Sick - Sinus/Coughing...any suggestions?

So, I was sick last week, but just like normal (preggo or not) I have the nagging cough still lingering and sinus issues. It varies during the day but cough could go on for an...

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Hello.. i have a daughter who is 16 months and when she was born i tried using cloth diapers because i really didnt like the idea of disposables. After a few tries i gave up,...


Julian keeps getting sick!

So my childs father and I aren't together and we share 50-50 custody. He has him for a week and then I have him for a week. He keeps getting sick and only develops the symptoms...

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screaming two year old

my two year old daughter does this thing when she does not get her way. she screams like a banshee and i am surprised my windows have not shattered yet. l need to know what i...


Potty training

My (nearly) 4 year old refuses to poop in the toilet. She stands behind the door or hides in corners, sometimes scaring me to death when she hides while we are shopping. She...



Hi all! My name is Heaven and my daughter (due April 23rd) will be Noelani Kaylin. Noelani is Hawaiian and the first meaning I came across for it (though I've since found a...

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Two things...Bed and Food

My son was born July 31st. He has been a complete angel, no kidding, exceptionally easy baby!! He's been sleeping 8 hours at night since he was 6 weeks old. Now all of the...

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Advice on stopping smoking??

I know this is a disgusting habit. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have been trying to stop since i found out. I've tried cutting down, negotine gum, ect. So, please can anyone...

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My Crazy Story!

I was 34 weeks pregnant and went into labor on a Monday night! I blew it off until the next morning! I went to my Dr and he hooked me up to the monitor Tuesday morning! I was...

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10 yr. old still wetting pants

Help. I've taken my son to a neurologist and a urologist and they can't find any reasons (other than attention) for why my 10 yr. old (almost 11) can't stay dry during the day....


refusing her milk at 5 months old!!

hi ladies. i need some advice.. my daughter is 5 months and is refusing one of her bottles in the day.. this was our routine 7AM -----wake 7:30AM--7oz milk...