Troubled teen daughter

Hi. I'm a mom at her wits end. I have 6 children and 4 step children....all of whom have lived with us except my husbands youngest who lives with her mom. But we are down To the...


need encouragement

Hi! I'm homeschooling my 12 yr. old daughter for the 2nd. year. More out of necessity. We moved to the Dominican 1 1/2 yrs. ago as missionaries. I have 2 sons back in NJ. 26 and...


New to all of this

Hi, I'm Amanda and I have an amazing son Michael who will be 1 year at the end of this month. I'm new to attachment parenting and don't quite understand the whole thing. I know...

Started by Amanda on 11/06/2008 in AP Moms

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Why cant I get help?

I am suppose to be on bed rest I have been in and out of the hospital many times now for high blood pressure. I am 35 weeks now. The thing I am married and I have a 12 year old...

Started by April on 04/26/2010 in Expecting

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Prepping the big baby for a new one?

I recently found out I'm preg and the one nagging worry I have is about my 18m old having to spend the night away from me. She's slept with me every night since she was born. I...


please help someone

i think my 2 year old has adhd, his dad also has it! i have not had a full nights sleep in 2 years i often get up because of my son for 3 or four hours at a time! other nights i...

Started by Kat on 01/26/2009 in Moms Under 30

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bumpin' his head.....is it ok??

Hi there... My little man has recently started crawling...He also pulls himself up on almost anything.. He can sometimes bump his head. My mom said she feels sorry for him and...

Started by Charlene on 03/18/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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puerto rican

hi im new my daughter is 10mnts and she is half tongan and im half white and puerto rican my dad is full puerto rican but he wasnt really around when i was younger so i didnt...

Started by Jessica on 05/29/2009 in Mamis Latinas

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Too curious about body parts?

My 6 year old daughter is very interested in body parts now. I know this is totally normal, but what I don't remember from that age is trying so hard to see them. But she's...

Started by Trisha on 07/20/2009 in School-Age Kids

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How many naps?????

Hello moms... My babygirl is one year old, and she used to be very punctual for her naps during the day...... one in the morning at 9am,(2hours) and one at 2pm (one...

Started by Claudia on 07/25/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Single mom

i was promised that me nd my baby would be tooken care of, but when she was born the day after ,all the promises were broken,he came for 2 hours for a month after she was...