My 2-yr old son is SOOO aggressive...

my son, Charlie, was two on 30th March and I'm having a few issues with his temper and aggression! I'm a single parent (his father has chosen not to be involved and has no...

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Hi There.....my name is Laura, and I have 2 girls, Hannah a 2yr, 3mth old, and Haylee a 14 month old. It is very challenging at times, but glad that I had them so close...



Hey guys! My little boy was born on August 3, 2007 at 6:48 pm. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz! He had a rough start. He didn't breathe for the first 45 sec or so. The doctors didn't do...

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need help potty training!!!

i have potty trained two boys and just now finishing up potty training a third with no problems what so ever (i don't know why everyone says boys are tougher) but i have a girl...


How do I get used to it?

Hi! My name is Brooke. I am a working mother of 3 little boys (10, 5, and 22 months). My husband has had to take a new position (due to being laid off) where he travels M-F...



Okay, so I knew (and dreaded) that when teething time came, we'd have to make certain changes... but I don't know what they are. Joey, (five months old) has two bottom teeth...

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Travel Tips

I may be insane, but we're going to take my son, who will be 17 months old at the time, on a road trip from Pennsylvania to North Carolina for vacation. I NEED TRAVEL TIPS!...

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to Introduce myself. I'm 26 years old and my daughter, Hailey, is nearly 10 months. I'm a stay at home mum and enjoying every second of it - I just...


help has anyone had this problem?

Ok so my child has problems staying asleep all night he hasnt slept threw the night hardly ever and he almost a year old...The only way he will go back to sleep is if he has his...


my baby is 4 months old and...

ill put him to sleep by bouncing him but sometimes when i put him in his crib he will wake up instantly any advice on what i should do?


I Had My Baby!!

After 12 hrs of excruciating pain & labor, my son is finally HERE!! His name is Marco Rashone Tucker Jr. He weighed 4lbs 11oz 18in long on January 6th, 2010 @ 6:23 am. He is...


Scalp Question!

About two months ago my daughter's dry scalp really started to show. It reached a point where it looked like crocodile skin because I was so afraid to take it out. A woman told...


Odd habit from potty training or what???

I have an almost 3 year (December, she'll be 3 years old) old little girl and it has officially been a month since we first started potty training. She is doing great!!!! She...


Seeking advice

I have been a stay at home mom since April, and some days I wonder if I am cut out for this. My DD is a little over two, but doesn't "play" much with me, especially in the...

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help needed

i have 2 boys one of which has medium to sever autism, but for a long time i have noticed my other son who is only 10mths older having trouble, his speech is not great only...