hello, i have not been officially diagnosed yet with any kind of chronic pain condition, but have had problems with fatigue for years. in the last 2 years since my daughter was...


So many questions...

My boyfriend and I have been together for seven months, and he has a beautiful 3 1/2 year old daughter. (Her mother is not in her life, so no problems with the ex.) I love...

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HA Formula

My daughter will be 5 months this Friday, she is an awesome bubba, sleeps thru the night (7pm to 6am), feeds like a trouper (4-5 180ml bottle daily) and is always happy.........


i need help with intimacy

my husband has no idea how real women like to have sex he thinks life is porn women dont want foreplay we just want his 'package' its getting to both of us he can't get it into...

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Recently diagnosed

Hi! My son is 4 y.o. and was diagnosed w/ autism yesterday. There was a suspicion of autism for several months now but it's a shock to actually have it diagnosed. I noticed...


am i wrong?

So i've been BF my daughter since the day i had her, she just turned 1 today and i want to start to wean her. I don't work, and i don't go to school or anything. I'm just a SAHM...

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stubborn 8 year old

My son is almost 8 and is consistently wetting the bed, he doesn't do it everywhere just at mine and his dads house and occasionally at my sisters house, he doesn't have a...


Need some imput

I have a partner that has Autism - he is high functioning - just has troubles with large crowds, new situations - change in situations, he is on antidepressants to help him...


4 month old with cough

My baby girl has had a cough for a few weeks now. I took her to the doctor and he gave me nose drops and said that should help. Its been a week and it seems like the cough is...

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Help with stopping Rocking

Ok, so my fiance and myself have been rocking our son to sleep since he has been born. We have tried to stop rocking him many times but everytime we put him in the crib to try...


Is it unfair the way we treat fathers

It's a given moms are given more right to their children than the father. A father doesn't have a say about whether or not a woman can have an abortion but can be slapped with...