bad behaviour help

hi my 5 year old is not listening or doing as i have asked him, he also behaves very silly and out of control when around other children, and i have tried a number of...

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Am a mom of 2 pre-term babies (they were orn at 32 and 33 wks) and am preggers with #3 that may also be born (by c-section if he dont turn soon) at 32 wks. Not many...

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Anyone Else Hate your Home?

I live in an 'apartment' below the in-laws (its really all one big house with three floors set up as separate apartments without the privacy factor). There is little to no...


Baby Sign Language

Do any of you use baby sign language with your children? I think sign language is so beautiful, as well as a pretty natural part of talking. I mean, seriously, who doesn't...

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Should I get Sole Custody?

I became a mom when I was just 17-years-old to my beautilfu baby girl whom is now a year old. I am 18-years-old now and go to College part-time for academic upgrading and to...

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My 5 month old fall down from my bed, about 3 feet, he cry but nothing else happend, he seems fine, nuerse said tokeep an eye on him for the next 3 days. I just feel horrible...

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adhd meds

I was just wondering if anyone was pro-meds, or anti- meds... and your reasons for chososing this, and your recommedations...


Posting Etiquette

Here’s some info for new members or those of you who are new to the internet… Internet etiquette or netiquette guides us in proper behavior on the Internet. There are...

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Did he really?!

What do you think? Guy catches up with old friends and doesn't mention his *serious* long term girlfriend to them. Lets say it was male AND/OR female. One or both. How...

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Thumb sucker for life???

My 2 year old doesn't want to stop sucking her thumb. How do i her her to stop doin this? Some oft family suggest that i put hot pepper, aloe Vera plant, or any other nasty...

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Milk Supply

Hi! I am a first time mom, my son is 3 months old. I am breast feeding and just resently my milk isnt coming in as much or as often as it used to. I barely feel the need to pump...


Need advice - Passionate path or money

Hi moms. I am hoping that you can help me decide which way to go. Lately I have been feeling so unmotivated in my current position that I would really like to make a...

Started by Dianne on 05/15/2013 in School-Age Kids

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