My daughter has suffered badly with reflux,screamed 7/24 right up til 4 months.we was going crazy with lack of sleep.Now its only the last bottle she still seems to have bit...

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Growing at their own pace

i feel like people are worrying and comparing there babies alot. just because you baby may not be crawling/walking/getting teeth or r a bit heavyer than other babies the same...

Started by Anna on 02/16/2010 in July 2009

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I can not seem to get my daughter to go to bed at a decent time at night. we share the same room .. she has her own bed but only sleeps in it for a few hours at a time.... She...


What can I take for anxiety?

Okay so I am not one to take medications ever...I am the person that puts Manuka Honey on cuts to heal infection rather than antibiotics, but I am so overwhelmed here lately...



ugh.anyone have any ideas for keeping a cat away from babys room?she keeps sleeping on all his things. i caught her in his crib and cradle. i lock her in the basement when i go...


why is one breast bigger than the other?

My milk came in immediately after giving birth and my breasts were really engorged for a while. They went down a bit, and I have plenty of milk to keep my baby sated, but my...

Started by Holli on 03/30/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Bed wetting while still in diaper?... HELP!

For the past two weeks my son (2years old) has been wetting the bed WHILE STILL WEARING A DIAPER. He isent soaking through the diapers,the diaper isent too small or too big but...

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Nightmares connected to Imagination?

Ok So my almost 3 YO has been having really bad dreams lately. When I can get him to tell what it was about its mostly something trying to eat him (the toy box, his teddy, the...


hate my husbands dog

I need advice asap! I have a child in college and one in 9th grade. My husband says he got this dog for the girls. They don't want the dog and I end up walking her EVERY FREAKIN...


Thumb sucking.....

My two month old daughter has recently started sucking her thumb. I've been told that its a "security" thing, and I should let it go. What I'm afraid of though is if I dont stop...


Getting a Volunteer.

My son is a little over 3 months, my husband(a military firefighter, 24 hour work days) and I are in our early early 20s. I'm having a hard time getting my husband to help me...


gassy colic?

I am having a problem with my 3 month old. She is cranky and unable to feed well from 3-4pm until 8 pm daily. We have tried everything from gas relief drops to chiropractic,...


Baby will not stay latched on.

My son has been breastfed since birth. He's now 10 weeks. He doesn't like staying latched on during some feedings. I don't know what to do! It's driving me crazy! He gets mad...

Started by Brittany on 03/18/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Is it about jealousy, money..... what??????

For those that don't know, I'm a SM to a 13 year old. My SS lives with my husband and I, only seeing his mother every other weekend. I really CAN'T figure out BMs motivation...

Started by Sherri on 03/17/2011 in Step Moms

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