Getting a Volunteer.

My son is a little over 3 months, my husband(a military firefighter, 24 hour work days) and I are in our early early 20s. I'm having a hard time getting my husband to help me...


gassy colic?

I am having a problem with my 3 month old. She is cranky and unable to feed well from 3-4pm until 8 pm daily. We have tried everything from gas relief drops to chiropractic,...


Baby will not stay latched on.

My son has been breastfed since birth. He's now 10 weeks. He doesn't like staying latched on during some feedings. I don't know what to do! It's driving me crazy! He gets mad...

Started by Brittany on 03/18/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Is it about jealousy, money..... what??????

For those that don't know, I'm a SM to a 13 year old. My SS lives with my husband and I, only seeing his mother every other weekend. I really CAN'T figure out BMs motivation...

Started by Sherri on 03/17/2011 in Step Moms

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HI, I'm a mom of 5 children and which 4 are special/high needs. My 10 yr old son Joseph is Globally Developmentally Delayed. I knew he had problems when he was about 6 mths old...


Midnight Madness

I have eight and half month old twin girls - and then youngest Madeline has finally gotten used to having two naps a day - she's been on this schedule for almost a month now....


is there ever any me time

well i have to girls kirsty 11 alex 4 ,love them to bits but from morning to night everyday is the same thing there such hard work that my mum cant handle them to give me a...

Started by Fiona on 09/29/2009 in Single Moms

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climbing out of crib!

how can i put my daughter to bed when she constantly climbs out of bed she's normally out by the time i get to the couch in the next room please help any suggestions would be...


Suggestions for Night Terrors?

My son just turned one... and he wakes up at least once during the night SCREAMING like he is in pain or being hurt. I am guessing he is having nightmares... Of course that...


Getting rid of a soother at 6 months old??

My daughter is 6 months old and wakes up every couple hours at night just for her soother. So I decided I am going to eliminate it and replace it with a blankie or a little...

Started by Maddison on 05/18/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Son keeps waking up during night?

My son was born sept 1st. Right up until now he always slept in his own bed all night. Now all of a sudden he is coming into my bed 2 or 3 times during the night. I wait till he...


Grumpy baby- bit long sorry!

Hi, for the last couple of weeks my little girl (9 weeks) has been quite grumpy and not sleeping very well- up until this point she had started going 3 hours between feeds 4 or...

Started by Sophie on 01/01/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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separarion anxiety

So, my son is about 2 weeks away from being 1 yr old. About a month ago, he woke up from a nap and was magically very clingy. Only Mommy and Daddy will do now, it's nearly...


weaning my 3 year old

My son is 3 years and 3 months old. Although I am heart broken already for ending our nursing relationship before he is ready I cannot keep doing it any longer due to lack of...


Making time for God time.

Since I had my daughter I feel like my husband and myself don't read and pray as much together. He works long hours so when he gets home he wants to spend time with Madisyn (our...

Started by Ashley on 06/12/2009 in Christian Moms

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