Man Rules

My Hubby just sent me this its very funny ...lol The Man Rules At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story ( I must admit,...

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Twins - due March 23

Hi I am actually due April 13, but since I am pregnant with twins the full term date is actually March 23! I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and we will find out next Wednesday...

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amalgam fillings

I posted regarding this a while back but now I actually have to go in and get this stupid filling removed so I worried all over again! I have 8 silver fillings in my mouth, and...


Losing friends for being pregnant

I am currently 17 & 7 months pregnant with my first child and couldn't be more excited. I've have the best support from my family and until recently my best friends. My 2...


What am I doing wrong?

Seriously that is the question that has been running through my head for the past three weeks when it comes to my daughter. She's 2 years old so I know there is that whole...


Baby's Father no good for her?! Help!

Okay this is akward and kind of difficult to discribe but I really need some honest answers. My daughter is now 7 weeks old. When I was 5 months pregnant her father tried his...

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Just wondering if anyone out there had a homebirth? I had an incredible experience in June 2009 and would love to chat with like minded mommies.

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diaper size??

My daughter is 7 and a half months old. I am wondering what size diapers every ones baby is wearing? My daughter is 19 lbs. 32 inches tall. She wears a size 4 Pampers. The size...


Disconnected on R & R ...

My husband is currently deployed to Iraq and came home on R & R about 3 weeks ago. I had JUST had our 2nd child, she was 9 days old when she met her Daddy, and our son is 21...



I keep seeing the same question asked over and over again. "My son/daughter refuses to potty train! He/She screams when I take them to the potty." Or the classic, "What age did...

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My 16 year old son

He has no motivation to do well in school. Intellectually, he is above average. He goes to school every day, but doesn't always attend every class. When he is in class he...

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How to wean from breastfeeding?

I'm needing advice on how to wean my daughter from breastfeeding. The difficult part is that she's way too attached to me and nursing, she will only fall asleep to nursing,...


Breaking point?

I'm not sure if I know what to do anymore. My husband is convinced that when he's working all I do is sit around and watch TV and on the computer all day.... that I don't clean...

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I'm really torn on making a choice between breastfeeding and formula. I like the idea of breastfeeding, but my boyfriend has two older boys they are 10 and 9 and i feel like...

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Stress Relievers?

My six year old daughter has OCD and PDD-NOS and she stims a lot. Is there anything out there that can help with this? I know they have those stress relieving coushon balls,...



My little (almost 3 year old) baby boy has terrible eczema all over his body. We have tried absolutely (we think) everything - but nothing seems to help.!! We really dont want...