Hey everyone.... I have twin boys 7 months... I live with my in laws but they work all the time and travel alot (weekday and weekends). They have a son that is a BRAT (8 yrs)...

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Meat and bottles lol

I have two problems with my little one (going on 15) year old. Before Desi turned one she would eat anything and everything. She was eating three full meals a day and...


How do I get my 3yr old to stop wanting a bottle

She was almost off a bottle then i had her little brother and now she want's them again i know it's only cause her brother has one but i don't want her to have them any more she...

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Drive or fly?

OK, I am TERRIFIED to fly! I have panic attacks and even thinking about flying makes me anxious. I'm planning on going to Boston in a couple of weeks which is a 15 hour drive...


Baby's not gaining a lot of weight

My little guy will be 3 months old on the 5th of April and only weighs 10lbs right now. He was 7lbs 12oz at birth and lost 1/2lb in the hospital. My other two boys were 3 and...


How Things Went

Hello my name is Krystal Beers I was 18 when I found out that I was going to have a baby I was with my babies father till he tried to run me over, threaten to stab a knife threw...


my ex keeps tryin to play with my head!

my baby is due may 31 and its daddy has been in cali for the first 5 months of my pregnancy n then when he comes back he gets with me n tells me hes gonna be there and talks to...

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Losing faith in my breastfeeding

My son will be 8 weeks on Wednesday and for what seems like a week he keeps having these extremely fussy times when it comes to feeding. He's been passing gas a lot today and...


bed time

My 15 month old doesn't want to sleep in his bed. He seems to want to be in whatever room everyone else is in, and has been known to sleep in my bed at times. (Yes, I know, not...

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From crib to bed....

How old were your children when you switched them out of their cribs into a bed? reason i ask is my 11 month old daughter hates her crib. she sleeps so sound if i lay her in my...


Potty Training!!

My son is 2 now and I have starting potty training 2day! Does anyone have any helpful tips? What worked for you? I've heard boys are harder to train than girls and it takes...

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The War on Honey: Fearing Infant Botulism

The other day I nearly gave my friend a heart attack when I (unassumingly) shared some of my son’s oatmeal with her son during a playdate containing some honey. Since I have...

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When should i start weaning?

hey mums, my daughter was born 17/9 and she rejects formula 95 % of the times i try giving it to her, she wants to be exclusively breastfed. i was wondering when can i introduce...


When to start potty training?

Hi Mums, Just wondering when you're thinking to start potty training. My mum started potty training me at 10 months. She'll calculate roughly when I need to go and just take...