University degree

My daughter has just started to go to Uni. She's doing business/communications degree but hates it. She has always been interest in art and design and wants to do interior...

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Help, my son has gone crazy.

I don't know what to do. My divorce was just finalized after two years of separation and we share custody of a nine year old and a six year old. Last night my oldest got in...

Started by Amy on 06/06/2014 in Single Moms

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How to make tummy time fun?

Hello Ladies, I am a new mommy and my daughter is 3 months and 1/2 but seems to Dislike tummy Time and can't be on tummy less then 5min and will always look for her hand to...


13 year old son starting to be aggressive

My son is 13, at the age of 8 he was classified as mildly retarded. He would display anger by yelling and at times shove his brother who is 3 years older than he is. Over the...

Started by Darlene on 10/10/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Evil Ex

I'm just feeling overwhelmed. We're still in the process of divorcing, he still talks bad about me to my 14 year old son, and my 13 year old daughter is so afraid of him she...


Getting 1 yr old to sleep in crib

My son will be a year old in a couple weeks and has always hated his crib. He's finally sleeping through the night but he will only sleep on his crib mattress on the floor next...



My son is 4 months shy of 2 and for the past few months now he's been acting bad like biting himself his daddy my furniture slapping in the face hitting yelling throwing himself...

Started by Liah on 12/29/2014 in Toddler Moms

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Need help

Hello, I'm a single mother of 7 children. My oldest is in prison and has been for 6 months. My 2 son is working and was attending college and working now and also is in...


Missing Mommy?

Hi! I am a FTM, and I just recently went back to work. I spend the days home with my little guy while my hubby is at work, and then I work part-time in the evenings once he gets...



Hi lovely moms!My LO is 17weeks old and she does not like ti leave me atall.Once my husband is off to work she sticks to me like a candy.She wants me to be around her round the...

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