18 month old womt drink milk

its kind of my fault i gave her lots of juice and water and now she wont drink milk i give it to her but she pushes it away and will either cry for something else or wont drink...


he might be a sex offender!

My son's father has gotten a 15 year old pregnant. He is 20. I want to know what to expect in the next coming months. She is 3 months pregnant. I've looked up the laws in my...

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separation anxiety. help!

my daughter's started having lots of separation anxiety when she reaceh one. i know it's pretty normal but i don't know how to handle it when she cries her eyes out whenever i...


How do I stop breastfeeding

Hi, my baby is 13 months old and I feel it's time to stop breastfeeding. She refuses to take a dummy, or any other bottle. I tried all different makes. She does drink from the...


My son is terrible for bedtime

my son is almost 21 months now and is terrible to put down to bed and still wakes during the night. My husband and I dread bedtime cuz its so stressful. I've started just...

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I am a 45 year old mom of three kids. my kids are 27. 23 and 18. I am divorce but have a great boyfriend.

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Picky eater 2yr old

Hello Moms!!! Now I know this may be taken a little seriously. I have a child that is def one of those "chicken nugget and French fries" kid! Every once in a blue moon, rice...

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Breast cancer

Hi everyone, I am a 3+ year survivor of IDC (breast cancer). I had chemo, bilateral mastectomy, and maximum rads.