly eats anything! He eats puffs chips fries cherrios gold fish and soup sometimes! I've tried introducing new things but it with a fight. I desperately want him to...

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tv watching okay for baby?

I'm wondering if it is alright for my baby (almost 4 months now) to watch tv? Not for extended periods, but I've found that he enjoys his morning children's educational shows...

Started by Amy on 01/27/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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kindergarten teacher is no helpful

today my kindergartener came from school all wet infact soaking and when i asked her she said today she peed in her jeans and when she told her teacher she said no problem when...

Started by Shelly on 01/27/2014 in Moms With School Age Kids

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Im a Navy Wife

Ok so im new to this and hoping that being on here will be supporting and helpful Because my husband is on the USS George H.W Bush (CVN77) that is deployed right now. im...



I saw a conversation about this in another group...I think you all know what group I'm referring to :) Thought it might be interesting to explore this on this thread...I...


CRAZY MIL.... anyone else?! PLEASE HELP!

i need help handling my crazy MIL.... let start by saying this is her first grandchild... which is totally normal for her to be excited about..... but, she has multiple picture...

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should my boys go with their dad

i am a single mother with three children, just finally seperated after 13 years. i havn't been able to cope with boys been seperated from father and maybe also been affected...

Started by Angel on 01/07/2011 in Single Moms

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