Some advice plz!

My son is 3 years old, understands both english and french, talks a bit when he wants to but not as much as many other children his age. He started walking early potty trained...



Everyone always say's the first year is the hardest w/ a marriage how true is that? we got married On Nov. 8th 2008 and I'm actually hateing every min. of it cuz we argue so...

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Worried about reflux again :(

My oldest son had acid reflux as an infant and was on liquid zantac (which was a nightmare to try to give him) from 2.5 to 7 months. My newborn son who is 2 weeks old is doing...


help me please!!!!

my baby is 7 months old and i believe she is teethin....she has a cough runny nose, fever of 100.9...i have been givin her tylenol for pain...today is the first day for the...


time to stop.

Ok i have little girl who is one this month i have 4 children and she is the first one i breast fed as she is my last i thought i would try and a year on we are still breast...


how much water do i give her?

my daughter is 5 and a half months old. she is on three meals and three bottles(formula) a day. because she is on three solid meals a day she needs water. but i dont want to...


Has anyone had weird reactions to food?

I started giving my daughter rice cereal the day she turned 6 months. Everything seemed fine, even when I added her vitamins or something else to the cereal. I would mix it with...


Worried Mum

My daughter was born on 1st November 2008. Am so proud of ha. she has not had any problem health wise bit am concern because yesterday i took her for the 9th clinic and measles...


Hyper Active Child..need some advice

Okay so I have been getting some awesome advice from everyone about my son and his sleeping and potty training..Which we are going to try everything everyones recommended..The...

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Sleepless in Fort Worth

I am so tired and drained out lately, my other half has decided to start working on his own, out of the house, so...he has been home more than normal, and it is driving me NUTS!...

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